Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Modern Day Sheep.

I'm reasonably sure I'd have made a lousy Pilgrim. I don't think I would have "fit in" particularly well. All the other Pilgrims probably would have gone to great pains to avoid me much of the time. You'd have heard a lot of:

Pray, let us hasten to the meeting house for I see Mistress WhinesAlot approaching with great speed. She appeareth to be hunting for a stronger cell signal and has been expressing her ire at our having chosen this fine piece of land for our settlement given it's poor wireless access. Did I not say to raise the Mayflower's anchor before she boarded? I believe I did... But nobody listeneth to me. Nooooooo

Frankly, I doubt that the whole, "First Thanksgiving" thing would have happened at all. The local Native Americans would, no doubt, have gone to great lengths to find excuses to bow out of the big dinner in order that they might avoid the embarrassed silence following my inevitable rant regarding having been voted down in the matter of enjoying frozen pepperoni pizza for the meal. This would be followed by my lengthy dissertation on the subject of the whole "bonnet-wearing" thing and the resulting "hat head."

Awkward, to say the very least... I'm also guessing that I probably would have spent a great deal of time in those stock-thingies. It's just a hunch.

I don't say this because I'm a particularly horrible person or anything. In fact, I've been told that I am quite delightful. Well, at least that's what my Mom says... No, I base this premise on the simple fact that I could not have made more of a production of today's Thanksgiving Bread Baking if I'd had a full cast and musical score. The kitchen is covered in a fine dusting of both whole wheat and unbleached white flour, as is your humble Sheep. The trash cans are overflowing and the cats have not been seen for much of the day. They disappeared sometime around ten o'clock this morning after the discovery of the flour shortage, subsequent bellowing and grumpy grocery store trip.

Basically, with all the benefits of electricity, running water, and handily located stores, I have exhausted myself in an attempt to complete my contribution to the Thanksgiving meal. In fairness, I baked a decent amount of bread. The final tally is four dozen rolls, two loaves of The Sheep's quasi-famous cheesy bread and one loaf of whole wheat. By three o'clock, I was beyond tuckered out and collapsed in the deepest of slumbers.

I'm pretty sure a real Pilgrim could've pulled it off without the nap.

But, with the exception of the last loaf (which is rising as I type) I have successfully completed the required baking for tomorrow's big dinner. Sadly, this meant that the knitting was pushed to the back burner (so to speak) for the day. I did managed to knock out a few rows on the Feather And Fan scarf, but nothing in the way of real progress. Fortunately, I am a Sheep on vacation at this point and will have a one or two other opportunities in the next few days. Perhaps, I'll have something noteworthy to share in terms of knitting progress soon.

Meanwhile, here's hoping that all who celebrate the day have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. My your travels be smooth and your pumpkin pie plentiful. I'll be over at Mommy and Daddy Sheep's house spending some quality time with my flock and keeping the world safe from rogue stuffing.

I may have made a pitiful Pilgrim, but I'm a champ at keeping the stuffing under control!



Julie said...

I, too, will be doing my best to keep the stuffing under control - it's the best part of the Thanksgiving dinner in my opinion. Although, if I had some of your famous cheesy bread, my opinion might have to change. It sounds yummy.

Speaking of bread, just how many sheep are you feeding with all that bread? Must be a large flock at the Sheep household on Thanksgiving!

--Deb said...

Oh, I don't know, it sounds like you're all ready for Thanksgiving to me!

April said...

Mmmm ... stuffing. I love stuffing!

trek said...

Stuffing - bleh.
May the flock be happy with their bread. But why didn't you make "ivy" bread?

Veggies..... said...

Have a very happy Thanksgiving Sheep. I am sure your breads will be the talk of the table. May I have some right now pleeeeeeeeease, sounds great.

Huggs, G

PS Yeah, Im still around...

Beth said...

You're making me hungry with the bread talk! Have a wonderful and very happy Thanksgiving!

Debby said...

Happy Thanksgiving to the Sheep family!!!

Lorraine said...

Bravo! Far more than I did. I only bought rolls and baked a store-bought vegetarian lasagna for the 3 non-meat eaters in our family. My family learned long ago that cooking is NOT my gift. I bow in humble acknowledgement of your far superior baking skills. I'm not worthy!