Saturday, November 25, 2006


The Thanksgiving school break is a weird one. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining or anything. I likes me my vacation time and all. But it starts on a Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday made sense to me. I was baking for Thursday which was Thanksgiving and that gave me a little temporal hook upon which to hang my hat. Yesterday was Friday, but it had kind of a Saturday "vibe" to it. In theory, I should have awoken this morning thinking that it was Sunday, but I didn't. I thought it was Monday.

And that I was late.


Once I got that straightened out in my addled brain, I realized that I had neglected to do the grocery shopping yesterday what with all my fears of being trampled by bargain-crazed holiday shoppers. They are a vicious breed and will not hesitate to tear your arm off should they think you might have beaten them to the last of whatever item it is that they need to complete this season of love and giving. Thus, I headed out to do the Friday Shopping. But it is Saturday (I think) and this meant readjusting my internal clock yet again.

Now, for some reason, I seem to think it is Sunday again. I've been doing "Sunday" things like ironing clothes and planning my lunches for the week. This is confusing me beyond belief.

Maybe it's all the fumes that acrylic yarn is throwing off. I dunno...

Today was also a day of knitting confusion. It seems I need a new project. Three skeins of Koigu, many Feathers and multitudes of Fans have all come together to culminate in a scarf:

A scarf still in its stumpy, wiggly and unblocked state, that is.
There is actually a bit of the yarn left over, but I got nervous as the skein dwindled. Fearing that I did not have enough for one last repeat, I opted to cast off and call it a night. Now, I realize that this is not like "real" lace knitting and all...but I'm feeling pretty good about lil' ol' me right now. This is probably the prettiest thing that's ever come off my humble needles. I'm going to wait a bit to block it and will post a better picture once that is done. I don't think it really needs a full on block-a-palooza. Just a bit of "aligning" is all...
With this little project out of the way, I concentrated on the spinning today. I've decided that whatever is on the bobbin as of tomorrow is what I will skein, come what may. I really need to get cranking on Amy The World's Greatest Stylist's handwarmers. The request was made last spring and we are, shall we say, "behind" on this project. This is not surprising, really.
I don't even know what freakin' day it is anymore. How am I supposed to comprehend big things like "seasons????"


--Deb said...

It's felt like Sunday to me all day . . . I even caught myself thinking, "Darn, this would have been such a pretty day for Saturday Sky, too if only I'd rememb..... oh yeah . . . it IS Saturday!" I won't complain about four-day weekends, not ever, but yeah . . . the day of the week thing does get kind of confusing!

trek said...


Julie said...

Of COURSE it's real lace knitting. Geez. It's got yarnovers in it, doesn't it? Well then.

And yeah, it felt like Sunday all day to me, too.

Julie said...

I'm with you on the whole what day is it thing!

Your Feather and Fan scarf is BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Beth said...

Your scarf is so beautiful! You did a very nice job. That's more lace knitting than I've ever done. :)

B. said...

You did a great job on the scarf! Wow, what an accomplishment...good for you.


April said...

I'm with Julie, that's real lace knittin' ya got goin' on there, Sheepie. And it's absolutely beautiful! Such a pretty color.

Let me know if you need the name of a good blocker. Haha, "My Blocker."

Sheila said...

That is without a doubt lace knitting!! And, it is beautiful, as is the Harlot Scarf.
I too thought today should be Sunday. Imagine how confused the cats must be!

Anonymous said...

The LACE scarf that YOU knit is lovely. It is lace. You knit real lace. YAY!!!
I love a long weekend. I try to forget what day it is but Sunday always pops up and then Monday is the next day.

Teri S. said...

Four days have gone way too fast. It's Sunday (really!) and it's back to work on Monday, but I'll be working from home, so that's not quite like work, since there's no getting dressed up and no commute. And then I'm off on Tuesday. I just need to make sure that I don't forget to go to work on Wednesday!

Lazuli said...

The scarves - both of them - look great! Congrats on finishing!