Monday, February 12, 2007


Those of you with access to children under the age of 2, go get 'em. I'll wait... If you are currently in a child-free zone, you can still play, but you'll have to use your imaginations.

All set? Good. Now, look at the little one. Take in all the babyosity. The infanty essence. Let it just soak in. Now, consider this:

I am a bigger baby. By far.

I'm not saying that it is one of my more stellar qualities. But my tendency towards childish behavior is a little hard to ignore right now. This stupid cold has taken over all aspects of my life and generally sunny disposition. I don't handle the sickness particularly well. I wander around clutching a tissue or, worse, twisting it up and plugging my dripping nostril with it. Instead of speech, I regress to a sort of ululating groan that is designed to alert all in the immediate vicinity that I am present and unwell. The tail end of this groan rises to a pitch that can be picked up by dogs and will cause interference to certain satellites in low orbit.

Once I have secured the full attention of any and all persons with the misfortune to be in my presence, I will dramatically command that they avert their eyes from my hideousness. I will chastise them for having the unmitigated gall to stare at one so unfortunate as I, a sickly Sheep.

The cycle will be repeated every five or ten minutes. It's a fun show if you have the time and the stomach for it...

Suffice it to say, my cold has not gotten any better since yesterday. But, I'm back at work so at least I now have an audience for my neediness.

And it is my excuse for not having finished those last few rows on the sleeve. We're talking fewer than twenty rows here and a couple of decreases. Not exactly brain surgery. But I am having a hard time balancing my knitting schedule with my groaning pathetically schedule. I am but one Sheep and there are only 24 hours in a day, after all. I did get in a bit of the spinning, though. Not much since it seems that looking down results in nasal leakage. I have to look down as a not-so-good spinner who has to look at what she is doing in order to get anything that remotely resembles consistency. And this takes us back to that tissue up the nose thing I mentioned at the beginning of the post and another rotation around the Cycle Of Childish Behavior.

There is, however, some hope for a little extra knitting time this week. While I realize that I've yet to work a full week this month due to the doctor's appointments and all, I'm excited at the prospect of another abbreviated work week in the near future. It seems that we are due for a little weather event on Wednesday and all indications are that it will be a doozy. We have had a sum total of 0 days off from school this year due to the weather and I'm ready for that first snow day! Who knows? It could be sooner rather than later if the forecasts are cooperative!

Meanwhile, I'll just be sitting here in my flannel jammies with a tissue wadded up my nose while swiggin' off a bottle of NyQuil. Real babies can't have the NyQuil...that would be bad for them.

But childish adults can. And it is the one good thing about having a cold.



Anonymous said...

Oh Sheepie, I hope you get all that nasal dripping out of the way and are feeling better before the big weekend! But, in the meantime, enjoy the fact that you have a captive audience for your "fun show" :)

Brandie said...

Hope you feel better soon ... my son quite enjoys being rocked when sick and also attatched to my hip, so maybe, ya know, you can convince someone to carry you around for about 15 minutes then rock for 15 minutes, and repeat 1,345,792,682,643 times a day ... it always helps him feel better!

I'll be crossing my fingers for a snow day for you! Seems like we may be in for one tomorrow, but the reports vary from 1inch to over a foot of snow so who really knows!

crzjane said...

I do hope you start feeling better soon. Poor little sheepie.
Try to get lots of sleep and drink as many fluids as you can. (I know this will make sleeping a bit of a chanllenge but it will help to flush those germs out of you.)
I'll send healing thoughts your way.

trek said...

That reminds me, said weather system is supposed to reach us, too. I could so use a snow day.

Sorry the Monkey Pox made it back to Chez Sheepie!

catsmum said...

just make sure that you position yourself so that you don't drip on
a] yarn
b] kitties

ps comment doesn't like me and has stopped me sending commiserations all week so I hope this one sneaks through

Beth said...

Maybe you'll get snow and it'll last all the way until your midterm break. That would be great, huh? I assume you need the break as much as I do. :)

April said...

Poor Sheepie, I hope the fleece under your nose isn't felting. =(

I once dated a guy who drank Nyquil on the rocks. My taste in men at times is uhh ... questionable.

Anonymous said...

Please get better. I hope we have a snow day too. A snow day would make you feel better.

Bobbi said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon. I might rival you in the biggest baby category, I hate being sick.

Jeanne said...

If your weather turns out anything like ours, you'll have your snow day. They actually cancelled classes at the University. They never do that. The University is the last thing to go down in a storm. I hope you feel much, much better soon. Nothing is worse than being sick in mid-winter.

Debby said...

Like you, I do not understand those who Suffer in Silence. When I am ill, those in my household are made immediately aware of that fact, and must present offerings such as a warm blankie, a hot cup of tea, and furry bodies to sit at my feet and warm up my cold toes. Otherwise, no food appears in the bowls, LOL. :) Feel better soon!