Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Why I had waffles for dinner tonight:

1. It was one of those days where, as an educator, you have to realize that you have your limits. You need to accept that your influence is not so far-reaching that it can fix everything in a kid's life. All you can do is try to make it a little bit better.

2. I can't even get mad at the various agencies who are powerless to do anything about certain issues that make kids' lives miserable. I've worked from their side of things. I know what the limits are and there was nothing anyone else could have done that wasn't already attempted. We all have to work within the rules. The ball was not dropped. And believe me, I checked. And have been doing so for a while. Everyone did their respective jobs. It just isn't going to help matters this time.

3. I'd already eaten a peanut butter cup on a Tuesday and this is not a Designated Chocolate Eating Day. This was misbehavior of the highest order and could be the first few feet on a very slippery slope that ends with my eating peanut butter cups all day, every day.

4. I did not get my computer today. You remember...the one I ordered on September 26th? The one that I led me to "discussing" the matter with the head of the tech department since he did the ordering for those of us who purchased through the school? The tech. director who, when faced with my menopausal and utterly horrifying self, became scared? You remember him.

5. He is also the one who went on vacation this week. For the whole week.

6. That was the deal-breaker which led to Reason #3.

7. The fatigue and slight tickle in my throat is a very bad omen. I know this feeling. It is a Pre-Monkey Pox feeling. And what I call, "Monkey Pox" is bad. In medical circles it is commonly known as pneumonia. I do not care for pneumonia or Monkey Pox. We are crossing our fingers that this rather familiar feeling is merely seasonal and maybe due to a chocolate deficiency. Since I usually only get The Pox in the spring, I like to believe that I have every reason to be hopeful.

8. The community in which I teach does not celebrate Halloween. Instead, they have adopted Beggar's Night. This is a sort of alternative kind of holiday that some towns in the states like to toss into the mix on October 30th. The little ones don't even know when "real" Halloween is. The older ones that I teach do know and are willing to travel to other towns where holidays are celebrated in their proper order. And thus they will be trick or treating for two nights instead of one. They are, shall we say, "excited." And highly challenging to educate. They will probably not bring me any peanut butter cups either.

And this is why I had waffles for dinner. Four of them. They were of the whole wheat variety so I suppose there were one or two redeeming qualities. Frankly, I don't care if they had such qualities or not. I wanted waffles.

Meh...let's talk about knitting.

Kath and Debbie asked a question about my version of The Harlot Scarf and how I did the floofy crocheted thingies on the ends.

See those floofies?
They aren't a part of the original pattern. I got all "designer" on it. When I made the first of these scarves last year, I intended them to be gifts for women. But they looked a bit plain to me. Nothing wrong with that...but I needed more. At first, I put a fringe on. That looked nice and one of those fringed beauties went to a school secretary. But, I yearned for something even more. So, I dug deep and found my inner crocheter. I've since put this little bit of floofiness on several scarves and it always adds a nice touch. It is also very, very easy.
After casting off, I reattach the yarn and do a single crochet, chain three in the corner. I then attach that chain with a single crochet to any reasonable point. The Harlot pattern has these little ridges so that seemed logical place. I then chain three more and work to the end attaching the chains at evenly spaced intervals. At the edge, I chain five, turn and work back across, attaching the chains into the single crochets from the first row. I continue in this manner increasing by two chains at the end of the row. I fasten off with a slip stitch when I have enough floofies or can take no more.
The length of the chains and the amount by which they are increased each row is really determined by the yarn and the scarf. A finer yarn may look better with a longer starting chain. There is no real math involved. I just do what looks nice. Or, if not nice, then floofy. Floofy is what I'm going for.
And there you go! The Sheep's alternative to fringes: Floofies. Tah-dah!!!!!!!
And now I must be off. I have a great deal of self-pity and inner loathing in which to engage over the peanut butter cups and waffles. Then I will probably sublimate my guilt through the consumption of ice cream and head off to bed. I may even knit a little bit in between courses if time permits. And my energy level...
Waffles are really, really good for capping off an otherwise yucky day. But they really weigh you down. They are not floofy.


Mouse said...

I love eating waffles for dinner.. I haven't had any in a while since my waffle iron decided it didn't want to heat up to what I would consider a proper "waffle burning temperature". Hmpf. I think I need to buy another cheapie one with some birthday fundage.

trek said...

You do realize that you are making me incredibly hungry right about now, do you not?

I do have all of the ingredients for making brownies at hand - but chocolate does not look good on a cream colored shawl and I am trying mightily to resist.

Perhaps I should go check on the crayons now...

Mia said...

how is it POSSIBLE that I do not have one single waffle in this house??

And "Just Say No" to the pox.. of any kind!

Beth said...

It sounds like you had an extremely frustrating day. I'm sorry about that. I know you care a lot about your students and it must be hard when something doesn't go right for one of them.

And the MP symptoms don't sound good. I hope it's nothing serious.

Today I substituted for a sick teacher and taught four classes. It was actually kind of fun. I've decided I prefer teaching when I don't have to worry about grades and can route questions to the "real" teacher. :)

Jeanne said...

Oooh. It is waffle season. Kroger's had the store brand on sale for a buck a box--for blueberry waffles (yum!). Half the box is gone already. I should go get more. Waffles are not floofy in and of themselves... but too much waffleage can leave the waffle consumer floofy. (Ask me how I know.) ;-)

Mel said...

*sigh* I want waffles, too. I am, however, at work. And apparently coming down with the version of Monkey Pox that's been going around the office. SO I've had to make do with supermarket M&M cookies. Not nearly as good as waffles, but I suppose it works in a pinch.

catsmum said...

Now where did I shove that waffle iron when I unpacked 3 years ago?? I wants me some waffles NOW... and as for 'not a designated chocolate eating day' ... pfft ... it was a day ending in 'y' wasn't it? well there ya go then :]

Anne said...

I think you are actually okay. I hear waffles may be a lost food group, so you covered your bases. :)

CUTE scarf.

Anonymous said...

Waffles for dinner! YES!! Have you ever had chocolate waffles with peanut butter sauce? Sinfully delicious.
The floofies totally make the scarf!

Trish said...

I love peanut butter cups. I'm very proud that I have not yet touched any of the Halloween candy that's been sitting in my house for two weeks, not even the Reeses. Of course anything left after the kids tonight is fair game.

Anonymous said...

I love having waffles for dinner, or pancakes, or eggs; basically any hot breakfast food is yummy for dinner.

I hate hearing about the awful lives some kids are forced to live; it's just not right.

Do you get a Monkey Pox vaccination in the fall along with your flu shot? I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that what you're feeling is NOT MP (of course I had to uncross my fingers long enough to type this, though).

Love the Floofy edging!

Terrye said...

Try lots and lots of "hot Tea and C" (vitamin C) to ward off lots of different poxes!

kmkat said...

I believe you have added a new word to the Knitters' Vocabulary -- you know, the language that includes frog, tink, sproingy -- floofy. We will be seeing it everywhere now.

Debbie said...

More waffles -- yes! MP -- Noooo!

Thanks much for the floofy directions. I've never much liked fringed edging, neither how it looks nor making it. This is a great directions.

(Umm--your directions weren't floofy. Sorry for any misunderstandings.)

Cursing Mama said...

Now I want waffles for dinner - and peanut butter cups for lunch.
The floofies are very cool - I wonder (or am dying to know) was the scarf pattern hard on the wrists - I've looked pretty hard at it & wondered. notice I did not mention I swatched it to find out.

Knitting Linguist said...

Mmmm, breakfast for dinner. That's our favorite kind of stress eating in our house (especially homemade oatmeal made with milk and nuts and raisins and cinnamon; mmmm.....). Hope tomorrow goes better -- you deserve it!

Ronni said...

Oooh, I love the floofies. I'm not too sure I can manage them though. I can handle chaining, but after that I get lost and have to consult a book. Every stingle (err... stinking single) time.

My sympathies about the reasons for the waffles. I hope they tasted yummy.