Sunday, February 18, 2007

Quirky Kinda Post

Had you entered The Sheep household today, you might have been tempted to take my pulse or administer chest compressions. There was little in the way of life signs. Yesterday's big outing required of me that I rest and recover for I am a delicate creature who really needs a fainting couch of some sort if I am going to pull this off effectively. I made the grievous error of purchasing an on-line computer game and have been staring at the screen for hours with glazed eyes and lowered pulse. Desdemona took over the spinning chair again so I wasn't able to whirl the wool and the sweater seaming has taken something of an ugly turn. Nothing that couldn't be corrected, but enough that I opted to set it aside for a while.

And I napped. I have little to show for the this day.

So it seems like the day to respond to a tagging. Kate, for reasons that are simply unfathomable to me, thought I might be able to think of 10 quirky things about myself that were worth sharing. I mean, Quirky? I don't know where she gets this... But, I shall oblige for I am nothing if not a gracious player.

The challenging part of this was trying to think of things that I haven't already blathered on about ad nauseum to the blogging community at-large. There will be some "repeats" here, I'm afraid. But I think I can come up with a few new things about my life that were previously shrouded in mystery. (and probably should have stayed that way...)

10 Quirky Things About Me:

* We all know that I am the world's pickiest eater and that I pretty much live on frozen pepperoni pizza. However, every once in a while, I get a cattle call. I suspect that it is a protein issue, but I have to eat hamburgers. For days. And days. I know when it's time for the hamburgers because the cat food starts to smell kinda good.

*I cannot leave my condo or my car unless I go back and check to see if the door is locked. If I leave home without checking, I will drive back. If this is impossible, then I will obsess all day long over whether I have locked the door.

*I can quote directly from the original Scooby Doo cartoons. No one will watch them with me. I can also sing along with the music because I bought the Scooby Doo Snack Trax CD and learned the words to the songs.

*I have watched far too many zombie movies and have developed something of an obsession with them. If I leave or arrive at home in the dark, I cannot exit the vehicle without checking for the walking dead. I have a plan for how to elude them should they begin shambling towards me. I am also knowledgeable enough to know that I am throwing around the word "zombie" somewhat loosely. A true zombie is actually under the control of another. What I really fear are the dead resurrected through some horrid scientific misstep. But we all get what I mean...

*I cannot abide having my shoelaces tied unevenly. There must be equal pressure on both feet. I will re-tie them as many times as is necessary to achieve foot symmetry.

*I cannot stand having my feet touched, my big toe in particular. Baby Brother Sheep used to torture me by simply grabbing my big toe. I have to tip outrageously when I get a pedicure due to all the kicking. Sometimes I just randomly think about breaking my big toe and am freaked out for an hour or so.

* I often precede statements with the word, "truthfully." Oddly enough, I tend to do this more right before I tell a gi-normous lie.

*I read most magazines and newspapers backwards.

*I am right-handed but write with a strong backslant. Anyone who sees my handwriting thinks that I am a leftie.

*I cannot stand the sound of someone whistling. It drives me utterly batty. I've had to leave stores because someone was whistling a jaunty tune. This is odd because I tend to whistle when I say the "s" sound. I sometimes drive my own self nutty.

Hmmm...that was actually easier than I thought. Perhaps I do have one or two little quirks going on over here. But, I am sure they are really all quite endearing. Denial is another one of my quirks.

As is my usual practice, I put this one out there for anyone who has the urge to do it. I really enjoyed the "6 Weird Things" posts so I'll be looking for this one when I'm blog surfing. I always somehow feel a bit better about my own little oddities when I see that others have a few of their own.

I'm hoping that the energy level picks up a bit around here. Normally this is the day where I prepare myself for the week ahead by ironing clothes, packing up some healthy snacks and girding my loins for another five days of teaching the masses. Today is a little different, though. With all the SPA, Mole Removal and Squirrel Pox going on I may have neglected to mention that I am free of my teaching responsibilities for the next week. That's right: I'm on vacation!!!! I can watch cartoons, knit and eat half-price, leftover valentines candy to my heart's content! There is a down-side, though...

Me 'n my quirks have a whole week to hang out and annoy each other.



Geraldine said...

A VERY interesting list of Quirks Sheep!!! I wouldn't expect anything less.

Hope all is well, just passing through....

Huggs, G

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the week. I would give anything to have the week off of work. I'm tired of sick people. Can't they go away?

Anonymous said...

You're hardly quirky except maybe the toe thing but that is a learned behavior.
Do you have anything special planned for vacation? Have fun whatever you do!

trek said...

Hi Sheepie - Wish you a quiet week off.

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on the shoelace thing. If I'm going to the gym after work, I get changed at work at the end of the day. Luke, my coworker, has a great time making fun of me because it takes me a good 5 or 10 minutes to get my shoelaces just right.

kmkat said...

Okay, I will consider myself tagged *sort of* because, really, it would be such an effort to come up with even six quirky things about normal little old me.

Yeah, right.

I have been back at work full time for exactly two weeks. Why does a week off sound so attractive?

Teri S. said...

Yes, I do think the Sheep is a bit quirky. But probably no more than the rest of us. Vacation! How I wish. I don't even get President's Day off. I'm sure you'll have a great week!

April said...

It scares me to no end that a lot of your quirks are my quirks. Except for that zombie thing. But substitute "snake" for "zombie" and you and I were separated at birth.

Beth said...

I wish we lived nearby since I have the week off, too. Think of how much fun we could have - knitting, eating pizza and chocolate, running from zombies...

B. said...

Hey Sheepie,

Have a great week off. Hopefully you'll be able to finally bounce back to your full health this week. I must admit...I'm still laughing about the "magical fart". My hubby and daughter are really into potty humour, so (*sigh*) they will love that story.

I'll sign on for the quirky things thing...hey, I always say that if your not quirky, your life must be a bore...okay, I guess I don't always say that. In fact, I've never said it. I hope people don't think I'm a compulsive liar. What if they think I lie about everything? I LOVE quirky! I really do!!! If you look up quirky in the dictionary, you'll see my picture. Ack! There I go again. Really my picture isn't in the dictionary. Of course it isn't! It's just a figure of speech...

...Quirky thing #1: I tend to get a little irrational and I worry about what others think about me.

Have a great day!

Mia said...

Enjoy your time off sheepie.. not to mention that candy.... but hey, the pepperoni pizza don't sound half bad right about now.. as long as it comes with a cocktail... Will 4:00 EVER get here??????

Kate said...

I thought I was the only one (okay me and Mr. Monk) who goes back to check the door. I once had a job that required me to lock up the store at the end of the night. I think I spent half my earnings on gasoline with all the turning around to just check the door again.