Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Reality Bites.

It is a good time to be biting me. I'm too weak to bite back.

The holiday school vacation is over. 2006 is over. The ten day chocolate, pastry and ham binge is over. I have returned to my health-conscious ways. I am eating the fruit. I am exercising. I am consuming the whole foods. I am hating my life. I'm just not built for this.

I am on day two of the "Back To Reality Tour." I am sore. I am hungry. I'd better be living forever for all this suffering, that's all I have to say on the matter.

How is it that I was able to so adeptly ruin a month of healthy eating in a matter of mere days? I lolled around the house like a sultan noshing on truffles and cheesy things and suddenly I'm a lethargic blob. It seems rather unfair.

But it has to be done, I suppose. I'm sure that I'll be a better person for all this virtuous living. If not, then I will at least be able to button my pants again. I suppose that might make it all worth it.

I also seem to have incurred something of a knitting related injury. It is so nice to be of an age where I can hurt myself by engaging in sedate and non-athletic sorts of activities. My frenzied sock knitting over the past week or so has left me with a sore and swollen left thumb. I knit continental and very loosely. Thus, I have to really crank on the yarn at needle's end if I am going to avoid laddering. Apparently this was too much for my shorter digit. Now my poor widdle thumbkin is a throbbin' and I guess I'll have to slow my progress a bit for the time being.

Single Sock

But is sure is a good lookin' sock, wouldn't you say?
I uploaded the image to Flickr and am hoping that this will temporarily allow for some photo posting while I try to deal with the current dispute between Blogger and my computer settings. I also seem to be having some difficulties posting, well...anything at all these days. If I suddenly fall off the radar for a bit, please don't panic. Search parties will not be necessary. I'm sitting on my couch adjusting the settings on my computer and saying words that you, as good, wholesome people, would not want to be hearing anyway.
That or I've fallen into a deep, dark fruit induced coma. Maybe someone should be checking on me every once in a while...


Anonymous said...

The sock is gorgeous! I'm sorry to hear of your thumb injury.

I'm feeling your pain with the return to exerecise - I'm sure that by tomorrow I will not be able to move after the yogalates class I took tonight. All I can say is that it certainly looks a whole lot easier than it is!

Mel said...

Maybe you could try smaller needles for the laddering thing. I, too, am a picker, though if anything I have to remain ever mindful not to tighten the yarn too much and hurt myself as you have. On my current pair of socks, though, I've gone down a couple sizes on the needles and am now finding the laddering a non-issue. S'wonderful, I tells ya.

Diana said...

Definitely a good lookin' sock. It should be with all that sugar running through your veins.

April said...

That's one beautiful sock.

I feel your pain - I'm embarking on the "Year Of Less Lumpy." Just remember - Cravings Pass, Fat Is Forever!

Pass the eclairs.

Debby said...

Sock looks fantastic! I'm sorry that your thumb stinks to want to knit and then do it in pain. I had temporary carpal tunnel right after the knitted kitties, and had to wait before tackling the next project.

If you start making those knitted fruits, I'm going to worry.

Beth said...

Your sock is great and I love the colors.

As far as your knitting injury, does it make you feel better to know that last year I strained my wrist while I was standing there, talking to my 5 year old neighbor? (Technically it happened when I took one little step.) I hope you heal soon!

I urgently need to follow the Sheep Diet plan. Do you plan on marketing this like Weight Watchers or the Atkins diet?

Jeanne said...

Jammin' socks! Wild, fun colors! Makes the winter blahs go away, doesn't it?

Sending healing vibes to your poor widdle thumbkin. On two separate occasions I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder lifting a gallon of milk out of the fridge. Now that's pathetic. ;-)

catsmum said...

Poor poor sheepie.
Are you going to hit those anti-inflams or wait it out?
Gorgeous sock tho.

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful sock!!
I feel your pain with the return to reality and the thumb. Go easy with the fruit. Dip a strawberry in some chocolate now and again to keep yourself sane.

trek said...

It is a most lovely sock.
Eating healthy is for the rabbits - and those of us with lousy weight management genetics. Poop.

Anne said...

Those sock colors are very subtle - perfect for mid-January funks (or funkiness, your choice). If and when I ever ditch this stupid cold, it's back on the treadmill for me too.

B. said...

Hey Sheepie,

Your sock is loverly -- beautiful colours! I'm glad your able to post some piccys.

Well, I'm off to the Dentist...hyperventilating is about to commence...chest feels tight...

Hang in there with the diet/exercise regime! You can do it.


CursingMama said...

I wanna hear the words!!!!