Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What Day Is This?

It is highly likely that, during my summer hiatus, I will periodically forget which day of the week we are enduring. But, today is a good day for those of you who like the random. I am fully aware of the Wednesday-ness of this day and am ready to fire off a few of the bullets that make up the Wednesday Night Bullet Point Posts. Here's the first of the Summer WNBPs:

*I think I have come up with the best strategy for dealing with the yearly mammogram. It sort of hinges on living ten minutes from the mammography place, but you guys are clever. You'll figure out a way to tweak it to your individual situation if need be.

*The best way to get through a mammogram is to forget that you have one scheduled. Then, around 8:00 the night before said mammogram, remember it. Decided to stay up late anyway, because you are on vacation and are bound and determined to stay up late whenever you darned well please. You will do this despite having an 8:00 a.m. appointment. This will lead to some minor oversleeping on the day of the mammogram. You will be forced to go the lab after having thrown on a pair of dirty sweat pants and while still half asleep.

*Half asleep is truly the best way to experience a mammogram. Sure, you are going to find yourself waking up rather abruptly once the machinery starts doing its unholy work and that can be a little disorienting. But overall, sleepwalking is really the way to go on mammogram day.

*For the record, calling it a "Mambly-Grambly" doesn't do anything to make the experience any better despite the rather merry sound of the syllables.

*I think I may be getting the hang of this whole "summer vacation" thing. It is currently 7:00 in the evening and it just occurred to me that I have yet to shower today. And I am still in the unwashed sweat pants.

*Hey, guess what I did last night? I finished the scarf that I am now calling the Wonky Catena Scarf!

See those stupid beads? I literally hurt myself trying to get those on there. Tell me they look amazing. Tell me...tell me now!!!!! TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!

And here we see it in its entirety!

*The fiber came from Wooly Wonka Fibers. The heads-up on the opening of the Wooly Wonka shop came from Cathy, the queen of all things crochet. Hence, there was little debate over how I would work this spindle-spun yarn up! 'Twould be crochet!! And 'twas! Isn't it 'tweet?

*The scarf was also on my list of summer projects. The Index Cards (upon which I comprised this list and who have become almost a living and very judgemental entity in my eyes) were pleased with my having checked off one item having only had two days of vacation under my belt.

*The mammogram was on the list, too so I'm really kicking it on the summer to-do stuff. I think I may be just a little bit scared of the index cards...

*I am worried about me. I went on a rather lengthy rant last year over the Project Runway Season 3 finale and my sense that they were more flagrantly discriminating against the average sort of gal than they normally do. And yet, I spent a good chunk of today watching reruns of Season 2. I think I may be sucked in again...I am beginning to suspect that I may have a bit of a shallow side. Don't tell anyone, 'kay?

*The shelf that I put up yesterday hasn't fallen down yet. I guess Daddy Sheep was right about the whole "finding a stud to nail into thing." In my defense, I didn't know what a stud was for a long time so I wouldn't have been able to find one in the wall to save my soul.

*I thought a stud was something entirely different and would have felt badly hitting one with a hammer.

*I've had a lot of shelves fall down over the years. A lot...

And there you go! I'm finishing up my Wednesday Night Bullet Posts, nursing my sore fingers after shoving 45 pounds of yarn through a wee little bead for an hour and waiting for my squished, mammogramed chestal area to puff back out to its normal size.

And, um...watching Project Runway. Sorry.



mehitabel said...

Congratulations on ticking off two, count 'em two, items on your to-do cards! Maybe I need to resort to cards instead of lists. Just remember, you are the boss of your cards--and if they don't like it, well, remember that scene in Alice Through the Looking Glass where she tosses them all around! Scarf is pretty and beads are supercalifragilistiawesom!

Brenda said...

The beads look amazing! I won't ask if you bought large hole beads.

I had my annual "mambly-grambly" a few weeks ago. For each shot the technician had me switch sides. Arm out of left side of gown and squeeze. Arm back in left side of gown and out of right side of gown. Arm back in right side of gown and out left side of gown, etc. I felt I should have been practicing on my Dapper Dan doll before going in.

Studs can be a wonderful thing.

trek said...

I still think that you should make an index card for the shelf and stick it into the pile when the other cards are not looking. That way, you have finished three to-dos.

Bead Instructions:

Thread one individual fringe strand on a needle, put it through the bead.
Repeat until no more fringe strands remain.

Lee Anne said...

I don't think I am big enough to have a mammogram done. :) I think they are even smaller now that I have stopped feeding the kiddos. He, he...

Congrats on getting 2 things off the list...I wish I was a productive sheep like you. Maybe some day...

Mel said...

I shore am glad I don't have to do the mambly-grambly thing. I am not envious one little bit.

Oh,and those beads sure are impressive.

kmkat said...

Congrats on having the Mambly-Grambly. I think I may call it that next time -- let's see how much of a sense of humor that tech has. (I'm guessing pretty much none, but who know?)

Awesome beads. Totally freakin' awesome, outstanding, out of this world. No, really, fabulous. (How's that?)

Beth said...

Your beads are AMAZING! What's really amazing is your skill at finishing projects. I'm envious! :)

Jeanne said...

OMG, the beads, my eyes, my eyes, they are blinded by the amazingness of THE BEADS!!!!!!

Seriously, nice work on the scarf. It was all worth it.

I refer to those things as Mammo-Slams. Ick. Well, it's over with for another year.

Denise said...

I usually think of mammograms in the context of the old SNL Land Shark skit. Do you remember that one?
::Ding Dong::
Who is it?
Land Shark

Except for candygram I substitute mammogram and then laugh hysterically every time. I'm simple that way.

Imagine how amused I was to find out that I'm not the only one with this association! Ryan and TMK (mossy cottage knits blog) had a whole post about it.

Congrats on your excellent summer list progress! I may have to try the whole index card thing.

rachel said...

Delurking to admire your beaded scarf! Also to suggest adding things to you rto do list if you do them when they aren't on the list, that way you get to cross off lots more stuff, although putting on things like, get up, feed the cats etc are cheating!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job getting things done that are on your list but don't get too many of them done all at once. Pace yourself. When the list is done it will be time to return to school.

Eric said...

Project Runway and similar reality shows where groups of "talented" people are forced to work in impossible conditions, are judged harshly and then have their dreams crushed are the perfect shows for summer/vacation knitting. The righteous anger over petty grievances always reminds me of how good I have it sitting on the other side of the tube with my knitting.

The Scarf is awesome, and the beads: amazing!

Lorraine said...

teehee, I'm hooked on the Project Runway re-runs, too. Great show to knit to. Almost as good as the original Star Trek.

Beads - I'm speechless - almost. They rock!

Anne said...

Very amazing beads. Very..... amazing..... :)

How is that we can put a man on the moon and not have a better way to take boob pictures? I ask you this? (rhetorically, of course)

Cathy said...

Nice beads - tho I am still LMAO over the scarf's name. Good one.

Anonymous said...

The scarf is amazing; the beads are amazing; YOU are amazing!!!!!