Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Scarf Stats:

Two days of Teacher Workshops done and scarf progress is most satisfactory. The Sheep has used a systematic process for analyzing her knittage and has recording the following:

Working for her:

The Harlot's pattern. Most simple. Thinking not really required once the motor memory kicks in.

Two keynote speeches. A darkened auditorium lends itself quite nicely to under-the-radar knitting.

Two presenters who were "knit friendly." Today's presenter on current classroom practices for use with Autistic students was most receptive. Not only was she quite knowledgeable, but she encouraged the soothing motor activities. Very nice.

Worsted weight yarn and size 9 circs. Everything else on the needles right now is of the itty-bitty, skinny-thinny variety. This is a nice change of pace.

Things working against her:

Fewer knitters in the crowd this year. It is far easier to engage in what might be considered taboo behavior if others are doing it. ("awwww...c'mon. Everyone was doin' it, Mom!!)

Two workshops with boss-types as the presenters. One of these was with the superintendent of schools. He's like, "The Big Boss." The Sheep took the high road and participated with gusto in the practicing of grant-writing. For the record, it is highly unlikely that Big Boss was fooled on any possible level. We actually sort of respect him more for this...

Most presenters tended towards shorter presentations than the long versions. This was good as most of the crowd was really already on vacation in their minds. Not so good for the knitting, though. Transitions came early and often.

Considering all these factors, The Sheep has decreed the whole knitting/becoming a better educator experience a success. To review, we entered the first day of trainings with a four inch piece of knitting. At the end of day two, we had thirty two inches of scarfage. Here is what we have at the end of 14 hours of workshops:

That's 57" of scarfy-goodness! (what's that, about 145 cm?)

The pattern in "close-up!" Kinda cool!

I'm calling this one, "done!" And there will be fringing. It needs something. Otherwise, I'm loving this project. Two days and I've got me a Christmas gift all ready for the giving. Giddiness abounds here in The Sheep's little corner of the meadow!

Which is good, since I need the giddiness to fuel me during the Great Bread Bake-Off '06. There are a dozen rolls rising in the kitchen at this very moment and tomorrow will bring a flour frenzy of epic proportions. It is a well-known fact that Sheep crave carbs during the holidays.

And easy scarf patterns...



Anonymous said...

Loverly scarf - you do realize that 57 inches is almost 6 FEET???? I love knitting in public. Scares the you-know-what out of most presenters. *laughs evilly*

Beth said...

Congratulations on making it to your break! Let the fun begin!

I love the scarf. It's really great. I just wound a hank of yarn so I can try one, too. Does that make me a copycat or a copysheep?

trek said...

Great job there, O Sheepish One!

Make sure you come by tomorrow when trek reveals the solving of the "problem"!

Julie said...

Mmmmm, bread.

Mmmmmm, long scarves.

Mmmmm, knitting while learning.

Boooo, having to work at all this week.

At least some of it's going well!

Julie said...

Nothing better than a 2 day Christmas knit. Love that pattern. I may have to try that for Cheffy's new scarf. I wonder if the pattern will show using black. Guess I'll find out soon enough :)

catsmum said...

almost 5 feet of scarf AND you paid at least cursory attention to the speakers. Well done. btw I'd actually be interested in a precis of what the speach on 'classroom practices with autistic students' covered

April said...

I'm ever so proud of you, Sheepie. That's one lovely scarf you created there!

Debbie said...

That is a beautiful scarf! (despite my dyslexic, under-caffeinated brain having read "goofy scarfage" for "scarfy-goodness"). Seriously, thanks for the close-up. I've been wondering whether that pattern would work for a moebius scarf, and it looks like it would be great.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful to multitask. The scarf looks wonderful. Fringe is going to make it perfect.
Good Luck with the baking. Funny thing, I crave carbs all the time..

Mommy Ewe said...

Wow!! I am impressed. That is a beautiful pattern, and the yarn is a great color. Your cousin, Lee, is enjoying reading your material these days. I will be interested to know more about the knowledge gathered during the workshop days. See you tomorrow. Love you

Anonymous said...

Great job on the scarf! I really love the pattern (nice close-up). Yay you for kickin' sheep-butt on the Christmas list.


Anonymous said...

The scarf looks great. Hooray for knitting in public! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for multitasking!! Good job!

Debby said...

You are my heroine. That is awesome.