Monday, February 05, 2007


To say that I forgot about the paper that is due on Wednesday would be incorrect. I didn't forget. I actually thought about it several times. I just didn't formally act on those thoughts.

That may have been something of a judgement error.

Or not. My blood pressure has not been raised one point over this whole matter. Not even a fraction of a point. You'd think that I might be a bit more concerned over the imminent deadline of a ten page paper, but I can't seem to muster the angst. My reasons are pathetic and as follows:

1. I lack any real interest in producing multiple pages that reflect my philosophy of supervision.

2. It is a first draft and my grade can only be bettered by my having turned in a dog of a paper then improving upon it in the final copy.

3. I am something of a wordsmith and am reasonably sure that I can pull this one out of my heinie with reasonable ease.

4. It is boring and I don't want to do it.

5. I don't need an A in this class. I just need to pass it and get the credit. I am the one to whom the experts refer when they talk about "declining standards" in our great country...

6. I have a sweater sleeve to which I must attend. Sleeves are a commitment. They take time and focus. I cannot be writing papers all willy nilly when I have a sleeve that needs finishing. That would be irresponsible.

Besides, I already have something of an idea. It goes like this:

Supervision is a good thing and everyone should have it. Except for The Sheep. She can do whatever she wants. Unless it all goes horribly wrong and then she may claim inadequate supervision.

And no one should ever have to write a paper on supervision. Ever.

The End.

I'm still fleshing it all out. I don't know if there is ten pages worth of material here, but I'm playing with different fonts and spacing. I'm pretty sure no one has ever tried that particular technique before.

There is little to no chance that I will be writing any of this masterpiece tonight. I left most of the material at school and I find it all so mind-numbingly boring that I can't remember a single thing on the list of "points to consider." And did I mention the sleeve? Why should the sleeve suffer simply because I need to come up with recertification credits? I will not be a party to such unjust acts towards the sleeves of this great land! Thus, we are looking at a marathon session of creative crafting with the words tomorrow night. Should be fun. (That was sarcasm. I know that it doesn't always come across in print, but it is there. Trust me.)

I'm thinking that it is highly unlikely that your friendly neighborhood Sheep will be posting tomorrow night. I will be at the computer. There will be keyboard activity. There will be great thoughts fairly spewing from my brain and splattering onto the screen. But I don't think that any of them will be making it your way. And, really, it is for the best. There will be a certain amount of sarcasm involved in this project. And not the good kind. The mean kind. The kind of sarcasm you put out there when you don't get to knit a sweater and have to write a ten page paper.

I'll resume normal activity on Wednesday with my "post-class bullet points" and let everyone know how it goes. Light a candle for the sleeve. It will be the one who suffers the most, I fear.



Lazuli said...

Hey wow, I'm the first commenter!
Maybe the writing would go faster if you wrote it in whatever situation (location, computer program, etc) that you usually use for your blog? Good luck getting the writing done; I'm sure you will find something to say!

Mel said...

I think that's a fine first draft. Maybe you could actually expound upon and compare/contrast HM's & RM's approaches to supervision. I'm sure that'll go over wonderfully with your instructor.

Or maybe it'll notify the men in white coats. Then HM will get to expound directly.

Mel said...

"Maybe it'll MAKE THEM notify..."

Good thing you don't have me as a proofreader.

April said...

Two words ...

Wide Margins

Beth said...

Sometimes being an adult stinks.

trek said...

Poor sleevie!
I agree with Mel.

Anne said...

Shall we all pitch in and nominate you for the "Golden Shovel" award? Sounds like you are a strong contender.

Bells said...

here's a thought. Knit in front of the computer. I heard someone say this can work. Knit a row or two, let your mind go over what you're supposed to be writing, and it'll flow.

ANd you'll be multi-tasking!

B. said...

Oh, dear Sheepie! I am sending "you can do it" mindwaves your way (I hope they don't get held up in customs at the Canadian border...)

As for the have proved your dedication to the craft, my dear Sheepie!

I look forward to your post on Thursday...

P.S. Thanks for your great words of inspiration on my weight loss blog -- I appreciated your comments so much!

Kate said...

Good luck. I'm sure you'll pull it out in the end. I've been working towards this professional designation that requires 10 tests. When I study a bit each day and follow the rules, I fail. When I cram like a fiend for 48 hours, I pass. I do not want supervision either. I'm completely unmanageable and plan on staying that way!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this reminds me so much of myself! Why on earth would you even consider writing a paper when there are sleeves to be knit? After all, you have one whole evening left to write the paper!

brenda said...

Best of luck finding your inspiration for the paper. I like the idea of knitting in front of the computer for inspiration. My problem is that I'd probably decide I'd be more comfortable on the sofa in the other room and I'd never write the paper!

Sheila said...

Oh, that is why I can't go to grad school...I've learned to enjoy my projects too much to do anything that stinks and bores me.
I feel for you... pet a kitty every now and then, and you'll get through!

Debby said...

I agree...a wonderful first draft. The wide margins and bigger fonts can only make it better! If asked, you can tell your instructor that we live in a sound-bite nation, and long reports are considered to be useless and irrelevant when dealing with modern students. Surely he'll see that you are on the cutting edge of educational philosophy.

catsmum said...

two more words:
double spacing
btw I left a little something to cheer the sleeve up over on my blog

Anonymous said...

I think what you wrote will be fine if you include a little note at the bottom for the instructor. She's a knitter. She'll understand. "Sorry stuck on sleeve island, next draft will be better."
Good Luck!

Olga said...

Rules and supervision are made and inforced for everybody else, 'cause we all are the exception to those rules and such. Heh heh. That's my excuse and I'm stickin with it!

debsnm said...

In case anyone is taking bets, I bet there's a post tonight - sheepie, you've raised procrastination to the highest levels!

Bobbi said...

But when will we see this sweater! Pictures!

LOL. It's good to hear I'm not the only with that attitude towards papers. Of course my school days are long behind me.

Lorraine said...

As far as sarcasm not showing in print, I think we should invent a special sarcasm font. Glad the sleeves are still alluring you with a siren song. Nothing is worse than hoping for a 10-page writing assignment so you can avoid knitting on sleeves.

Debbie said...

I'm very late chiming in on this, so you're probably (hopefully!) finished with the paper. Hope it wasn't too bad.

But what I'm mainly writing to say is, DON'T visit JenLa's blog today. There are zombies there. Seriously.

debsnm said...

I'll be damned! She didn't post! go figure! LOL

Cathy said...

I forgot what I was going to comment because
1 How come I can't do bullets in the comments?
2 Now people are cheering when they are the first commenter to your blog? Where is this going to end?
Oh wait
3 Where is this going to end?
4 Anne just said that about the golden shovel coz she has a barn
5 knitting a sweater?
6 I insist on pictures.
7 Complete with 2 cats and HM fighting over a sleeve
8 Good luck (with what? The paper? The sweater? The blog? The future first commenter?)
9 And good night