Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sliding Into Wednesday

Sick of hearing about the latest winter storm to blow into my world?  Sorry.  We had another one today.  Let's review the highlights of March In Maine in bullet point form, why don't we?  It is, after all, time for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post!

*It was 5:15 in the morning.  First, the alarm rang.  I ignored it.  Then the phone rang.  I paid attention.  The voice on my answering machine was the pre-recorded message from my principal telling us that we had a two hour delayed start to the school day today.  You know what that means!!!

*Waffles for breakfast!!!  And several performances of my "I Love Waff-ooz" song.

*The Big, Fluffy Kitty gets a little confused by this song as she thinks it is the "I Love Greenies" Song.  She can't understand why it is not followed by the dispensing of treats.

*What I can't understand is her failure to see the difference.  The word, "waff-ooz" is featured prominently and repeatedly in this particular ditty...

*I allowed extra time to get to school.  The delayed start schedule was going to put me squarely in the middle of the "normal" morning commute time and also in the middle of the escalating icing situation.

*It was sleeting when I left.

*I drove very, very slowly and responsibly.  

*Others may or may not have.  Either way, there was a pretty nasty accident on the Maine Turnpike near my exit.  

*I was something of a white-knuckle driver at that point.

*As I exited the Turnpike, the heavens opened up with driving rain.  A serious pelting of H2O.  There were now two inches of water over the ice.  Hysterical Mind began loudly dictating our Last Will And Testament and bemoaning our choice of outfits today.  She did not think it would coordinate well with the emergency medical technicians' uniforms.  Rational Mind felt strongly that more attention should be paid to the road so that, when we arrived at the pearly gates, we could do so with a clean conscience and not having to fear retribution for having caused the deathly crash.  I let them fight it out.  I had bigger problems.

*All that rain was making me have to pee.  Give me a break.  I'm over 40.  It happens...

*Now I really wanted to stay on the road.  'Cuz being in an accident could cause, accident.

*This added another element of excitement to a commute already fraught with danger.

*The further south I went, though, the better things got.  The rains settled down into something less on the level of "Let's build an ark just for fun" and became more like normal precipitation except for the occasional burst of sleet.  After that, all I had to do was make it across the frozen parking lot at the school.  

*And use the restroom.  I was very motivated to safely and quickly traverse the frozen lot.

*The ride home was far less exciting.  I even saw a little, tiny glimpse of sunshine once.  But it scared me a little since I am not used to seeing the bright glowing orb of light so I ducked down under the steering wheel and I might be mistaken about what I saw.  

*It could have been a traffic signal or something...

*A shorter work day meant that I had loads more energy for the last workout of the week this afternoon.  I still hated it.  But my energy level was pretty darned impressive.

*I knit on my Trek-king sock while I biked.   And I did so very energetically.  Yay for yarn from trek and energetic knitting.  And for being able to turn a heel from memory now!!!!

*Boo for forgetting how many rows the heel flap is supposed to be and for having to rip out the perfectly turned heel.  (energetically)

*The storm is over and tomorrow we get to have a nice day.  And another one on Friday, too!  Yee-Haw!!!!

*The next storm is coming on Saturday.  Not so much with the snow, though.  More with the sleet. 
*But, I don't have to drive in that one so that's OK.

*I can use the time to re-knit that heel...

Happy Wednesday!  It is with great sincerity that I say I look forward to someday doing a Wednesday Night Bullet Post that doesn't involve discussing the weather.  In fact, I would like to do a post on any night that doesn't involve discussing the weather at this point.  I am getting tired of this whole winter experience.

And I say that energetically.



knitnzu said...

Really? You need to come shovel snow in our driveway (where the snowbanks are 15 feet high on either side)... then you'll have an even better winter experience! Oh, and wood, lots of hauling, tossing, hauling, tossing, hauling...

Jeanne said...

Yup, we got another six inches last night, too, following the ice storm. I really don't think my poor gutters can hang on much longer. I'm watching with great amusement as the one has pulled just loose enough that I can see daylight between it and the roofline, and it's hanging at about a 90-degree angle. Groaning.

Pretty soon the WNBP will be proclaiming the glory of spring.

Julie said...

We were very lucky just this little bit south of you; we got lots of rain, but no ice! I'm glad you made it to school without getting in an accident and, more importanly, without having an accident. I know all too well how scary that kind of driving can be (I'm well over 40, after all).

Mia said...

Sheepie, you just make me laugh *grin* But I know what ya mean about that ride to work this morning although sounds like your's might have been a tad icier. But YAY you got to see the SUN! Wasn't that about the most marveous MINUTE you've enjoyed in ages? ::laughing::

Mia said...

i meant "marvelous"

Ronni said...

But you write about weather so well! I could almost feel it. I was really really glad about the "almost" though. I'm a true California girl. I firmly believe that snow belongs in the Mountains where you can go visit it but not in your driveway where it impedes the daily processes of life.

Beth said...

You get to talk about snow and ice in the winter and I get to talk about drought in the summer. Too bad we can't move the precipitation around a bit!

I'm glad that there was no accident of any kind. :)

Mel said...

I stayed at the clinic and slept. When I got up to drive home, the roads were fine and the sun was shining and glinting off the ice in the trees, which was quite lovely.

Kath said...

Perhaps if BFK knew that they were actually Princess waff-ooz? (Hey I saw a Hello Kitty wafflemaker at Target!)

I truly don't know how you and others deal with the whole driving in crappy weather thing. I just can't do it. I had about 30 minutes of hell on earth driving when I was heading up to Stitches West and of that probably only ten minutes were in the "ohmigod I'm gonna die" range. But it felt like forever to me and not an experience I want to repeat for a very long time, if ever!

Anne said...

Apparently certain words are confusing to those with 4 legs. "Walk" and "whoa" sound the same apparently??? So at the advice of my trainer, I picked something else for "whoa" and now yell "ZUT!" when I want to stop. Maybe you and fluffy kitty need a new word for greenies. Or a more interpretive dance on your part?

Karen said...

We had rain lots and lot of rain. My backyard is a bit of a pond. The dog isn't happy about this and neither am I since every time he goes out I have to wash the kitchen floor.
Sorry about your heel. I'm sure you'll enjoy knitting the new one.

NeedleDancer said...

Why is it that when you really analyze it, your weather is just like mine (only moreso), but your weather sounds so much more interesting than mine?
You make me LIKE reading snow/sleet/slush/ice reports.

jeanne said...

"Hysterical Mind began loudly dictating our Last Will And Testament and bemoaning our choice of outfits today."

Oh, lordy, if your Hysterical Mind ever met up with Franklin's Dolores, it would cause the earth to reverse its rotation.

Drive carefully.

trek said...

Aw, HM and RM in the car and we didn't get a full transcript??

April said...

Sheepie, as one who REGULARLY begins turning the heel even BEFORE the heel flap is knitted, I feel your pain. Apparently my subconscious has issues with heel flaps.

Move to San Jose! We never talk about the weather, just the price of gas.

Future SIL said...

Could that fact that you are Great Auntie Sheep have anything to do with your "bladder" control instead of your age?

Nope didn't think so. Had to get one jab in with all the things you had said about BBS. Protecting the weak, umm I mean, my future husband.

catsmum said...

posts like that really should come complete with a beverage warning so that I'm not in danger of ruining another keyboard!