Wednesday, July 04, 2007

An Independence Day WNBP

I have, once again, done something vile and unspeakable to the simple, can't-possibly-screw-this-up portion of my Monkey Socks. I have no projects that are approaching completion. My allergies are over the top and all the sneezing is scaring my Smaller, Less Fluffy Kitty. There are nosebleeds involved at this point. (note to self: stop picking nose with power drill) (second note to self: remember to tell people that this is a joke and that you don't really pick your nose with a power drill) And I am so full of the flame-grilled goodness after the cookout at Mommy and Daddy Sheep's house that my brain is clogged. Not conducive to witty blog posting.

Cursing Mama to the rescue!

She helpfully suggested that this meme might make a good Wednesday Night Bullet Post template. With little else on the docket, she couldn't have come forward in a more timely fashion. I mean, honestly! I didn't even get any traumatic vehicular news from the Other Dreamy Mechanic this morning after my oil change. (Regular Dreamy Mechanic wasn't there today...I hope he's OK) So here's a fill-in-the-blank version of WNBP:

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss was… less than memorable. A mere blip on the radar, really.

2. I am listening Smaller, Less Fluffy Kitty purring loudly in anticipation of dinner time.

3. I talk… with great authority about things that I don't really understand fully. And I will continue to do so even after everyone else in the room has obviously figured this out.

4. I love… television. All television. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

5. My best friends… don't always "get" me. But they still hang out with me. I suspect that they find me somewhat amusing.

6. My car… oh, c'mon!!! I've spent in excess of two thousand dollars on it this year. Haven't we all heard enough about this by now?

7. My love life…I'm sorry. I didn't hear the question.

8. I hate it when people ask… for directions. I can't give directions. Even if it is a route I travel every day and could drive in my sleep, I can't tell you how to traverse it. Google're better off.

9. I want to… find a job that allows me to nap.

10. Marriage is… one of those things that looks good on other people.

11. Somewhere, someone is thinking… about cheese.

12. I'm always… breathing. Breathing is good.

13. I have a secret crush Dreamy Mechanic. That's no secret, though. Other Dreamy Mechanic wasn't all that tough on the eyeballs this morning either.

14. I am not... enjoying my summer allergies. Nor is anyone who has to be around me while I am experiencing them.

15. My cell phone… is pink. Everyone who sees it says the same thing: "That's funny, I wouldn't have expected you to have a pink phone."

16. When I wake up in the morning… I am greeted by cats. They are always very excited to see me. There is great merry-making, purring and leaping about on the bed. I, on the other hand, am less impressed by being awake and am, as a result, not leaping about.

17. Before I go to bed I… read.

18. Right now I am thinking about… my Monkey Sock, the fact that I can't seem to knit stockinette and how stuff that's inside the shoe doesn't count anyway.

19. Babies are… not particularly good conversationalists.

20. I get on MySpace… but don't admit it.

21. Today I… went to a killer cookout at my parent's house.

22. Tonight I will… watch TV. I like TV. TV good...

23. Tomorrow I will… go camera shopping. Maybe...

24. I really want to… do a better job on my second Monkey Sock.

25. Someone who will most likely repost this… anyone who feels the need. Or is lacking good material. Or has good material, but risks legal action should they post it. Or is addicted to the "copy 'n paste" method of blogology.

The great thing about today being Independence Day is that you can say, "Happy Fourth of July!" and it applies to almost everyone! The readers in the U.S. will think, "Oh that Sheepie, wishing us a happy birth of our country like that! She's so darned thoughtful..." The folks from away will think," Oh that Sheepie, wishing us a happy and oddly specific day like that. She's so darned thoughtful..." The only difference is that the former are reading this while eating a hot dog and using illegal fireworks to blow up an old soup can. The latter will be assured of having all their fingers in place and fully functional tomorrow.

Happy Fourth of July everybody!!!



trek said...

I still have all of my fingers functioning here. The residents at chez trek do not do illegal fireworks. Certain neighbors, however, do. We do not like cleaning up their detritus from our lawn on July 5th. Hmph.

A pink cell phone, eh?

"From away"? Ayuh, Sheepie lives in Maine.

Carrie K said...

I don't like legal or illegal fireworks, seeing as how the hills surrounding the house are basically firestarter material.

I was thinking about cheese! The Irish Cheddar. I would marry this Cheddar. Wait, did I type that out loud? Well, it couldn't be worse than my last marriage.

Happy 4th! And I will probably steal, er, borrow that meme.

Jeanne said...

Permission to blatantly copy and paste this meme (with my own answers, of course) into my blog. Though I am not lacking for material, I'm lazy tonight. One too many beers. Whoohoo! Happy I Day!

Beth said...

Very entertaining meme. If your cell phone is pink, does it at least have stripes, flames, or skulls on it? :)

Sheila said...

Happy 4th, Sheepie!
We had 3, count 'em 3 parties in two days to attend. My feet hurt from wearing my non-house shoes! Yes, there were fireworks involved (I am in Texas, afterall). I'm pooped, and it isn't even the weekend.
Loved the two recent meme's.Thanks for putting my shop on your sidebar.

Mel said...

There was no grilling chez nous today. It was a decidedly low key 4th for us aside from my visitors earlier on. We did watch an episode of Wonder Woman, though.

Lorraine said...

You even make memes amusing. LOL! DD#1 has a new pink phone. It's just a girl thing, right? My phone - a hand-me down from the DH. Ergo, it is silver and black, with no camera (camera phones are banned from his work site - shhhh, secret gov't stuff). (sigh) I'd like a pink phone . . .

Donna Lee said...

I am right there with you on the monkey sock. I can follow directions as well as the next person (at least I think I can) but for some reason this "easy" pattern is driving me crazy!

mehitabel said...

Dare I say it? That pattern got its name because it makes a monkey out of anyone who tries to knit it! (Just kidding, Cookie A!) My lovely red Razr phone--the Project Red one--was stolen!! on a knitting day, and was replaced by a more basic and boring but also red phone. Which doesn't work with the Bluetooth headset I was just learning how to use. Bummer. Oh well, at least it's red.