Friday, November 17, 2006

The Sheep Is Shorter Today.

The forecast called for downpours today then clearing and a return of the big, yellow ball of fire in the sky that frightens us with its strangeness. I left the house with a bit of drizzle drifting down upon my head, but little was done in the way of damage.

My arrival at school was another story.

Just as I turned into the parking lot, the universe saw fit to dump approximately three thousands of gallons of water in a ten minute period. Having been so late on Monday, it didn't really seem like a good idea to hide in the car until it passed. Who knew how long the powers-that-be would continue the deluge in order that I might be punished for whatever slight I have perpetrated against them. I made a run for it. And thus, The Sheep lost two inches in hair height. I need the hair height. It balances off the holiday pounds.

Seriously...the hair was as flat as the Pepsi that has been sitting in the back of my fridge since last April. Not the best look for The Sheep, I must say.

With the arrival of the sun, however, I felt renewed to the point where a little shopping spree seemed in order after my day of teaching toil. I've been needing a new pair of pants to wear to work and had yet to find just the right ones. I also needed to do a little grocery shopping so it looked like a big afternoon out for this Sheep!

Well, there was much from which to choose and the whole thing got a bit overwhelming. I panicked and somehow ended up buying more underpants. Regular readers will know that this was not really necessary given that I had finally culled the underwear situation down to 47 pairs back in August. I don't really know what happened there...I may have blacked out for a minute. I now have 7 more pairs. I need help, people.

But, the whole process must have broken a blockage of some sort. I actually found the perfect pair of brown pants after months of searching. I suppose the whole underpants fix was enough to clear my pants-purchasing vision and allow me to see the perfect pair of trousers that also happened to be half-price. I may be doing a research paper on this phenomenon in the near future. Watch The New England Journal Of Medicine...

Friday is not my usual blogging day. I normally work on Fridays and take that night off from computer related activities. However, this week, I hit the office on Thursday night in order that I might get my timesheets in for that sweet, sweet recompense before my boss goes on vacation. My Friday night frozen pizza is fresh from the oven and it should be cool enough for This Sheep to enjoy her "start to the weekend" feast. But I would be remiss if I didn't send out a big, "thank you" to a couple of the sweetest ladies in the whole, wide blogosphere. Beth and Geraldine conspired to send a most timely giftie to this weary Sheep. I am so very fortunate to have met such wonderful people through these here internets. Behold:

Yes, that is chocolate there! And it is all mine!!

Would you believe that these stitch markers were handmade by Beth? And that she doesn't brag about this talent 24/7? I would...

Not included in the picture is the Georgia Voter sticker Beth sent to console me after my own heartless state refused to give me one once I completed the voting process. I'm making a pin out of it and wearing it forever. And if you think I'm kidding, then you don't know me. I love the whole sticker-after-voting thing. Now I will always have one!

I am a lucky Sheep. A lucky Sheep who has yarn, chocolate, knitting goodness and a brand, new cookbook that I was planning on getting right after the holidays! Now I can make some yummies just in time for the season. I am overwhelmed, grateful and giddy. A simple, "thank you" for a gift given simply because the givers wanted to do so seems almost insufficient. But it is the best I can do and I hope it expresses how incredibly thrilled I am!

May your weekend be a good one and may you have a few nice surprises in your day as well!



Anonymous said...

Aww.. such a nice little suprise ya got there Sheepie.. and what with the frozen pizza and all.. looks like your off to a cozy little weekend. Enjoy!

Beth said...

Please tell me you really did not buy more underwear! Sorry to hear about the hair height loss.

I'm really glad that you like your gift! Now you're all set if you are ever in Georgia on a voting day!

Julie said...

What a very lucky Sheep! That's one nice surprise package you got there.

This weather really is hard on the hair height!

trek said...

More underwear?!
I think there is a self-help group out there - PA: Panties Anonymous or something...

Sheila said...

More undies? You could use them as stocking stuffers for like-sized friends and family?
Yes, your weekend does sound like it is off to a wonderful start....enjoy!!

Debby said...

I'm so glad that you received such a wonderful restoration package. Internet friends are the best! And that includes you and your kitties -- thank you for the sweet welcome home for Charlie. It means so much. He's been talking (and eating and pacing) pretty much nonstop since he got home. Every once in a while he lies down on the rug out of exhaustion, but he can't give in and nap because he's so happy to be home. And after a hideous day, that and the wonderful comments from friends make up for everything. I hope you have a great weekend too!

P.S. I'm not even going to ask about the underwear.

Mel said...

Um, honey, some of us are losing the hair without benefit of precipitation. The hair that made stylists all over say, "Do you know how much women PAY to have hair like yours?" Let me tell ya, rain ain't got nothin' on genetics.

At least you got chocolate.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift you received! Kindness is wonderful.
It's worth it to buy the new undies since it helped free you to find the new pant;)

Veggies... said...

You are a sweet Sheep and deserve lots of great gifts!!! Glad I could help with this one. Do keep me posted on your cooking adventures (beyond frozen pizzas, right!!!!)

Huggs, Geraldine

Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

I hope the sun returns to your neck of the woods, speaking of woods, do watch out for those attacking pine branches. I haven't smelled a good pine tree in a long time. In Kansas we have cedar trees, they smell bad, not sweet like pine.