Sunday, November 05, 2006

Every Stinkin' Year...

It's like clockwork. The Sheep is cool as a cucumber 10 months out of the year. Mellow as a muffin, happy as a hippo, blithe as a bunny...then November hits. Specifically, the first weekend in November. Panic ensues. And with it, judgment errors.

It is at this point that I suddenly become aware of the encroaching holidays. Dreams of colorfully wrapped packages containing lovingly crafted handknits turn to nightmares in which I hand out gift IOUs that I have hastily scrawled on the back of grocery receipts. "Honest, I will get that scarf sometime before July!" In a panic, I begin several ill-conceived projects that will ultimately be destined for the frog pond. Gauge is not checked, yardage is not a consideration...I just need to make something! I consider the whole thing a self-inflicted punishment for all those naps I took during my summer school vacation. And I vow that I will knit steadily through the months of July and August of next year if only the gods of fibery goodness will see fit to give me the finger strength to complete 45 hats between now and December 24th.

The Disaster Du Jour on the menu today was a beret. It existed for all of 45 minutes before I realized that I do not know any giants personally. I then tried to think of all the big-haired people who might be on my gift list. No dice. Unless I wanted to try and pass this off as a hub cap cozy, I needed to accept the fact that I had lost another hour of my life to a holiday project gone awry. That is actually a new record for me, time-wise. I'm getting better about this stuff as the years go by. By the time I'm 107 the holidays will be pretty stress-free.

Fortunately, there were some successful endeavors in the works today. Good thing, as it is early in the holiday season and I like to have my complete breakdown somewhere closer to December first. It just fits in better with my busy schedule.

The Feather And Fan scarf is progressing nicely. It is never going to be a neck accessory of epic proportions, but I think it will be long enough to be recognized as a scarf when it is done.

I'm just starting with skein #2 of the Koigu. Cross your fingers for me on the length!
The wheel was also whirring along at one point and the black/metallic Corriedale is well on its way to being yarn. I'm a little disappointed in my lack of patience with the blending of the metallic. I'm not as happy with the randomy nature of the gold sparklies throughout the wool as I could be, but I'm forging ahead.

There really are sparklies in just can't see them. Trust me.

In the end, what will get done is what gets done. I have yet to have a Christmas cancelled simply because I wasn't ready. I have several catalogues on stand-by, ready to fill the void when I am able to accept the fact that I won't be making the deadlines on some of my projects.

On another note, my Loyal Reader count is up by two. Mommy and Daddy Sheep have "found" the blog and are perusing regularly. They are truly cool parents and highly supportive of The Sheep's fibery pursuits. My wheel, lazy kate, and swift were all courtesy of The Parental Sheep Foundation. Daddy Sheep is one of six males in the continental United States who doesn't blush at the words, "Dang it, I broke my niddy noddy!" I'm happy to have them as regulars! Feel free to wish them a hearty, "howdee-do!"

However, please take note:

There will be an increase in posts detailing the amount of vegetables I am eating.

We must all now be in complete agreement that my daily schedule includes 8 hours of sleep and giving of time to the needy.

Certain projects related to holiday gift-giving must now be shrouded in mystery.

I am in no way whatsoever behind in oil changes for the truck. Any previous references to slackness in vehicle maintenance were mere jests.

We are a well-behaved bunch...for the most part. There should be no problems. Right? Right??? Hello...



Anonymous said...

Hello to the parents of the Sheep!
Now don't start worrying about gifts just yet. It will cause you to knit tightly, making things too small and using up way too much yarn. Relax. Remember whatever you don't finish for this year can be given next year. Elizabeth Zimmermann has a few great beret patterns that are basically regular hats that are blocked on a piece of stiff cardboard.
The scarf is lovely and the yarn you are spinning is coming along nicely.

lell said...

hi annie, i got an idea!?!?! you are an absolute riot. went out on my friend's property, planning on where they are building their house, sugar making facility, and yes you guessed it, alpaca housing. will be spinning within the next year or so. please e-mail me.

Lorraine said...

Hello, Sheepie parents. Just so you know, we love the Sheep. She makes us laugh. Well done - you raised a good 'un.

The scarf is lovely and I love the black sparkly yarn you're spinning. Yummy!

mrichme said...

Howdy Mom and Pop Sheep! Your grandchildren by proxy (CamMad) can't wait for your pearls of wisdom.

Julie said...

You know, you should have started knitting Christmas presents in March like I did. (I will never, ever, so long as I live, do it again. But for the one year I have done it, I'm gonna gloat like crazy. Feel free to leave hate messages on my blog.)

Hi, mommy and daddy sheep! I am in no way tormenting your child. The above is simply my hopeless need for attention.

Yeah, that's it.

Julie said...

Hi Mommy & Daddy Sheep. Does this mean we have to keep it clean? I, too have some family members reading my blog and must always keep that in mind so I don't post gifts meant for my family readers. Also must be careful who I "talk" about :)

As for your veggie eating habits, isn't frozen pizza a vegetable? Yes, I thought so.

Your scarf is looking mighty fine! I always stress out around this time of year. I decided that not EVERYone needs (or probably even wants) a hand knit gift for Christmas. Only those who truly appreciate the love and work that go into it will get one this year.

Beth said...

Your beret tale was very funny. I can sympathize with large hat problems! And, your scarf is looking lovely.

Hello to Mommy and Daddy Sheep! Like Lorraine said, "We love the Sheep."

Veggies,Yarns & Tails said...

Dear Daddy and Mommy Sheep, YA DONE GOOD!!!! You have a wonderful daughter and she keeps us all amused and amazed.

BFN, Geraldine

PS Must be the day for oversized hats, check over at Felt Like Knitting for more.....

Marvelous Mitz said...

Dear Kitties, Do stop by Veggies...when you can, Meowmie and Pawmie are driving me crazy!!!

The Mitz

Sheila said...

Hi Parental Sheep. Your girl sure can write...she keeps me laughing (and peddling, too)!
Annie, your scarf is lovely, as is the sparkly yarn. Good work.

Tygher Knits said...

Hubby is looking for a wheel, and you're the first person that came to mind when I was trying to think of spinners I knew. :)

What kind of wheel do you have, and where did you get it? He's looking for something with a good look to it, not just the cheapest beginner's wheel around. I really want him to feel comfortable with the wheel he gets when he gets one, and he's getting one, come hell or high water.

April said...

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Sheep, we all love your Sheepy daughter!

But that big, fluffy kitty she has? She's REALLY allergic to it. As good parents you need to stage an intervention and TAKE THE KITTY AWAY. I have oodles of experience with big, fluffy kitties so feel free to mail her to me.

So are we keepin' quiet on the frozen pizza thing or wut?

trek said...

Hey, what model is the wheel?
Oh, yes, and do Mommy Sheep and Daddy Sheep want to adopt a trek sheep? ;o)

Anonymous said...

Lovely to have parental sheepage! I must say, though - you called me organized on my blog - it's a good thing I had nothing in my mouth, or I would have ruined a perfectly good computer! I have a reputation in my family - if I'm not up until 3am Christmas morning finishing something, then that means there is no knitting that year. Organized? Never! Seizing an opportunity to buy yarn! Always!

Debby said...

Welcome Mr. & Mrs. Sheep! Your daughter keeps us all laughing and makes the end of the workday much better.

I was feeling guilty about not knitting any gifts for Christmas this year, but now that you've pointed out the dark side, I'm feeling a little better. LOL at the hubcap about steering wheel warmer? For those cold work days?

Mia said...

Gotta love the "Parental Sheep Foundation" *grin*.

Hello mom and dad sheep.. it's a great baby girl sheepie you produced... she's even kinda funny once in a while :-D

We like her and we like her blog.. so I guess we'll just start liking you all too... welcome to the blog world.