Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stuck At Home.

It seems that summer allergies, when combined with the remnants of The Monkey Pox, make for a fairly miserable weekend. I wasn't brought to my knees. But I certainly can't say that I was at full power this weekend. I started running a low fever last night, not enough to cause Hysterical Mind to break out the Living Will or anything. But enough to make me just a bit uncomfortable. And enough to make me realize that I wasn't going to be making it to the Graduation party I was scheduled to attend today. Too bad, really. It has been a lovely day and I suspect it would have been an equally lovely time. But, with a full week looming and the possibility of taking any sort of sick time being less than nil, it made sense to lie low and see what I could do to get myself into fighting form.

So, I headed out to the grocery store for the weekly shopping, got everything put safely away and looked for something to keep me occupied while I was waiting out the pollen count. It didn't take long. I have lots and lots of very fluffy things around here. (and I don't mean the kitties!) Any of them were going to make for some low key fun that wouldn't interfere with potential naps.

For example, here's one that I actually finished earlier this week. Cathy sent me a fabulous sample kit with which to play and I decided to experiment a bit. I spindle spun some Shetland in a lumpy, bumpy, thick, 'n thin sorta way. I then plied it with some very thinly spun alpaca/silk blend. Here's what I got:

Very pretty!

And it was rather fun to not painstakingly draft for consistency. I just let 'er rip! I really enjoyed this!! I don't know what it wants to be when it grows hasn't told me yet. But, I'll let you know once it's made a decision.

Next, I had to go answer the door. Lori, angel that she is, offered up some of her quilting books to help Mommy Sheep with her new hobby and the package arrived Saturday afternoon. She also included a little something for Sheepie! A little Louet fiber brightens even a rainy Saturday. And continues to look good on a sunny Sunday! I included the handmade card in the shot as well...very, very lovely!!!

I see a you? It's merino and silk. Merino/silk hats are all the rage right now, I hear.

Then there was that fabulous goodie box from Susie that arrived last week! There is enough in there to keep a Sheep off the streets and out of trouble for the entire summer and then some! On Wednesday, I dyed some Shetland roving in the crock pot while I was at the doctor's office and being zapped with the x-rays:

This is an ounce. There is another ounce being spindled spun. Shetland likes the spindle! And Sheepie likes the Shetland!!!

I'm debating whether to ply this or use the singles. I suppose I have time for deep and thoughtful pondering on this matter. It's not like I'm going to finish this up tomorrow or anything. There are one or two other projects in the works at the moment, after all. But the considering is part of the fun on this one, you see.

Also tucked in the box of never-ending fiber were two ounces of Rambouillet top. This little beauty took a dip in the crock pot yesterday and spent today drying in the sun:

Dyed in a caramel color...looks good enough to eat!!

This is going to be some absolutely stunning yarn! I toyed with blending it...but I just can't do it. It was put on this earth to stand alone. It needs nothing else. The color took perfectly and every drop of dye went into the fiber. There was nothing left in the pot at the end of the process and the water ran clear from the the very first rinse. I'd like to tell you that I am a generous enough Sheep that this is going to be knit up into a gift for some deserving family member or donated to charity to warm the chilly and less fortunate.

I am not. Whatever this is in its future career, I can guarantee you that it will be mine!!!

The nice part of dyeing and spinning is that it can be low impact. While the wool sits, so does this Sheep. Spinning is a sit-down activity as well and one that can be left partially done should the urge to nap take over. Things are getting done, but the activity level is nice and sedate. The result? I actually feel a little better than I did this morning when I returned from the grocery store! I'm hoping that it will be enough down time to get me through this week of school.

Because this time next week it will be a whole new ballgame for this Sheep. All I have to do is get through four and a half days of antsy students, weary staff who are frantically trying to finish three weeks worth of paperwork, finishing my own backlogged paperwork, two field days and one or two awards ceremonies. This time next week, I will not be worried about surviving all that. I will not be planning lunches for the the week or making sure that I have an outfit that is somewhat ironed. This time next week...I will be on vacation for the summer!!!!!!

And that is worth taking a weekend off to rest. Trust me.



trek said...

Good job with the resting!

Ronni said...

Oh how pretty! You've got lots of lovelies there. I especially love your blue Shetland. It's gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Resting was definitely smart.

Jeanne said...

Resting is good. Spinning is even better! Crock pot dyeing is something I will have to try; you're always getting such luscious colors.

And are you kidding me with the verification word? At least I think it's


Teri S. said...

I said it this time last year and I probably said it recently, but I'm going to say it again. I am sooo jealous of those of you who get an actual summer vacation. I want a summer vacation, too! And not just a week at the beach with the in-laws. Good luck with getting everything finished up this week and this time next week? Let 'er rip!

Lorraine said...

And I thought my to do list was long! Loverly fibers. Now I definitely have to dig out the spindle and get back to spinning.

Cathy said...

Good spinning! It's nice that you have fiber to keep you quiet.

April said...

For some reason I want butterscotch pudding now. Mmm ... butterscotch pudding.

A summer vacation would be nice too.

mehitabel said...

Mmm, caramel! And that blue is just to... to dye for! Allergies and the tail end of anything chesticular just make for misery any way you look at it, but I think your self-medicating with fiber is a great way to handle it! That, and some kitty cuddlin', can make for a happier and more-well Sheep! And hang on for those 4 1/2 days, too...

catsmum said...

that's your idea of resting ????

Mia said...

Only 4 1/2 days to go sheepie... and besides.. a girl can only take so many naps! I Love the blue color of that shetland... such a busy girl you are :)

And I think it's about time for you to kick that darn ole monkey pox outta there for GOOD!

Now then... let's set our count down watches for sheepie's freedom *grin*

Beth said...

I have an idea to add some excitement to your teacher luncheon. Someone told me this morning that Smarties dropped into Diet Coke works just as well as Mentos and Diet Coke.

For some reason, she dropped 3 Smarties into a bottle of DC during her teacher luncheon and the soda started bubbling out. So, she covered it with her hand and it sprayed out. Then she tried to put it under the table. Several people then picked up their things, said "I have to go change because I'm wet" and escaped the 3 hour long luncheon.
Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

That merino/silk is gorgeous!!!!

Resting for the weekend was a good idea. Just 4 days left now and you can rest all you want for the entire summer. Almost makes me wish I were a teacher; almost.