Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bullet Posting For The Weary.

Welcome to the middle of the week and The Sheep's Wednesday Night Bullet Post. We like the random don't actually have to be fully awake to do it.

*I carded wool for a good six hours last night as I listened to the Harry Potter audio book. It was grueling work, but when I decided to quit for the "night" at what was really 1:00 in the morning, I was feeling pretty impressed by how much I had accomplished. I wasn't finished. And I was only putting it through for one pass per clump of wool just to get it started. But, by golly, I was really making some headway on this!

*Then I dragged my weary self into the bedroom for my well-deserved rest. There, still drying in the window sill, was another three million pounds of merino. No. I am not exaggerating. It was three million pounds that I had forgotten to put in the carding pile. It mocked me from the window as it waved gently in the breezes.

On the right is what I accomplished. On the left is the mocking, uncarded merino.
*If anyone ever has the audacity to complain about the price of a merino sweater in my presence ever again, there is every chance I will need one or two of you to take up a collection for my bail. I have visions of myself coming utterly unhinged and beating the offender about the head and shoulders with a niddy noddy or a pair of hand cards. There will be a great deal of shrieking on my part which will be unintelligible to the non-spinners. Those in the know will be able to translate it as something along the lines of, "I have given up more hours than I can count in the interest of making merino yarn happen and you will happily pay any price that is displayed for the honor of wearing merino, you heartless swine!!!"
*It was only about 85 degrees today, but the humidity made it feel much worse. I really have no right to complain, though. We've had a fairly cool summer this year for which I am eternally grateful.
*Of course, my not having the right to complain has done nothing to deter me from doing so. I am a fragile flower who wilts in the humidity. I get all limp and soggy. And the wool sticks to me in the oddest of places.
*The craft store was air conditioned, though. It seemed like a good idea to get out of the house after yesterday's self-imposed solitary confinement. There was a lady on a cell phone an aisle away from me leaving a message for her mother to overnight express her a certain bead. She went on to say how much she hates shopping in Maine because there is absolutely nothing to be had here. How we continue to live in such a savage, beadless condition was simply beyond her. I was considering playing the Helpful Shopper and offering to help her pack her stuff and get the heck out of my state.
*Then I discovered that all they had was Procion dye and not the acid dye that I needed. I still hate Queen Bead. But I was sort of thinking the same thing as she for a minute there. It seemed rather hypocritical to offer my packing services after that.
*I will be going back into lockdown again this evening to card wool and listen to "Deathly Hallows." While it is highly unlikely I will make it past midnight again, I'm still going for broke on this audio book!
*By the way, could someone please tell me why I ordered a yogurt maker this afternoon. Seriously. I ordered a yogurt maker. I suddenly have a burning urge for fresh yogurt. Maybe it's the heat...or the humidity. Perhaps the merino is throwing off some fumes. But yogurt? Oh well. I like yogurt. I'm not entirely convinced that I like it enough to be crafting it in my own home, but apparently this was the tail end of my thought process this afternoon. Very odd...
There you go! Wednesday's random brain cell firings in all their glory. If anyone needs me, I'll be wallowing in endless piles of merino and Googling yogurt recipes.


trek said...

Why on earth did you not order an ice cream machine instead??

Future SIL said...
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Beth said...

Ah SA, you could have had my yogurt maker! It's gathering dust in the cupboard above my fridge.

catsmum said...

Zut alors... when will ze non spinners realise zat ze spinning ees not about ze saving money on ze yarn? Far from eet!
Sorry. For some reason zat ... I mean that ... bit decided it had to be written in mock french.

Mouse said...

Good grief Charlie Brown.. there's a machine needed to make yogurt? I was certain that all it required was the boiling of milk and a dark spot in which it was allowed to quietly do its thing.
I hate the humidity and found refuge in the craft store today as well (mostly because the husband was next door at the hardware store) and was complaining loudly of their lack of prices on anything and mis-marked items when I got to the register. I'm looking on the bright side that I didn't really need said items anyhow.. but.. WHAH!

mehitabel said...

Will it make you feel better to know that out here in the desert of SoCal we, too, are experiencing nasty sticky humidity? Fellow sufferers! I have twice now retired to the not-so-local coffee shop to knit in their blessed a/c. Have I mentioned I hate heat?? Also, having discovered the time sink which is Ravelry, I'm getting nothing done!

Mel said...

Ah, but isn't the reason we don't have every bead known to mankind so that people like Queen Bead will go away and leave us in peace? If we need it, we can make it, or look for it on our next visit to Boston, or just find it on the internets.

April said...

A yogurt maker? What? You're going to throw yogurt at the zombies at the Dawn Of The Apocalypse?

Sheepie, me and Victor think the humidity is getting to you.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Trek - an ice cream machine is understandable, but yogurt?

hmmmm---my verification word is "hogyuw" I guess I better not put off the diet any longer; even the computer is calling me fat!

Alwen said...

As long as those aren't Viking hand cards you are beating them with.

My verification word is "wfzakzo" :)

Anonymous said...

Trek was right. An ice cream maker would have been a fun purchase. Maybe you could get one too and then make frozen yogurt.
The merino is coming along nicely. You'll be done before you know it.

Lorraine said...

Oh, Karen stole my idea. Frozen yogurt - yum!

B said...

A yogurt maker huh? I didn't even know they made them, but now that I know, I might have to look into getting one for my house! Won't dh be so happy to know I want to buy another kitchen gadget ROFL!!

Also, I did tag you for a meme ... I kind of remember you not being so fond of them, so if you don't do it, that's fine =) In case you are interested!

moiraeknittoo said...

Oh, but if you do a nice home made yogurt that's like the Greek or Icelandic? SO GOOD! Mmmmmmmmmm.

Jeanne said...

A yogurt maker?

Wow. I'm speechless.

The merino is lovely. I admire your determination!

Bobbi said...

Hmmmm, yogurt maker? Perhaps the heat/humidity is messing with your head. you do konw they sell yogurt at the store for a very reasonable price right? :)