Sunday, January 07, 2007

First Appearance Of The New Year.

Today's post features an unplanned appearance from your old friends Rational Mind and Hysterical Mind. I honestly wanted to keep them in reserve for a day when blog topics were thin, but sometimes circumstances dictate that they come forth and help a poor, befuddled Sheep process events. Humblest apologies.

Rational Mind: Oh HM, would you come here for just a minute? We need to talk.

Hysterical Mind: (Out of breath and sweating slightly) Whassup?

RM: What on earth have you been doing?

HM: Cat on the counter.

RM: Pardon???

HM: The Smaller, Less Fluffy Kitty is on the kitchen counter again. She won't get down. Since explaining the potential for disease that exists from dirty kitty rumps on the counter didn't work, I've been standing there flapping my arms and making hissing noises for the last ten minutes.

RM: How did that work out for you?

HM: Not so good. We are going out later to buy her some pants.

RM: I can't see how that could possibly end in disaster at all. Before we head out to the Kitty Trouser Store, though, we need to have a little chat.

HM: Okey dokey!

RM: Hmmm...that was easy! Glad you're feeling so open-minded today. Here's the thing: Do you remember yesterday when we were a little early for our appointment with The World's Greatest Stylist?

HM: I love her!!! Don't you just love her??? She is really great!! Isn't she great?

RM: Yes, a stay with me here. We've been having a little run of good luck lately and I thought that I'd let you enjoy it for a day. There is no shame in enjoying your good fortune, you know. Of course, that doesn't mean that there aren't other things going on. But, when nice things happen, you should take the time to appreciate them and all.

HM: You are soooooo right! "Live for the day!" That's my motto!!!

RM: No. That is incorrect. Your motto is: The Christmas tree lights are probably radioactive. And, for the record, I am taking away the NyQuil. You've been hitting the cold medicine again, haven't you?

HM: Oh lighten up!!! It's the holidays!

RM: No. The holidays are over. And we need to talk...

HM: Well, my tightly wrapped friend, it's a holiday somewhere! Dance with me!!

RM: Will you please listen to me!!! This is important. Yesterday, while we were waiting to go in for our appointment with Amy I was reading the mail. And we have received a reminder card. From The Dentist.

HM: What?

RM: Thought that would get your attention. We have a cleaning scheduled for Feb. 1st.

HM: I can manage that. I just need to move around my Groundhog Day anxiety attack and we should be fine.

RM: It's not quite that simple. Do you remember when we visited with the nice doctor to have The Mole Of Disturbing Dimensions looked at? The one you were so freaked out about having to go see?

HM: I know, I know. I'll be good this time, I promise. No more taunting the plastic surgeon out of panic. You were very clear on that.

RM:'s the thing: I sort of goofed a tiny bit. In my defense, there's been a lot going on around here and keeping you settled down is not an easy job. Plus there was the whole drama with managing the Christmas shopping budget and getting back to work. I guess I kind of mixed up a few dates. So, our appointments with Dr. DeSade, DMD/World's Scariest Dentist and the plastic surgeon are a bit close together. January 31st and February 1st to be exact. Now, I know that is quite a bit of stress to manage in a 48 hour period, but I think we can do it if we just buckle down and go to our happy place. What do you think?

HM: ....

RM: HM?? You OK there, little buddy? Do you want some chocolate? I can give you back your NyQuil...

HM: (Wordlessly marches to the phone and begins to dial.)

RM: Um, who are you calling?

HM: (glaring fiercely) I am calling our cousin, Denial. And I don't want to hear one word about it!!

RM: No argument here. I'll go fix up the sofa bed.

And with Cousin Denial winging her way east as we speak, I think that this whole dental/surgical nightmare will, in fact, be manageable. I'm just not going to think about having my face sliced open one day and the mean dentist looming over me the next. My first thought was to switch the dentist appointment, but I think that this might actually work to my advantage in the long run. I can work the sick days around the various appointments and not lose too much time in the classroom. Or, I can just pretend that the whole thing isn't happening and that will work pretty well, too...

On to happier things. How's this for cute?

Big, Fluffy Kitty and her new best friend.
It seems that this poor little lambie somehow found her way all the way across the country in a futile attempt to join the San Fransisco Ballet. When her dreams were dashed, it appeared that she might be doomed to ride the cable cars and eat Rice-a-Roni for her remaining days. Fortunately, she ran into April who knew just what to do. She packed her up with a little chocolate and sock yarn, then popped her in the post so that she could come live with me and the kitties. She was very good and only ate a little bit of the chocolate. I took care of the rest about an hour ago. I think Lambie looks pretty happy in her new digs, don't you?
Of course, she missed the whole "appointment" debate and has yet to meet RM and HM. She may be stowing away in the mail truck next week once she realizes with whom she now shares this space.


Beth said...

Will you be able to open wide for the dentist without having your mole-removal-spot hurt too much? Maybe he'll be nice to you if he sees a bandage. :)

Mouse said...

Good Luck!

trek said...

Are you seriously contemplating allowing Dr deSade access to your face with a bandage on it? What, are you losing it for real?

Anonymous said...

I vote for a reschedule on the dentist. Please.

catsmum said...

yeah the whole open wide with bandaged tender face doesn't seem like a really spiffy idea ... unless you're counting on the painkillers from Dr de Sade taking the edge off the discomfort from the mole removal.
Reschedule sweety

but Lambie DOES look sweet and so does large fluffiness.

Diana said...

Little Lambie is a cute. To think that she didn't quite make it in the SF ballet brings tears to my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Will the plastic surgeon be giving you some good drugs? If so, your appointment with the World's Scariest Dentist should be a breeze.

Lambie is the cutest little ballerina; I can't believe the San Francisco Ballet didn't want her. Their loss!

Cathy said...

I agree with trek and catsmum on this one. Love the kitty and her pet lamb.

Jeanne said...

Or, perhaps you could see the dentist the day before the surgeon. I vote for getting all the horrid stuff out of the way as close together and as quickly as possible. Why drag it out? (I hate the dentist. OK, not the dentist personally, just their choice of profession.)

Teri S. said...

Oh no! Those two appointments are that close together? Yikes! But I have to agree with the others about rescheduling the dentist appointment (not that I want to give HM any additional ammunition, mind you). Big Fluffy Kitty seems quite content with her new friend. They look very cute together!

Sheila said...

Sorry, but I have to agree with the others and say that you should re-schedule the dentist appointment. HM, close your ears....there may be little tiny stitches that could pop open if your face stretches too much in the right (wrong) way, and that could lead to scarring.
OK HM, you can listen now.
Little Lambie is too cute. She can always ship herself down to Texas if thengs get too rough for her.

Anne said...

Here's my thoughts: Just get it all over with. The quicker the better. That way, you don't have to hyperventilate on two separate occasions - you can just go for it in the space of 48 hours, it will exhaust you and off you go to bed for the weekend with some nice DVDs, your knitting, the cats and a lot of chocolate. It's how I plan my annual visits.

debsnm said...

I'm thinking do it all at once, and don't worry about it. If dr. dentist asks, show him your new boo-boo, if he gets grossed out, he'll re-schedule, and if it's ok, he'll move along with the appt. BTW, what are you having done? Did I miss that part?

Amy Boogie said...

I wish the 3 of you good luck. I have some extra duct tape if you need help holding it together.

Debby said...

Nitrous oxide is one of my best friends. :) I'd take advantage of the happy drug and get it over with myself.

I love your lambie -- so cute!