Saturday, March 01, 2008


My sinuses and I are snowed in.  Yet another snowstorm has dumped on us and I am rapidly losing any and all hope of ever seeing spring.  Today's snow totals were, thankfully, tamped down a bit by intermittent rain, but we are still looking at five or six inches of the stupid stuff.  

I suppose it's not such a big deal as I wasn't really going anywhere anyway.  The soothing yellow cough syrup, with its codeine-y goodness pretty much keeps me housebound.  Three days of antibiotics have taken care of most of my symptoms...which is good.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm really very grateful.  I hate to sound like a thankless sort of Sheep and perhaps offend the antibiotics.  But that weird swelling just under my right eye does not bode well for continued antibiotic consumption. Or being able to see with two eyeballs, for that matter.  I'm hoping that I just rubbed my itchy, drippy eyes too much.  But, I don't think this is the case.  It looks suspiciously like a hive and could mean that I have developed yet another allergy to something which is designed to cure me.  
Yes, that's right.  You heard me.  Throbbing head, fuzzy, narcotic haze and a big, red welt on my face.  Lock up your sons and sweethearts, ladies.  I'm looking just about as fine as a gal can look and still be within the confines of the law!  I can't be held responsible for your menfolk just throwing themselves at my feet in love-struck adoration.

Since the weather and my blinding beauty have conspired to keep me behind closed doors today, I decided that some frolicking amongst the fibers might be just the thing to keep me out of trouble.  I happened to notice that there was a smidgen of dye left in the jar marked, "Spruce" and it seemed a shame to let it go to waste.  There wasn't much.

But certainly enough to justify breaking out the NASCAR crock pot and cooking up some merino stew!

While that simmered away in the kitchen, I used my one good eye to watch some of the Louet blend go 'round 'n 'round for a while.  I would imagine that this is what Popeye would look like had he taken to spinning.

And I didn't even need to eat any spinach to power my way through half of the remaining fiber!  Which is good since I don't like spinach.

I also crocheted a large, purple blob.  But that isn't far enough along in the process to really be of interest.  Someday, maybe it will grow up to fit the vision I have of it.  For now, you'll just have to trust that I really did crochet something today.  With one eye.  

And, courtesy of the internets, I was able to download some good TV for those moments when the regular fare handed out by my cable company wasn't quite up to snuff.  With all this, I was able to keep myself nicely occupied.  I only ventured out to move my truck after the plows had come through so they could get to my parking space on the second pass.  But, I was very careful to make sure that there was no one out there who might be overcome by my visage.  I hate those random marriage proposals in the parking lot on snowy days.  All in all, I like to think that I used my one-eyed day rather well.  There was just one little fly in the ointment.

For those of you keeping track of my parking/snow removal saga this season, you can add another tally mark in the Oh, I Just Give Up column.  As I was sitting down to type this, the phone rang.  It was the president of the condo association.  The plow guys were complaining.  I needed to move my truck.  That brings the total to: 4 letters regarding the location of vehicles during snow removal (each contradicting the last), 1 copy of the board meeting minutes (which contradicted the last of the "contradicting the last" notes) and 1 personal phone call.

My plan is to go out and let the plow guys get a gander at my purty face when they come back.  They will be in my thrall within mere minutes.  I shall be the Queen Of The Common Parking Areas!!!



Julie said...

Or they'll be so scared that they won't dare complain about your car anymore ;-)

Hope you're feeling better real soon!

Brenda said...

Yup, we got another 8 inches at my house. Our plow guy just doesn't know where to put the stuff so he shoves it onto our front porch. Makes for an interesting pathway to the house - up and over the mountain.

Hope you're feeling better soon and hopefully that really wasn't a hive!

Donna Lee said...

That storm went north of us and we didn't even get rain. I feel like we dodged another bullet. My husband can't take some of the antibiotics. He gets hives. I opted to try to fight off this sinus infection on my own. If it doesn't go away in a few days, I'll hit the doctor up for some z-packs.

Future SIL said...

About that eye, if you wake up with your eyelids sealed shut, then you, my dear, have conjunctivitis or to the common eye. It probably will need another but different type of Antibiotic but in the meantime, use a warm, wet tea bag on your eye. It should take away the swelling and redness. It really doesn't work. I swear by it. It actually works before you need the antibiotics.

Words of wisdom from Meme.

Future SIL said...

does work.

Beth said...

I really think you need to move to the south. This snowplowing stuff is just too confusing. Hope you feel better soon!

trek said...

Uh, oh, sounds like the Sheepie is herself morphing into a zombie.

Hope that you really don't have a facial hive. Or developed an allergy to the microbial massacre agents.

knitnzu said...

What a great script from your doc! Hope you're feeling better...

cjknitson said...

I have an idea. Park your truck in the Condo President's Living Room. Have they made any suggestion as to where the heck you are suppose to park? Miami, maybe. Makes me glad I live in the woods. If my truck is in the way I just tell hubbie he can put it (strike that) move it to wherever he wants it.
Hope you have benedryl on hand, just in case it is a hive.
I really hope you feel lots better soon.
Stay away from the men. They can't handle your kind of beauty. (Love your sense of humor.)

Mia said...

I think a certain little sniffly sheep might just be needin' a fruity drink about right now *grin*

Yarnhog said...

They make a Nascar crockpot?! Why?

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

oh my, those snow plow guys are getting on my nerves and I don't even live there!~

April said...

I'm not trying to compete with your illness induced beauty but after my bout with the pneumonias I walked around for two weeks with what looked like the world's biggest booger growing on the bridge between my nostrils.

=Tamar said...

If they hassle you again, sneeze on them.