Wednesday, June 06, 2007

WNBP; The Home Version.

Welcome to your Wednesday Night Bullet Post. The night when Sheepie takes a break from coherence and continuity in order that she might bring you any number of random tid-bits from her day. Today's WNBP comes to you after a day spent happily at home. 'Twas a "sick day" for The Sheep. Too many others were competing for my time and attention on this Wednesday and the whole teaching thing came in a distant third. Here's the recap in something of a shorthanded rendering:

*Why I thought you might be interested in a picture taken of my doctor's office from the parking lot, I don't know. But, I was early, had a little time to kill and a camera phone. What else was I supposed to do?

Fascinating, no?
*Prior to my doctor's appointment, I got to go and have another chest x-ray to get some nice shots of my Monkey Pox. I'm hoping for clearing of the lungs and a few nice wallet sizes that I can share with family and friends.
*I am getting really good at the chest x-rays now. In fact, I am fully (and somewhat fetchingly, if I do say so myself) posed in front of the apparatus in the correct position for maximum x-ray effectiveness well before the technician has finished her instructions. This month's visit was extra special because I didn't get the gown that was split up the sides. The neckline was rather torn. But I can live with that. The ventilated hospital wear that they provided me with last time left a little too much Sheep out for public viewing.
*Despite being somewhat jaded about the whole process, I still worry when they go to check the films before sending me on my way. For some reason, I am always expecting to hear someone scream, "Gnomes!!!!" from the developing room, followed by the sounds of a mass exodus. If it takes a really long time for them to come back, I can extend this scenario to include men in bio-hazard suits with Geiger counters and a team of wizards. I can also knit several rounds on my current sock in progress.
*Oh!!! I keep forgetting to tell you guys about this! I found the best chocolate syrup ever. I mean seriously...if you aren't using this I don't know why you even get up in the mornings. It has ruined me for all other chocolate syrups. Sooooooooo good!!!! Trust me. You wouldn't think there'd be a difference in chocolate syrups. But there is.
*In between appointments today, I tossed a couple of ounces of Shetland into the crock pot with some sapphire blue dye just for snorts and giggles. It's not as pretty as chocolate syrup. I mean, really...what is? But it is darned good lookin'! As soon as she's dry, I think I'll take her for a little spin.
*About a billion people out in the real world commented on my Socks Of Summer. They loved the color but couldn't believe that such a wee little thing was ever going to fit a grown up foot. I, ever the smug knitter, patiently explained that things look smaller on the needles. I would then condescendingly explain that the sock would be just fine once fully knit. I was wrong. It was too small. Riiiiiiip! It is now on size one needles and looking a bit more proportional.
* According to the doctor's scale, I have managed to lose a couple of pounds. But not nearly enough to wear a toddler's sock.
*I found out yesterday that I have to go on a 6th grade field trip on Friday. I do not want to go on a 6th grade field trip. Especially not on a trip that ends at a water park. I have been strategically manipulating my schedule for weeks in order that I might avoid all the end of year field trips. Apparently I zigged when I should have zagged. Light a candle for me.
And there you go! I trust that you all made it through the mid-week mark with your wits and needles intact. Here's looking at the light at the end of the tunnel we like to call, "The Weekend."
And the fact that, once that weekend is over, I will have but one short week standing between me and a summer vacation!


trek said...

Once we hit lunchtime Friday, Neatnik and I will have a whole summer vacation staring us in the face, too. And by that time, you should have the results of the chest x-rays, no?

Mel said...

Okay, is the chocolate syrup only available online or did you find it somewhere locally? 'Cause, you know, instant gratification is always better, especially now that you've played it up.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Ah-Laska is out of stock. The cruelty of it.

Chocolate-deprived Punkin

Cathy said...

Gee - I wondered what the dr's office looked like. When do we get wallet sized pix? Tho, if you send a big one, I'll frame it and hang it lovingly on the wall of my Shetland stash closet. How tempting is that? Not as tempting as the choc syrup but I shouldn't have that anyway.

Jeanne said...

My sainted Mother (RIP) would have said: "Don't go outside/in the cold air/get wet when you're sick, you'll get pneumonia!" I hope they don't expect you to actually go on this field trip while suffering from the Pox. Well, drown yourself in chocolate syrup and pray for a snow day. ;-) Vacation is coming.

Ronni said...

Poor Sheepie! There are few things that can actually make me want to run and hide. The phrase "Field Trip" is one of them. It's well ahead of "lunatic with gun" even. I will light a candle for you. Of course, if you let them all drown, you'll probably never get assigned field trip duty again. Ooops, did I say that out loud?

April said...

Sheepie, did you Google chocolate syrup or how exactly did you find that stuff?

Beth said...

Can you also take a picture of the new donut shop? I'd like to see it. :)

And how unlucky can you get? First bowling and now a water park? They don't pay you enough for that kind of torture. :)

Anonymous said...

Should we start to worry that Sheep Lung photos will find their way to our mailboxes like the school pics did? :)

Can't you use your Monkey Pox as an excuse to avoid the field trip? I know I'd use it to get out of all sorts of things!

Anonymous said...

Do you think one could dye yarn with chocolate syrup so that the yarn would have that yummy chocolate smell? It wouldn't be practical for socks since it's so hard to get the feet up to the nose area but for a scarf it would be perfect. Just a thought.
Field trip!?!? NO!!!!!!!!!

Cursing Mama said...

How is a waterpark educational? I will never figure these field trip things out.....

I do wonder if you could go in & tell them that although the CDC says your not contagious and clear to travel that in light of recent developments with the CDC's messages you feel it would be in the best interest of the waterpark staff & guests that you not travel.

Sheila said...

I'm with those who don't think a water park is a good idea, what with the monkey pox invading your body and all. Surely you can get a doctor's note!!