Thursday, February 08, 2007


It is with eyes at half-mast and rampantly misfiring brain cells that The Sheep reports a sudden bout of insomnia. She wandered through her day on what she optimistically called four hours of sleep and had the nice purply eye bags to prove it.

I dunno what happened...

It all seemed to have fallen together nicely when the time came to hit the hay. My weekly class-that-inspires-great-resentment was not only over for the week, but sufficiently boring that I was already halfway to slumber land. The ten page paper was written, printed and in the hands of the professor. And the final cherry on the top of the sundae that was my day: the sweater sleeve was unearthed from the knitting basket and completed. No more would I hear its plaintive cries of, "why hast thou forsaken me, o sheepish one???" (For the record, sleeves do not understand the pressing nature of ten page papers that have been put off until the last possible second. They just want to be knit upon 24/7) With all these things in the "History" column, you'd think I would have drifted happily off to the the land of Nod with nary a backward glance.

Not so. My eyes popped open at 2:00 in the morning and I was as perky as a sunflower at high noon from that point on. I exaggerate. At 6:15, the designated departure time from hearth and home to desk and drudgery, I suddenly found the sleepiness within. At that point, I most certainly could have found the inner strength to catch a few extra winks. This, of course, was inadvisable what with the need to look through the windshield at the highway, oncoming traffic and my fellow commuters who may or may not have had more rest than I.

It was a long day. Fortunately, in the "who has to make the coffee today" rotation my staff and I employ, the task fell to the dude who likes his morning beverage with a little texture. He makes our brew with gusto. One can barely pour it for all its thickness. This was just what I needed on this particular morning. Seriously...your eyes actually vibrate after drinking this stuff.

I actually took a short little nap upon arriving home today. Normally, I wouldn't dare to do this as it might lead to a little difficulty falling asleep tonight. However, that point is rendered moot by the fact that it didn't really work out last night, now did it? And tomorrow is a half-day for students anyway. Add to that the fact that I won't be going in for even that much of the day and you have nap justification.

I have doctor's appointment in the morning which has been on the calendar for a while. The surgeon who did the removal of the Mole Of Disturbing Dimensions last week, in an unprecedented gesture of generosity with regard to sharing the billing, opted to let me have my own doc check the progress of the healing rather than risk spending any further quality time with me. Thus, I was able to consolidate appointments and only miss one day of school rather than make multiple trips and lose extra time with my darling students. Trust me when I tell you that The Powers That Be notice when I am gone. Things do not always go "well." It was quite easy for me to take the time on an early release day when the alternative is my not being there for a full student day. I'm virtually a hero for taking my third sick day in two weeks. It's really all in how you spin it...

It's not all rainbows and roses, however. I made the grievous error of telling my boss at job #2 that I would be off tomorrow. My point in telling her this was to schedule time to meet with her tonight since I wouldn't need to worry about having to scamper home to prepare for the workday ahead. A great plan...but it wasn't to be. She is unavailable tonight but was more than happy to rearrange her schedule to meet with me tomorrow afternoon.


But, it is still the prelude to the weekend and the opportunity for a second sleeve to make an appearance. It would be kinda nice to get that well underway. You see, there is a little event coming up in my life, known in this neck of the woods as February Vacation. This is a halcyon time that sneaks up on teachers. You're just getting used to the routine of the school day after returning from the holiday break when...boom! You get another week off! A brilliant concept, really.... And it is but a work week away.

Sounds like it might be a good time for a little sweater seaming, don't you think?



Mel said...

It must be the unfinished sleeve that's been calling to me, then. I actually snuck it out the other night and tried to do a few rounds without my wrist noticing. It noticed, but I did manage to get through 5 rounds before it woke up and screeched at me.

I'm guessing that dozing off during your meeting tomorrow isn't acceptable etiquette?

trek said...

You sound so perky following your nap!

Um, is that a sleeve that I hear calling out a Sheepie Name?

Beth said...

I wonder why there are so many talking WIPs up there? :)

It's awful to wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep. I hope you sleep really well tonight. Ask your sweater to whisper so it won't wake you up.

catsmum said...

if you seriously leave hearth and home at 6.15 in the am, what time do you get up for God's sake? and what time is sunrise over there at this time of the year?

Anonymous said...

I hope you slept well. There is nothing more annoying than being unable to sleep when you know you have to live your life the next day.
We're looking forward to Feb. vacation too.

Teri S. said...

You get a whole week off in February? I'm so jealous! My next official day off is Memorial Day. For sheer time off, I probably should have become a teacher.

Good luck with the sleeve and have a wonderful weekend!

kmkat said...

FEBRUARY vacation?! February VACATION!? Was this invented in Maine? My mother, a first grade teacher, and I used to commiserate on the long, hard stretch between New Years and Easter every year. Feb Vac would have been just the thing.

knitseashore said...

Sleep. Nap. Beautiful words in the English language. I want some too. Wide awake last night and a certain gray striped kitty who likes company came over for much headbutting and petting...that was the end of that.

Good luck on your second sleeve!!

Amy Boogie said...

Insomnia seems to be going around.
Second sleeve and seeming? Sweaters are so loud when you want to sleep. I hope you get some good shut eye though