Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sock Talk

Sock #1: Hmmmm...this is interesting. What exactly are you supposed to be?

Sock #2: Hi there! I'm Sock #2 and I'm going to be your new bestest friend!

S1: Really? Up until now I've worked alone. What exactly is it that you think you can bring to the party?

S2: Well, without me you'll never see the light of day! I'm the second of the pair. We'll be a team. You Starsky and Hutch. Or Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. Ooo, ooo, I know! We'll become superhero socks and fight crime!!! This is gonna be great!

S1: You don't even have a toe.

S2: I will. The knitter promised. She is working frantically, I tellya! Any day now, we will be a pair!

S1: Still not seeing it. And what the heck is going on with your heel?

S2: Um...yeah. That is something that the knitter said a few bad words over. Then she sighed and said something like, "Screw it. It's gonna be inside my shoe anyway."

S1: I see. How do you live with that? I mean, it so...glaring and unsightly.

S2: Really? She also said that my weirdly picked up stitches would match yours quite nicely.

S1: That was uncalled for!!! Besides, I think we know who the favorite is here. She finished me in just under a week, I'll have you know.

S2: Well, my cuff is longer!

S1: And that is something that socks of class do not discuss in polite society. Why don't we just agree to live on different sides of the sock drawer and be done with it?

S2: Fine by me! You first-done socks are all alike, thinking you're so much better than the second!

S1: And don't even think about the right foot. That is mine! I laid claim to the right foot a week ago and I won't have some first sock wannabe moving in on my territory!!!

I'm sure they will work it out. And, even if they don't, they will still be on my feet within days if I keep up the knitting. It has gotten mighty chilly up here in the great state of Maine and warm socks are called for. We are currently at 19 degrees Fahrenheit and that's not counting the wind chill. Every day I wander out and the cranky truck actually starts is further proof that the universe is not out to get me. This morning was particularly dicey. I decided to try another grocery shopping day experiment and was out the door at 8:00 in the morning to see how I might fare with the Saturday shopping. And it was cold!!! I'm talking hurts to breathe, boogers freezing in the nostrils, gosh-I-wish-I'd-dried-my-hair-for-another-minute-'cuz-now-I-think-it's-gonna-break-off kind of cold. For all that, though, the shopping was quite delightful. The parking lot was virtually empty and the aisles were free of stockboys and confused patrons. I think I may have a winner, here. I'll keep up with the experiments, but thus far this has been the best of the marketing trial runs.

Maybe next weekend I can take the socks out for a grocery shopping field trip. If they can behave, that is. Nothing worse than bickering socks at the supermarket...



Sheila said...

I wonder if it was the time and day that kept other shoppers away, or the weather?
I've been making soap (with Lye even) and having a blast with it. I've even converted DH's view of having lye in the house...gotta love a supportive partner.
I think second sock needs a hug.

trek said...

And you thought that hearing the dishcloths was strange??

Bobbi said...

ah the joys of shopping when there is no one around to interfere! I usually have the best luck with Sundays here and you couldnt' get me into a grocery store just after five during the week!

Diana said...

I'm happy for sock #1 in that he will have a mate.

Anne said...

Stay warm! Looks like you guys are in the deep freeze for a while.

Mel said...

I wasn't sure that my little car was going to start up to speed me away from Portland and work this morning. I need a new battery. At least I've got one warm room in the house to hole up in, though.

Beth said...

I'm glad you found a good shopping time. Nothing like crowded store aisles to drive a person crazy. Or wait, talking socks might drive a person crazy, too. :)

Jeanne said...

Sounds like the socks are a match made in heaven. Maybe they need a marriage counselor, though. Perhaps one of your cats would be willing to serve? Especially if you throw in a promise to knit the cat one of those lovely dog sweaters (you know the one I'm talking about).

Anonymous said...

Poor sock #2; always being made to feel second best! They are both lovely in my opinion (although #1 could be kinder).

It sure is cold around these here parts! Remember the good old days (a few weeks ago) when we had 65 degrees in January? Ah, those were the days.

lobstah said...

Poor second sock, it's gonna have a complex!

Anonymous said...

Those are nice looking socks but they sure are chatty;)

Lorraine said...

So that's what is going on when I trip over my own feet - bickering socks! I just thought I was clutzy.

Anonymous said...

I think I have finally been enlightened regarding the whole, second sock gone missing in the dryer thing - "would you stop touching me?!"
Now that you have found your grocery shopping window of opportunity, you need to start wearing your scarf a little higher, to warm the bugers...or better yet make a neck turtle thingy!