Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Past My Bedtime

I know, I know. It's late. I should have posted this hours ago. I hope no one was worried. If any of you have formed some sort of "Save The Sheep" group, you may want to activate the phone tree and start letting people know that they can stop photocopying the fliers and trying to decide on the picture that will be featured on the "Have You Seen This Knitter?" posters. I'm fine.

Let's face it. I don't get out much, OK? I'm something of a homebody. I have one or two hermit-tendencies. So this is why I have elected to participate in the Summer Of Compensatory Knitting Socialization (SOCKS). This is an important step in my learning how to interact with other humans. You'll just have to bear with my Tuesday night tardiness while I enjoy my weekly knitting sessions with Noolie, Mel and the rest of the Knit Night folks who are assisting me with my socialization skills training.

It's also pretty good for sock progress...I am amazed at how much stockinette can be cranked out when there is neither television nor refrigerator within the range of my vision.

I also figured that, since I was out anyway, that I might as well hit the store and mingle with the other late night shoppers who suddenly realized that they were out of Lean Cuisine Pizza and that this is unacceptable since we'd all spent the weekend eating large amounts of baked goods. What can I say? It's not a school night for Sheepie. Sheepie can stay up past her bedtime if she wants to! No one is the boss of me!!

I'm pretty confident that you all can handle the changes in the schedule. You are probably even a little bit relieved to know that I don't just spend my days hunched over my laptop and giggling madly when my email signals that I've gotten a comment or message. Others, however, are not quite so comfortable with this. You might say that they are just a bit irked with me at the moment. It's hard to tell, really. But, if you look closely at the eyes, you can see a little of the "I'm put out with your suddenly thinking that you have the right to leave the house whenever the mood strikes" in there:

I was fed two and a half hours late. You do not rate my fully opened eyeballs. Feel the disdain, human servant!!!
I will probably have to break out the "good" kitty treats before going to bed tonight. It's that or sleep with one eye open, I'm thinking. Kitties don't care whether I have good social skills or not.
They are not contributors to the SOCKS program. They prefer the Every Animal Tended course of study.


Jeanne said...

Oh, I love kitty's black beard! What an expression. Feed me or die, human. And what are you doing up this late? It's good that you got out. Reclusiveness is something I suffer from too, but I got out today as well. What sock are you knitting now?

kmkat said...

My mother was an elementary teacher. She loved withdrawing to the farm after school and on weekends and during vacations. No children saying, "Teacher! Teacher!" And that was back in the fifties and sixties, when children were children and not crazed, drugged, knife-wielding, zombie, undersocialized morons like they are today. Not that I would know any such children.

April said...

Ooo, that's one MAD kitty. I am much relieved to hear there wasn't a zombie breakout in Maine and that instead you were SOCIALIZING.

Good Lord, what's next? Cocktails in a hotel lounge?

Anonymous said...

That is one pissed off kitty!

I find it amusing that April was worried about Zombies considering we were discussing how to handle a Zombie attack while socializing and knitting :)

I'm glad you've decided to do your SOCKS with us on Tuesdays!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah; and I made THREE fishies last night when I got home :)

Anonymous said...

I hope the good kitty treats worked. She looks mad!

trek said...

Tell the kitty she looks like a furry dwark in that picture and that Peter Jackson is done filming.

I didn't get out to knit this week :o( I had a sever attack of the allergies. I am in SOCKS withdrawal here myself.

Beth said...

I'm going to have to write this on my calendar so I don't worry every Tuesday night. Wait - I do have to worry if your kitty has that look each Tuesday!

Lorraine said...

Woohoo! Go forth, Sheepy, and recreate. After all, if you must feel guilty, make it worth your while.

Cursing Mama said...

My best cat advice:

Never upset a cat with attitude - they will exact revenge when you least expect it. Twice.

Hope you had enough of the good treats to fend off any overthrows of the Sheepie government.

debsnm said...

I have 4 cats that I left alone last week. For 4 days. With lots of food and water, and took the dogs with me. Were they grateful? No-o-o-o-o! They were mad! They pouted, mumbled hateful things under their breath, and generally acted badly until one of them realized it was bed time. "Hi! Remember me? I lo-o-o-o-ve you! Can we sleep in the warm bed tonight? Please????
Yeah, they get over it quickly.

Donna Lee said...

I love to hibernate on holidays (or any days). I think I am a true homebody. I am still looking for a kniting group in my area (I found one but they seemed to have all kinds of rules) and I know I will find one eventually or,I know, I'll start one myself. I'll put up posters and post about it and we'll have a show in the barn, oh wait, that was Andy Rooney...
Be careful with the cat. I have two cats Calvin and Hobbes, (we are only allowed 2) and just when I think they have only one working brain cell between them, they gang up on us and attack my moving feet or yarn. Why do we keep them again?

Carrie K said...

Oh no. You will pay dearly. Two and a half hours late? What were you thinking?

Anne said...

I saw a billboard in front of a gas station in Pocatello, Idaho, that read "Hermits don't join clubs". Now is that perfect or what??! I think we need a Hermit Club. I'm in. Cathy's there in a heartbeat, although I am worried she is enjoying seeing people too much right now.