Monday, June 04, 2007

The Plan Is In Motion.

I'll admit that my rush to the store yesterday to purchase index cards might not have been exactly my most stellar example of organization. I used all of three of them to randomly jot down a few musings about what I thought I might like to get done over my upcoming summer vacation. Despite my best intentions and desires to create a system of multiple project management, I really only spent about ten minutes on the whole thing before I wandered off in search of more interesting diversions and a cold soda pop.

Still, it must have had some effect. No, no...I didn't exactly finish anything. Let's not get all carried away, now. But I did make some respectable progress on the rambouillet. In fact, I pushed through numb fingers and an aching back in order that I might spin the second bobbin into submission then ply it to my will. I even had a skein soaked and blocking when I flopped my weary self into bed last night about thirty minutes later than I should have. The fatigue showed today, I fear. Ms. Sheep was not exactly the most tolerant of teachers. In fact, I was something of a screaming shrew at points. In my defense, there were a couple of students who were just bound and determined to make our last two weeks together less than enjoyable. I begged them to see the error of their ways, look into my fiery eyeballs and see the fate that awaited them. They weren't really on board, though. They were sort of committed to their ill-chosen courses of action. I almost have to respect them for that even if they were clinging to the belief that it was a splendid idea to engage in paperball fights. They really just picked the wrong day... There is a vein in my forehead that has still not stopped throbbing visibly. I probably should have gone to bed a wee bit earlier.

But, I don't regret it. Not one little bit. The plan is moving forward. The Index Cards Of Summertime Structure have had their say. Sheepie has some new yarn!'s still blocking. We don't want to disturb it.
And, in other news, the mailbox continues to contain great things for Sheepie. In full defiance of the mojo that brought me a case of the Monkey Pox on my 42nd birthday, I am bound and determined to bring back the "happy" into this household!. Take a gander at what I got today!

Dontcha just love these little stitch markers?????

Now, there is no need to be jealous of my new loot. There are several ways that you could actually get yourself some of these super-sweet stitch markers. You could:

1. Go visit Mousie and purchase some for yourself. (A very sensible way to get it done, really)

2. Come to my house and try to steal mine. (Less than sensible. I have attack cats, after all!)

3. Go to my Relay For Life fundraising site, make a donation and get your name entered in the drawing! You might win a set for your very own self! (A very frugal way to do it and you won't get any nasty scratch marks from the savage kitties.)
Thanks Mouse! I just love these sweet little stitch markers. I'll be wearing my set to the Relay as inspiration. I often wear my pretty stitch markers on a chain around my neck...don't you? C'mon! They're as nice as any jewelry I have! And, when one is walking in a circle for 18 hours, what better to have as bling than a red Chuck Taylor and a happy, little sheep? Since Mouse was kind enough to send a couple of extra markers just for little old me, I'd say it was fate!
And now The Sheep must get a few things done about the house. It is highly likely that bedtime will be coming a bit early tonight. I'd like to think that I'll get a bit more spindling done before bedtime. But, I probably shouldn't count on it. I fear that the students may mutiny tomorrow if they have to experience another day on the high seas of education with this fiber-crazed captain at the helm.
Maybe I should make up some notecards with a sleep schedule on them...


trek said...

What is this thing, how do you say? Sleep?? Where can I get some of this sleep thing for me?

Mouse said...

I was about to email in a complete kerfluffle about the fact that your package hadn't arrived yet. Whew. Kerfluffle avoided. I'm so glad you like them! The sneaker stitchmarkers are actually at my etsy shop at just so folks don't wonder where they are on the .com site.

Beth said...

Fiery eyeballs - cool! Only a few more days...hold on, you can make it!

Your yarn is beautiful! Whatcha gonna knit?

Teri S. said...

The Rambouillet looks great! So light and airy...I fear mine is going to be less light and airy. Ah well, that's life. I hope your kiddies are much more well-behaved tomorrow. Nighty-night!

Ronni said...

Your yarn looks beautiful! I say take some itty bitty dpns tomorrow and point with those instead of your finger when they act up. Or you could get one of those kitchen torches and flame their paperballs as they go by.

On mature reflection, that probably would not induce them to cut it out. What about, while in class, you spin up some yarn, then ply it. Then cable the plied yarns, and continue until you have a nice sized rope. And then tie a noose...

Possibly it's a good thing I'm not in the education field eh?

Bells said...

My newfound organisation systems often don't happen well to start with either but sometime I find just trying a new system out is enough to make me get bored with it and decide that doing the things I was supposed to sorting out on paper is more interesting than making lists and plans anyway.

Suddenly, I have things done!

Anonymous said...

Love those stitch markers!

Hmmm, notecards with a sleep schedule; I may have to make some of those myself.

Anonymous said...

I hope you and the children can survive the last two weeks of school. Keep making lists of all the fun things you can do once it's over.

Lorraine said...

Gee, the fiery eyeball trick . . . does it work for homeschool moms?

Hang in there. At least you get a vacation. We school all year.

(Gotta try the fiery eyeball thing!)

Bobbi said...

I'm overwhelmed by jealousy that you get the whole summer off!