Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Thought It Was Thursday...

And I'm not the only one. Several people commented to me throughout the course of this day that the whole thing had a "Thursday" feel to it. This is really going to throw me off tomorrow, I'm afraid. I'll probably never even make it to work on Friday what with it being my Saturday and all. This will not be well-received by the school board no matter how convincing my arguments regarding "Day Feelings."

But it is, in fact, Wednesday. So let's hit it hard with a Wednesday Night Bullet Post.

*I had the worst case of insomnia last night. was brutal. I normally sleep like the dead so finding myself awake until 3:00 in the morning was rather vexing. (especially since I rise at 5:00) I tried everything I could think of in the way of remedies, all to no avail.

*For the record, eating large amounts of peanut butter straight from the jar in the early morning hours does not induce drowsiness. It does, however, induce guilt. And a little bit of nausea...

*Come to think of it, this might have had something to do with my Day Of The Week Confusion.

*Best 6th Grade Retort Of The Day, uttered with a maddeningly broad grin and intended to disarm his teacher who was going on at length about how certain character flaws he possesses might be interfering somewhat with his success in the classroom:

"My Mom says I have Angry Short Man Syndrome."

*I have to admit, it was pretty disarming...

*The good thing about my ungodly long teaching day yesterday was that my principal felt a teeny bit of guilt over my predicament since he was partially responsible for it. He agreed to let me knock off an hour from my Designated Parent/Teacher Conference Time. This meant that I could leave school at 3:30 today.

*The teacher who asked to meet with me at 3:00 so I could teach him how to use the computer program for writing Individualized Education Plans and who was still nowhere to be found at 3:40 will pay for his actions. He will pay dearly and in a way that he will remember forever and ever and ever. The scars, both physical and emotional, will never completely heal. He will be a mere shell of a man, haunting the school hallways and moaning, "Why oh why did I toy with a sleep deprived Sheep?"

*I knit away upon my humble, homespun scarf last night and am rather pleased with my progress. There is hope, Dear Readers! Perhaps there will be a Christmas this year, after all!

*The Best Line Uttered By A 5th Grader Award goes to the young man who, upon being asked to recall a piece of information by his teacher, promptly clapped both hands to his temples, squeezed his eyes shut and assumed an expression that, to the untrained eye, would indicate that he was passing a stone roughly the circumference of Pluto and cried,

"Think, Head, THINK!!!"

*My Cheerful Teaching Assistant and I wrote that one on the board. We are thinking of having t-shirts and mugs made up.

*The Thinker later trounced me in ten straight games of Connect Four. I guess his head had hit its stride at that point.

*I'm so very, very late on this one. But, I really wanted to thank Emma for so kindly including Sheepish Annie in the latest edition of Yarnival. I sort of felt like the ugly duckling in an impressive knit-blogger group. But, you can't beat that sort of company and I was really so flattered to be counted amongst those talented knitters and writers. Thank you so much, Emma! And you did a heck of a job on that edition, BTW.

*Made me wonder if I should knit something, though. I mean, honestly...who out there isn't sick of looking at the same sad pictures in the sidebar at this point? Nothing like company coming to visit to make you realize what needs sprucing up around the old blog...

*I ordered a new computer through my school's payroll deduction program on September 26th. There have been "issues." I have been waiting patiently. Maybe it will come on Friday. The Technology Director assures those of us who ordered that all is well at this point and he is expecting things to start arriving from the nice people at the computer store soon.

*I sort of regret telling him that he was dead to me before he revealed that piece of information. Do you think this will delay his delivery of my new laptop?

I've run out of steam. I'm sure there is more randomy goodness in there somewhere. But I'm still dealing with the fact that it is not Thursday and the recovery from realizing what is my now-extended work week is taking up a great deal of energy. I do hope that your Not-Thursday was a good one and that your Is-Thursday is even better.

I'll see you tomorrow, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and with a solid 7 hours of sack time under my belt. I hope... God knows what day I'll think it is if sleep eludes me for another night. I'll probably make up my own new day or something.

I'll call it, "Think, Head, THINK" day and it will rain new laptops...



Geraldine said...

You, running out of STEAM Sheep, never gonna happen!!! Huggs, G

PS I can relate to the midnite peanut butter raids, been there, done that, no zzzzzzzzzzzzz's

trek said...

Tomorrow's parent-teacher conference day for me. I, like you, am hoping for a good night's rest.

Congrats on Yarnival.

Think, Head, Think! Excellent quote.

Ronni said...

If you make T-shirts I want to buy one. Great line. I think we should start a charity to support the search for a cure for ASMS though. There's entirely too much of it going around.

Beth said...

Today definitely didn't feel like Wednesday. I'm not sure what it felt like. I think for me it felt like a Tuesday.

Mel said...

All I know is that the moon is 98% full and it currently feels like it's 100% full. It's crazy night at the emergency clinic.

I did have a nice little conversation with your vet, though, and I left your name completely out of it.

Anonymous said...

I hope you got lots of sleep and that your new computer arrives today! For future reference peanut butter does not induce sleep. Always think dairy for sleep. A little ice cream, a grilled cheese sandwich or a cup of warm milk.

Anonymous said...

I also thought it was Thursday all day yesterday and today DOES feel like Friday; tomorrow is going to be a LOOOOOONG day!

Karen has some good suggestions for sleep aid, but I have what I think are a couple even better ones: 1)Valium and if you don't have access to any of that, then 2)Vodka


kim said...

There must be something in the air on the east coast. It was 3:34 am Wed. morning when I finally fell asleep (I was staring at the clock). Unfortunately for me (and possibly the company's general ledger - we shall see), it was 4:13 on Thurs. morning when my brain finally turned off. I'm usually dead to the world by 10:30 pm and sleep like a rock. Turns out, one of my bosses is having the same problem this week. I hope you slept better than I did last night, 'cause I feel like a zombie and based on the quick glance in the mirror a few minutes ago, I may be starting to look like one too. I may reach new heights (or maybe that should be depths) in Creative Accounting today.

Donna Lee said...

I second kim's assertion because I,too was awake until 3 am on Wednesday. I dragged all through the day and managed to run my groups but without my usual vigor and vitality and wit. Fortunately, Wednesday night I zonked out by 9:00, god, I am old.

Knitting Linguist said...

It's just been a bad sleep week all around. I definitely sympathize with the owner of the Head; mine has not been thinking too well this week, either! If you make those t-shirts, I'll be buying a box for me and my students, so let us know :)