Sunday, July 01, 2007

Following Orders!

Oh, that Catsmum...she's certainly kept me hopping this weekend! Good thing, really. It keeps me off the streets and away from places of ill-repute. Or the mall...

First up, she tagged me to participate in the latest and greatest meme that's been making the rounds. All you need to do is go to Wikipedia and enter your birthday sans year. Then you record for all posterity the following: 3 events of note, 2 birthdays of note and 1 holiday. I followed the directions like a good little Sheepie and what follows are the fruits of my labor.

On May 17th, the world saw:

Aristide win the first Kentucky Derby in 1875

The US Supreme Court hand down a unanimous decision in Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas in 1954

Massachusetts become the first US state to legalize same sex marriage in 2004

My fellow birthday celebrants are:

One of my favorite authors, F. Paul Wilson (1946)

Sugar Ray Leonard (1956)

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (1965, which means that we are the exact same age!)

And the holiday that we should all be whooping it up over is:

World Telecommunications Day!!! Break out your WTD banners, hats and t-shirts! Woot Woot!!!

As always, I offer this experience up to anyone who might like to try it! Feel free to call yourself tagged. It's really rather fun. I actually learned a thing or two. On a weekend, no less!

That finished, I thought that I might be able to rest. But, no. Catsmum would also like to see a close up of my skulls, snakes 'n flames sneakers. But she always says, "please" so I am more than happy to oblige:

Not only are they very cool they are the most comfortable shoes I own these days. And none of that pesky shoe-tying to take up my valuable time...
Frankly, it's a good thing that I had some direction on today's post. My second pair of Monkey Socks are progressing nicely, but I hesitate to show them until I have successfully solved the heel issues that I had with the ill-fated pair #1. I think that you all deserve nothing but the finest in blog photography. I should have something for tomorrow. I'm extending the cuff by one pattern repeat just to get a bit more length to cover my shapely calves come the winter months. I'm guessing that I'll be finishing up the heel tonight. Hopefully I will end up with a heel that isn't so large that I could lay out a decent picnic upon it. Who knew that the foot contained in the scary sneakers was of such delicate and ladylike proportions?
Thanks for the inspiration tonight, Catsmum! Don't know where I would have been without ya...I might have had to finish something, for heaven's sake. And this would have interfered greatly with my nap schedule.
I wonder if Trent still takes naps...


trek said...

Which 5th grader did you conk on the head to steal her shoes? ;o)

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are even cooler up close!

Carrie K said...

World Telecommunications Day sounds like one all of us bloggers should celebrate madly.

LOL on your salt consumption idea for better fitting socks!

Cool shoes. Very, very cool.

brenda said...

Thanks for a closeup of the shoes, I just couldn't see the skulls so well from the other angle. It's been fun reading the Wiki meme posts, maybe I'll do my birthday too.

kmkat said...

Cool post. Even cooler shoes, thanks for the close-up. But it is a sad day for Brown vs. Board of Education; the Supremes pretty much reversed it this week. Boohiss.

April said...

Way cool sneakers, Dude.

catsmum said...

glad that I could be of assistance to my favourite sheep :]
and yes those shoes are way kewl up close.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to wear those to school when they're picking teachers for field trips. They'd never let you take the kiddos out of the school if you wear sneakers like that! Too cool!

Beth said...

Thanks for another fine blog photograph. You always give us the best! :)

Lorraine said...

Oooh, what a fun meme. Love the shoes but my kids would wear disguises if I wore something so cool in public. Kids today! Sheesh.

Ronni said...

I love those shoes! I wish I had something even a tenth as cool. Thanks Catsmum for asking for another photo of them.