Monday, November 06, 2006

Mojo Go-Go...

And The Sheep can't find it. Anywhere. And she's looked. High and low. The Sheep has been deserted by the knitting powers-that-be.

Not since the July Jaywalker Junket has there been such difficulty achieving a smooth join at a cuff. I cast on the first time and wasn't feeling the love. It was going to be all "gappy." Try #2 was no better. I felt a surge of determination and a desire to achieve that which is perfect. I tried several different methods. With each successive attempt, I found my jaw getting just a bit tighter. The hot flashes, which had been in remission for several weeks, began to cast their rosy glow about my countenance and my temper rose accordingly. Then it hit me.

When did I suddenly become such a perfectionist?

I mean, c'mon!!! Is it that you post pictures of the stuff now? We'll just do what we always do: turn the sock to the "good side, " snap the photo and call it done. In the event of an error so glaring that it transcends the whole "side" strategy, then we'll just find a big fluffy kitty to perch upon that part of it. The kitty has proven to be an effective distraction in posts past.

Perfection...blah. I really just want a sock. Two, if that's not too much to ask. And, having reviewed the status of sock #1 in this current project, it seems that there is a bit of a gap at the join in that one as well. It's not shoddy knitting. It is consistency. This is a good thing.

Maybe if I live in a humble manner and give all credit to the yarn, the needles, the stitch counter and any other knitting related item I can find, the knitting powers will see fit to forgive me my sins and dole out a measure of the mojo again.

I'll get back to you on that one...

Meanwhile, thanks to all who welcomed Mommy and Daddy Sheep as new blog lurkers. I'm sure they got a big kick out of it. Speaking of the 'rents, they are also the answer to the question that was asked a couple of times in the comments with regard to my wheel. My Jensen Tina II was brought to you in its entirety through a grant from The Parental Sheep Foundation. They did quite a bit of research then purchased it through The Woolery. Daddy Sheep then worked his magic and did the assembling and finishing in time for The Sheep to caper about it giddily on Christmas morning several years ago.

And no. They are not in the market for new Sheepie children. This Sheep don't share! I say this because I know what I am getting for Christmas this year. It seems prudent to plan ahead.

There will be adoption inquiries...I'm sure of it.



G said...

Your parents sure know how to buy the right presents, that is for sure!!!

It's a two way street though, they is lucky and you is lucky....all around lucky in Sheepland. Nice they could stop by for a visit.

Huggs, G

trek said...

Hey, I was the first one to inquire about sheepie adoption - I get to stay at the top of the list, don't I?

The Parental Sheep Foundation - snort.

Beth said...

I agree that perfection isn't needed in a sock. Who's going to see it? :) I get hung up on the perfection thing, too, and that's bad.

April said...

Sheepie, just breathe and allow the yarn to choose it's destiny.

Or sumthin' like that.

Julie said...

Consistency, that's it, consistency. You wouldn't want the first sock to feel inferior, now would you? Must just leave the gap and move on.

Mommy Ewe said...

Thanks for all the kind comments about the "Parental Sheep." I like that feather and fan neck piece---wouldn't that look lovely around a mother seep's neck on a cool and windy visit to the flea market this winter in the sunny south?
Just a note adult children grow into your best friends. If you are not there just wait---it happens and is a parents greatest joy!
Mommy Ewe

Anonymous said...

How do you join you cuff? Do you mean where you cast on? I take the first stitch and the last stitch and cross them. It isn't perfect but it isn't gappy either. The thorn in my side is the hole at the gusset, on just one side of course. Try as I might to pick up an extra stitch or two it's still there.
The Sheep Parental Units are obviously kind and generous to indulge your hobbies. Give your mom the scarf.

Sheep's Dad said...

Finish it and give the scarf to your mother!

Mia said...

I'm officially claiming my spot in the adoption line NOW. ::laughing::

I lost the knitting mojo too, for a hundred different reasons. Finally, after many tries at "something" I decided on a plain, garter stitch scarf.. on small needles, but with a skein from my stash whith I've been wanting to use for a long time. It's a BEAUTIFUL mohair/silk yarn with jewel tone colors to die for. I thought it MUST become something fnancy.. but this plain stitch is making the yarn colors blend like watercolors and I'm finally able to let go the worrying about the pattern, mistakes, etc... and just enjoy knitting.. and that goregous colored yarn of course.

Relax and enjoy Sheepie. Sometimes we forget that's what it's all about :-)