Wednesday, May 05, 2010

WNBP: The Yolk's On Me last!  Midweek!  This Wednesday is soon to be in the record books and I can call it one less in the Work Day Column.  We are grinding our way through this crazy school year and I can see the end of the tunnel.  If I squint and think really positive thoughts.  Should I fail to do that, I sort of only see a hazy gray that threatens to suffocate me.

You kind of have to ignore the hazy gray.  It will drive you nuts if you don't.  Let's see if we can come up with some bullet points for our midweek random posting.

*My director is one of those people who Does It All.

*Impeccable dresser.  

*Paperwork is flawless.

*Covers for those of us with less than flawless paperwork.

*Shows up at every weekly meeting with snacks.

*Most are derived from the bounty of her farm.

*The farm that gives her fresh apples for homemade coffee cake without ever soiling her perfect clothing.

*She has chickens.  They make eggs.  She can't possibly eat all of them.

*I said I'd take a few off her hands.  Thought I'd make a nice challah this weekend.

*She showed up today with eggs.

*Three dozen.

*Organic Used To Be Free Range Until The Hawks Came Chicken Eggs.

*I said right to the face of this impeccably dressed woman who does it all and who is also my boss:


*In my defense, that is a lot of eggs.

*The Cheerful Teaching Assistant took half a dozen.

*The Organized Teaching Assistant was supposed to take a dozen but forgot them.

*I have a lot of eggs here.

*I thought to myself:

*HOLY CRAP!  I cannot eat two and a half dozen eggs...

*Made a nice omelet for dinner.

*Wow.  I did not know from fresh eggs.

*It is entirely possible that I can eat two and a half dozen eggs.  Perhaps even in one sitting...

*I really should not have tried to knit my Invisibility Shawl during Deadliest Catch last night.

*Seriously.  This was a mistake.  I didn't mess up, but it was a near thing.

*Jake goes drifting under the boat during a questionable crew exchange.

*Almost lost my mind, for crying out loud...

*And, as God is my witness, if the Time Bandit ended up being sunk by those stupid onions I would have just given up on the whole crab fishing obsession completely.

*That would have been a straight up embarrassing way to shuffle off this mortal coil and don't even try to argue with me.

*I am so worried about the situation on the Cornelia Marie right now that I can barely function.

*Knowing what I know about the fate of Captain Phil makes me want to scream at his son.

*Which is a totally unproductive, not-at-all-helpful, and sort of crazy thing to do on a Tuesday night.

*Alone with my cats in a condo.

*There are tragic movies of the week about people who do those kinds of things...

*Achievement testing crawls forward at a horrible pace this week.  The kids are getting...cranky.

*I was in a state of despair over the scores until today.

*The new data isn't looking bad.  Two of my students raised a couple of scores by 9 points.

*Big jump on the scales for this test.

*I am ignoring the kids who are just randomly clicking on answers because they make me see that big, gray cloud and it makes me twitchy.

*I may walk away from this nightmare with a few wins and, since this wasn't what we expected, I'm calling it a happy surprise.

*I have a rash on my chin.  Don't like it.

*Don't think it's related to achievement testing, but who can say?

*I'm certain that the fresh eggs with the amazingly yellow yolks will clear it right up.

*And, if they don't, I'll be distracted enough by all the cranky test-takers and the need to not see gray clouds of suffocation that I won't really notice it.

Wednesday is inching towards the finish line and I've got me a belly full of eggs.  The test scores aren't as bad as I thought and Spring has sprung.  All in all, there's more to be happy about than not.  Who knows, I might even get that bread baked this weekend!  I'm feeling optimistic.

I should probably make some snacks for next week's Deadliest Catch now that I think of it.  I could do some extra bread or perhaps some brownies.  Knitting may not be the best choice given the stress level of this year's king crab season and heaven knows, I have enough eggs...



trek said...

You should make extra challah bread and deliver some unto Mommy Sheep this weekend!

April said...

Deadliest Catch is killing me ... KILLING ME. Although it was kinda humorous to see Fourtner running around in his undies. And yes for Russell getting kicked off another boat!

=Tamar said...

I'm told that angel cake uses up incredible numbers of egg whites, and there are other uses for the yolks.

Donna Lee said...

I love eggs. You made me hungry and all I had was cereal for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Angel food cake for the whites (yummy with sliced strawberries and whipped cream), hollandaise for the yolks (perfect over fresh asparagus, which is coming into season right now; even if you don't like vegetables, please make an exception for asparagus). Hollandaise is also essential in eggs Benedict, which would take care of a another egg or two.

Karen said...

I'm with April. I don't know how I'll survive this season of Deadliest Catch.
The eggs sound heavenly.

knitseashore said...

All this talk about eggs...I have an egg phobia...can only eat them in baked goods. If I received 3 dozen eggs, Chris would be in cake, muffin, and cookie HEAVEN. :) :) :) Or, I'd have to leave the house while he scrambled, poached, or fried the things. For some reason, can't do the smell. Weird, I know.

I'm so glad that there are some happy test surprises. If anyone can pull this off, we know you can, Sheepie.

Julia G said...

Farm fresh eggs sound delish! They would make a fantastic quiche and/or lemon meringue pie. I used to have a great recipe where you cook the lemon custard in the microwave--mmmm.... And if you knit that Invisibility Shawl fast enough, you can send it up to the Northwestern to cast out as a lifeline the next time they try a high-adrenaline crew exchange (darn near killed me too!)

Yarnhog said...

Fresh eggs are an entirely different thing than store-bought eggs. That's why we got chickens again. One of whom is now crowing proudly. I sincerely hope that the internet is correct and that dominant hens will crow in the absence of a rooster. Although I'm not sure it makes too much difference to my neighbors exactly whose crowing is waking them up at dawn.