Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oh, You Brits!

I just love ya! Seriously. I want to scoot on over across the pond and give you a big hug. But, I have to go to work tomorrow morning pretty early and I have a feeling that Operation Hug-A-Brit might be a little time consuming. You'll just have to use your imaginations.

I mean, honestly. You are the best. You found a way to get past that whole tea in Boston Harbor thing. You don't get mad when we steal all your best television programs. Sure, you drive on the wrong side of the road, but I find that endearing. And you are pretty polite about it when you ask for a biscuit and I hand you a bread-like concoction slathered in butter. You don't make fun of our beer. And you should. You'd have every right. But you don't. At least not to our faces.

And today, you wonderful people, you gave me a full day of Hex. You like me. You really like me! There is nothing like a good, old-fashioned marathon to give a Sheep a way to spend the day. And a Hex marathon on BBC America is just about as good as it gets. Thank you so very, very much. From the bottom of my heart...I thank you, good people of Britain.
Marathon television is also quite good for keeping a Sheep close to the pasture and tending to matters of hearth and home. My Apple Amnesia Issues remain in evidence and must be dealt with. Despite having purchased many, many apples, I can't seem to remember that when I go to the store. Hence, I have more "many, many apples." For a while there we were making applesauce, but that got old pretty quickly. So we've been drying them. And drying them. And drying them. I figure that those I don't eat, I can package up in a pretty cellophane bags and hand out for Christmas. Plus, I get to use my apple peeler thingie and I sort of enjoy that part so the whole process is really a good thing all around.

It's just good, old-fashioned apple fun!!!

Then there's the knitting time. In an effort to avoid housework and possibly missing some part of Hex that will give me the key to understanding the whole thing, I needed to be on the couch and ready for plot twists. But, one cannot simply sit and stare at the People Who Are Cooler And Far Better Dressed Than I for extended periods without having a little project close to hand for those moments when the action (or my self-esteem) is lagging.

So I started a scarf.
The Lion Brand Magic Stripes that came home with me yesterday was quickly wound into cakes and ready for casting on. I bought this with the intention of knitting the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. So it was intended, so it was done. There is one teeny little boo-boo in there. But not something that is going to make me do anything crazy like go back and fix it. It's fine. Now, LB isn't exactly known for it's soft and supple nature. Compared to the lovely fibers with which I've been working lately, this is quite harsh. But, I know I can soften it up with some washing and I love the way the striping is working out...sort of like magic, I suppose. I have three skeins of this yarn, so I'm hoping it will be long enough for a workable scarf. It's moving along quickly, thanks to my Hex Marathon and that is a nice way to round out the weekend.
After a long week that didn't always go quite as I'd planned, I like the idea of a well-rounded weekend. I had my knitting, the lovely scent of apples drying in the kitchen, one scarf off the needles and one cast on. Add to that a little of the BBC for five or six straight hours and all is well.
Of course, by tomorrow, I will most likely have affected an accent that is intended to be British... but probably won't even come close. That should make for an entertaining Monday.


Mouse said...

oooh.. I can't believe I missed a Hex marathon! I really enjoyed that show and am hoping that they show the next season (if there is one..) on BBC America. Have you seen "Torchwood" yet? Its my favorite new show and its on BBC on Saturdays.

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

I love dried apples; I think they'd make a smashing gift. Did that smashing sound British at all? Maybe I put the accent on the wrong syllable...

Mel said...

So does this mean that apples are the new panties?

And when can David & I come over to watch your TV? BBCAmerica is one of the few things I miss about cable/satellite.

mehitabel said...

I didn't get hold of the remote soon enough, and had to endure a marathon of L.A. Ink. If you've never seen it, well, you're lucky. I guess I can't complain--she pays the Dish bill. I also had to go to a Halloween birthday party. Sigh. I'd almost have rather stayed home with the Ink squad!

Anonymous said...

You really had a productive weekend! I, on the other hand, accomplished hardly anything.

I also watched a marathon yesterday; it was the Law and Order Marathon. However, I tended to nap on and off during it instead of knitting. Ooops.

Mia said...

Hey sheepie, I'm lovin' the colors of that scarf! You go girl! Myself, I watched hours, upon hours of the food channel, Iron Chef, Paula Dean, that impossible dinner thingy.. no wonder I cooked all weekend like I was in a restaurant!

And the apple thingy.. now I'm gonna HAVE to make a baked apple when I get home :)

trek said...

We didn't have a Hex marathon (heck, we didn't have an anything marathon this weekend) but we did have a good laugh. (Check blog later)

Sounds like you had a snuggly good time. Did you get a frost last night like we did?

I love mel's comment: apples are the new panties!

tenacious knitter said...

Great scarf! Some of my best knitting has been done in the trance of marathon tv.

If you're looking to make a Monday entertaining for YOU, go for the Brit accent. A coworker and I entertain ourselves by Brit-swearing, but I'm sure any Brits listening to us would be bloody horrified.

Anonymous said...

Where did we go wrong? You watch Brit Marathon when there was so much new stuff on? You could have seen NASCAR, PATRIOTS, and the CHAMPION RED SOX !!!!
M. S.

Knitting Linguist said...

Your Sunday sounds absolutely perfect. I hope that your students truly appreciate your British accent today; most people don't quite understand how much effort goes into acquiring one! (I amuse myself...) I love the scarf :)

Cursing Mama said...

I pick up bad accents too; as evidenced by my Southern Style Indian accent I sported for CAP on Thursday. It is the exact same accent I get after watching too much BBC.

Ronni said...

Oh man! I'd just about convinced myself that I didn't need my apple peeler anymore and you go and show it working so pretty like.

Your scarves are both beautiful. I'm impressed that the finished one is headed for the gift hoard though. I'd never be able to actually give something that pretty away to someone else. Well, maybe - but I'd whine.

kmkat said...

Magic stripey yarn for a chevron scarf -- genius. I have a number of pairs of skeins of sock yarn that would make great scarves. Rather than socks that I would not wear because I was clearly on drugs when I picked them out.

Geraldine said...

I am a Brit fan too, love their TV, dry wit, great shortbreads, yummy accents, the works....Ive been watching Corrie Street for over 20 years!!! Hex, Ive never heard of but sounds good, we don't get it here.

Your apple peeler is so cute and your scarf is tres beautiful!!!

Here's to the Union Jack!!!

Beth said...

Your scarf looks great! Mine seems to be moving rather slowly.

I have a great recipe for simmering potpourri that calls for dried apples, dried cranberries, and spices. It's great for Christmas gifts. Let me know if you want it.