Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WNBP: From Slothville

The Sheep stirs just long enough to bring you your Wednesday Night Bullet Post. It's a struggle, frankly. I have reached a new low in lazy at this juncture. Let's see if I can hold my head up long enough to finish this...

*Have you ever done so much of the "nothing" that you are actually more tired than when you started the day? I mean, I seem to recall it being ten o'clock in the it's after seven o'clock in the evening. Dunno how that happened. I meant to go to the post office today. Never made it.

*I was so sloth-like that I now have a headache. How does that happen?

*I roused myself from the various couches and chairs to find aspirin for my headache. I managed to locate a plethora of over-the-counter remedies for everything ranging from congestion to tummy troubles, but couldn't find an aspirin to save my soul. Being as I live in a very, very tiny condominium, there aren't all that many places to look. I gave up after fifteen minutes of fruitless searching only to discover the aspirin on the coffee table a mere two feet from where I have been sitting for much of the day.

*I stood up long enough to go sit at my spinning wheel. I actually spun for a rather long time since that doesn't involve standing and this seemed to be more along the lines of "playing to my strengths" today.

*I finally had to stop spinning because the creaking of the wheel was driving me utterly mad. And that takes energy. Of which I gots none. It is clearly coming from the treadles and is the screech of wood on wood. But I can't isolate it. For a brief period there, I actually had a screwdriver in hand in an attempt to adjust or maybe find something to lubricate. Didn't succeed. It's been doing it for a while now. I just need to wait until I can either find the squeak or learn to live with it again. Either way, I'm back on the couch.

*Back in 1987, I bought a Crock Pot. At the time, it seemed logical that a single gal might want to prepare meals that would feed up to ten. As time went by, I realized that this way lay madness. And a large bottom. Now I use it for other things.

Like dyeing Targhee. Targee is pretty. Targhee is now purple.
*Dyeing is cool because while it sits, The Sheep sits. We both sat for a long time.
*I did take time out of my busy day of sitting and thinking about how much I loathe creaking sounds to utterly screw up a dishcloth. I have apparently greatly overestimated my understanding of the Short Row. Or am the victim of poorly written directions. Since I sort of know how to do a short row, I'm going with the former. Meanwhile, the dishcloth is now the bottom of a bag.
*Please note, had I not been so utterly zombified, I would have in no way thought it a good idea to make a bag happen out of a dishcloth disaster. But it seems to be working. Good thing no one called to suggest sky diving or sword swallowing. I was too lazy to think anything through fully. Sometimes risks are good. You end up with a new bag. Other times, you are face to face with a cloud or a sharp object.
*I just sneezed 5 times in a row. I do not sneeze in odd numbers. Ever. This means that another one is coming. The suspense is killing me.
*Women of my age should not sneeze 5 times in a row. It scares the cats and puts one at great risk for bodily functions on lower levels that will ruin one's couch. There is a trick to sneezing after 40. You sort of have to tense-clench-sneeze-release. It takes practice.
*I still haven't let loose with that last sneeze. But I can feel it coming...
*For those who were concerned about my well-being last night, please don't fret. The kitties forgave me for the late feeding and seem to have forgotten about the whole nightmare. ("nightmare" would be the interpretation from their perspective) They actually seemed a bit exasperated by my decision to loll about their house today. Apparently I was in the way or something.
*I ate all the ice cream last night. Now I have no ice cream. I'm sort of wishing that I'd gone out today for ice cream. But it's probably for the best. I'm still trying to come back from eating all that pie over the weekend.
*I wish I hadn't thought of that. I just remembered that there is leftover pie in the fridge. Let's hope my desire for jeans that fit is stronger than my desire for pecan pie.
*Where the heck is that sneeze???!!! I can't stand it!!!
*Maybe I'll go spin for a while. Now that I'm all distracted by the imminent sneezing event, I can probably ignore the creaking.
That's it. I must now go prepare myself for a rousing evening of more sitting and such. I seem to be elevating it to an art form and don't want to disturb the creative process at this point.
Or I'm going to go eat the rest of that pie. It's going to be one or the other...


Sheila said...

Still recovering from a night of socialization, eh?
SOCKS sounds fun, and worth the kitty disdain and day-after frumps!

I love purple-dyed fiber, especially if it wasn't white when you started.

Anonymous said...

Eat the pie! If you don't, you won't be able to concentrate on the sitting.

trek said...

I took a nap today.
Why didn't you?
Sound like it was the kind of day for one.

Teri S. said...

I think you have raised the art of slothfulness to a new high, although that might take too much energy. So maybe you've lowered it to a new low?

kmkat said...

That over-40 sneezing thing sucks rocks. Just in case you haven't discovered it, getting up to pee during the night and stumbling over the dog that insists on sleeping in the 10" space next to the bed produces the same result. Bleah.

Beth said...

I'm thinking that by the time I read this, the pie was gone already. :) Can't wait to see the dyed yarn!

Carrie K said...

Your busy day sounds positively exhausting. You should probably stay away from the pie, but that's easy for me to say, I just ate a cinnamon bun.

April said...

I just ate some rhubarb pie and it was GOOD.

I'm holding off on worrying about your slothful state until the day you post, "I've taken to wearing Depends. That way I don't need to get up to go to the bathroom."

catsmum said...

now when I see the next bright orange crock pot at a garage sale or such, I'll know to buy it. Thanks for your untiring efforts to keep the rest of us surrounded by fibrey goodness and hideous looking orange kitchen appliances :]

Cathy said...

Catherine (scullery maid) said Harley has the same reaction to her hanging around overbody (cat version of underfoot) all day. He obviously has the Fluffy Kitty philosophy. The pet human should keep reasonable cat hours, be home for meals (feeding of) and away for most of the day.

Anonymous said...

So how was the pie??

Lorraine said...

Hmmm, my furry knitting companion just disappears all day. I know her hiding place, though, because she leaves a pile of my clean clothes on the floor below her favorite perch on the closet shelf. (Her version of nesting.) Now the world knows why I walk around with obscene amounts of cat fur on my clothes.

Cursing Mama said...

you said zombification
now I'm really worried!