Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Musings.

Sheep who want to survive the Monday after a vacation and avoid as much actual work as is possible under the circumstances will find other stuff to think about. I had a lot of material today, none of it really relating to the things to which I should have been attending. I think I still have some of that Turkey Daze going on in my brain.

Right off the bat, I started thinking that excuses are just sad. For example, you can say that the reason you are wearing your handknit sweater vest backwards is because it has no tag. Thus, there is no way on earth that you could have been able to tell which side is which. The fact that the vest is a v-neck and that it was nearly departure time from hearth and home before I actually processed the problem with my ensemble today did nothing to dissuade me from my excuse. The tag thing is my story and I'm sticking to it. See what I mean? Sad.

Next thought: The decision to wear the cool, new and so-very-perfect brown pants that have the cutting edge button fly is a poor one when returning to teaching duties after a vacation. The cutting edge buttons are still in the breaking-in stage of wear and a bit hard to operate. The average teacher's schedule does not always include bathroom breaks. When you get a chance to go, you go. That little fashion detail proved most inconvenient during my thirty second break between classes. These trousers will have to go back in the closet to await the reconditioning of my bladder strength.

And, then there is this: No amount of vest reversals or fancy buttonage will detract the eye from a pie-enhanced butt. I wore my Thanksgiving pie proudly today for all the world to see. And the stuffing. And the turkey. I believe you can also see some of the holiday meal in that upper arm-dangle thing I got goin' on these days. I ate naught but fruit today. Apples, pears and bananas...that's what you get after five straight days of culinary excess. Fruit.


But, another holiday looms and with it more of the feasting that has left me in such a state on this "Morning After" Monday. I'll muddle along with the fruits and veggies until the first batch of sugar cookies shows up in the teacher's room.

Then all bets are off.

I also should probably see about finishing up another project for the gift-giving. I started another scarf over the weekend seeing as these are the most likely to be finished within the time frame the calendar is allowing me right now. I'm going with a straight-up garter stitch in Classic Elite Commotion since I'd already wound a ball of it as a possible contender for the traveling project I needed during last week's teacher workshops. It is a very fine yarn and the going is slow, but the whole garter stitch thing is making it nice and mindless. I need that right now.

I seem to have a lot on my mind...and my waistline.



Debby said...

I know you'll pedal off that pie super quickly! In the meantime, enjoy your new scarf project. I wish I had something like that to work on right stuff is all at the "complicated" parts right now and scaring me silly.

Kate said...

No complicated pants closures at work. Ever. No matter how cool you look in them. My 40 something bladder is like Pavlov's dog. The minute I get in the restroom I have to pee NOW. No complicated closures or I will embarrass myself. Imagine the reaction of the gray haired boys of The Firm.

Beth said...

Cheer up, Sheepie! In a few more days the calendar will say December and you'll be that much closer to another (longer!) break. :)

trek said...

Keep thinking Christmas. Wonderful holiday. Lots of celebrating. Vacation from school/work. New cool spinning toys from Mommy and Daddy Sheep.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I have a turkey hangover so I know your pain.
As for the fancy pants, save them for safe locations or wait until they are broken in to wear them to school.

Julie said...

I hear ya on the old waistline. My clothes are fitting a bit tighter right now too. I need to really cut back on the eating between now and Christmas! And WORK OUT!

Sheep, surely you know that the button fly is never a good choice for us middle aged women. Between our weak bladders and arthritic fingers, its nearly impossible to get all the buttons undone in time. My days of the button fly are definitely over.