Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Sheep In Progress

It seems that I still have one or two things to work on.  Little aspects of the personality that I could "tweak" a bit.  I'm a work in progress.  It gives me something to do.  Things would probably get out of control around here rather quickly if I had too much free time on my hands.  The Things I Really Still Haven't Mastered List is currently topped by the following:

I still can't seem to get my head around what to do when ice forms on my windshield.  I have, on numerous occasions, driven doggedly forward while a skating rink forms before my very eyes.  This very morning, in fact, I made it all the way to the corner before I caught on to the fact that there is such a thing as a "defroster."  This magical device will make the ice go away.  The road will mysteriously appear before me.  The need to drive hunched over and peering through the two inch gap at the bottom of the windshield that has resisted the icing will become unnecessary.  

I continue to flirt with social disaster due to my inability to comprehend human interaction.  Today I managed to blather on about zombies to someone who clearly doesn't understand why a rational adult would need to know about the walking dead.  And I did so for many minutes.  I continued to do so even after it became more than obvious that she didn't "get it."  I followed this spectacular display of social ineptitude by informing another co-worker that I hated her boyfriend (whom I have never met) because yesterday she shared that he is helping her to improve her workouts as she doesn't feel she is working hard enough.  This made me feel guilty about my own exercise routine and I had to bike further/lift more in order to ease the pangs.  I did not enjoy this and felt that her boyfriend should buy me something.  Something shiny.  Or chocolaty.  Or both.  

I still can't seem to find the energy to fix my wireless connection.  It has been non-functioning for a week and I have been tethered to the router by the ethernet connection cord for the duration.  I have found ample energy for complaining about this.  But I can't seem to channel that into actually doing something about it.

The checkbook won't balance, that clump of hair on the top of my head continues to stand up straight each morning, making me look like I have a stem and the Big, Fluffy Kitty has successfully managed to bend me to her will regarding the scheduled dispensing of treats.  I have issues.  These are things upon which I need to spend some time and energy.  

I can spin, though.  That seems to be working out pretty well.  Let's look at some new yarn, shall we?  

Nice, huh?

I think so!  Last spring, when I was seeking words of wisdom and good resources to share with Mommy Sheep while she learned the fine art of quilting, Lori stepped up with an offer of some books that might be good for a new quilter.  I was thrilled to help her clear some shelf space and Mommy Sheep was equally pleased with the new books that arrived in short order.  That, in and of itself, would have been a pretty sweet deal since it meant that I would soon be getting hand-made quilts.  But Lori made the deal even sweeter by including some Louet fiber for me!  I'd always wanted to try it, but hadn't gotten around to ordering any.  And there it was!  What a kind thing to do!!!  I had a few other things in the spinning queue at the time, though.  The Louet sat for a bit and marinated.  

But, I thought about it a great deal.  Sometimes, when no one was looking, I'd go in and pet it.  I may have even whispered sweet nothings to it and made promises about getting it on the wheel when the time was right.

The time came and it was all I dreamed it could be.  It slid through my fingers and couldn't have been anything other than a two-ply laceweight even if I'd tried for something else.  Sure, the plying didn't go quite as smoothly as I'd hoped  There was some breakage and one of those skeins is actually two hanks put together.  But that is just a memory now and an almost forgotten one at that.  The finished yarn is amazing!  I bask it its beauty.  

This, of course, does nothing for the weird checkbook balance, my social awkwardness and the situation with the coiffure.  But, it makes for a good distraction.  



mrichme said...

Sheepish, kill two birds with one stone. Call Geek Squad to fix the wireless and you can practice the human interaction.

Soon the weather will change and you won't need to worry about ice on the windshield (I hope).

punkin said...

You sure can spin! Pretty yarn.

trek said...

It is nice, pretty yarn!

PS - Buy a new wireless card. Don't listen to mrichme; order it online. ;o)

Knitting Linguist said...

The best kind of distraction, in fact! If only I could spin, maybe people wouldn't notice all of the little things I need to work on (there are far too many to list here). That is some gorgeous yarn -- I adore the color. I tell you, you're making me more and more excited for my wheel to arrive. Let's ignore the fact that I'm years and years away from lovely laceweight like that, shall we? (Thanks for the compliment on the socks, btw; Older Daughter won't take them off, so I think they must be OK.)

Beth said...

Your yarn is beautiful! I like the pretty ribbons it's wearing, too.

Leigh said...

Can't help with the human interaction part as I'm quite socially inept myself, nor with the wireless stuff as I'm still in the dark about that, but I can encourage you with the spinning. Gorgeous yarn!

Mel said...

My mom's been doing the quilting class thing, too, but it has yet to bring a quilt in my direction.

Kath said...

Oh geez, my issues have issues.
(And now that my winter season is over and I no longer need it, perhaps I'll see about getting my oven fixed.)

knitseashore said...

Making such pretty yarn means you're a spinning artist, and therefore exempt from those pesky social rules, right?

And I second what Leigh said.

Rabbitch said...

That yarn makes up for a lot, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Pretty, pretty yarn.
I love its bows :-)

catsmum said...


sorry ... your lacy goodness has rendered me close to speechless

Karen said...

The yarn is beautiful!!
If you figure out what is wrong with your wireless could you share. I too am tethered to the router and can't cut the cord no matter what I try. I'm about ready to look for outside help.

mehitabel said...

I know what's wrong with my wireless. The modem is unplugged! That's because the room where the computer lives is a disaster zone. The whole house is. I wish I was somewhere with ice on the windshield instead of heatstroke, and especially in a house that had at least one room that was livable. Sigh! Pretty yarn, though, actually beautiful yarn. What is it one does with yarn again?

Ronni said...

Very pretty yarn. Very very pretty indeed.

I could try to help with the wireless thingy. Email if you want help.

Denise said...

Your yarn is gorgeous!

So pretty, in fact, I suspect it deflect a zombie attack.

Denise said...

oops, 'could' should be inserted between 'it' and 'deflect'.

the typing is not going so well this evening...