Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WNBP: Chilly Feets With Notes Of Lemon

It is Wednesday and, once again, it feels like Thursday.  Except today it is a true feeling and not that fakey-fake Thursday Feeling that always hurts so bad once I realize that I'm not as close to the weekend as I thought.  Still gonna knock out a Wednesday Night Bullet Post, though.  You can't go too far with the Thursday Feeling or it loses something.  Here's this week's random tidbits:

*It was cold and rainy today.

*Very cold.

*My classroom was virtually deserted.

*Too cold for kids to venture out, I guess.

*Lots of dead time in a day that should have been hoppin'!

*I wore sandals today because it is May and that is what one does with one's feet in May.

*I was so cold I could do little but complain about how cold my toes were all day.

*Extra time+cold feet=desire to knit socks.

*Yeah.  That's right.  I knit.  

*If you need to get the smelling salts, I'll wait for a minute.

*I put in for a personal day this morning so I could take Friday off.

*Doctor's appointment.

*And a birthday check waiting to be spent frivolously.

*Day was approved within an hour.

*Hence, today is my Thursday.

*Complete with the appropriate Thursday Feeling.

*Had lots of time to plan for my absence today.

*And catch up on paperwork.

*Until I got bored with all that nonsense and sat down to knit with Spunky Girl and the Cheerful Teaching Assistant.

*Figured out a solution to the coffee maker problem.

*It has a fail safe that keeps the machine from running if the cover isn't shut tightly.

*Cover won't latch.

*2.5 pound weight on the lid keeps latch in place.

*Coffee comes out in a blessed brown stream of caffeinated goodness.

*Most everything is rigged up around here these days.

*I'm the master of the "quick fix."

*Now the coffee maker fits in nicely with the classy decorating scheme.

*Should probably put a few strips of duct tape on it just for good measure...

*Thanks for all the suggestions re: the coffee maker

*I am not getting a french press, though.

*Do you realize you are suggesting that I put the kettle on and then GO TO WORK????

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty will see it and think how cool it would be to write messages in lemon juice and then make the magic words appear over the burner.

*Except he'll get distracted and drop the paper to go watch birds and then the whole manse will go up in flames!

*All because someone thought I should get a fancy french press.

*And maybe because it's not only the AGK who has problems staying focused...

*Automatic Shut Off Feature is my friend.

*Otherwise I spend hours and hours not teaching children while I think about the flames licking away at my cupboards.

*OTOH, a french press might be nice on the weekends...

*Maybe with my mad money?

*A nice cup of hot coffee would be good tonight what with the chill in the air.  

*I'll just have to hide the lemon juice from the AGK...

And there you have it!  A Wednesday complete with coffee, cold feet, some knitting and an appropriate Thursday kind of feeling!  I wonder if tomorrow will feel like Friday or if I'll have to wait for the actual day?  I'll have to make a note to myself so I remember to check on the feelings.

Maybe I'll do it in magic lemon juice writing...



trek said...

Hate it when I am on the road and wondering if I turned off the appropriate electrical device here. Automatic shut off sounds nice.

Except on the heating pad.

Lynne said...

Good to see your coffee needs are taken care of so easily! ;-)

Enjoy your Friday off.

Mel said...

Okay, French press and an electric kettle to heat the water. Those generally turn off automatically once they heat the water to boiling.

Beth said...

A birthday check? I guess I missed the post where you told us it was your birthday. So happy birthday! Enjoy your day off!

Knitting Linguist said...

You'd just have to get one of those nifty automatic kettle jobbies (with the automatic shut-off) to go with your french press! But actually, I rather like your McGyver-esque approach to appliance repair :)

Kath said...

I dunno, whether or not the coffee maker now fits in with the decor really has everything to do with what that 2.5 weight happens to be, yes? I mean, if it's a demure solid block of dark metal that's one thing. But if it should happen to be a bright fuschia plastic-coated mini-barbell, well now we're talking! (Says the woman who uses dive weights and barbells to keep cats out of closets. :/)

Verification word: fulameou...Yes, we are Fulla Meow here!

Donna Lee said...

It was unseasonably cold here the past two days. I have had woolen socks and a sweater on. In May. Something wrong with this picture.

I have off next Wed, Thur, Fri and the holiday Mon. I keep telling myself to just get through the next few days.....

=Tamar said...

Your solution sounds perfect. I am also a fan of the Automatic Shut-Off. I heat water in the microwave and then pour it into the drip coffee maker. It's cold here, too; I'm still dressing for winter and sleeping under the down comforter, but most days I can eliminate the coat.

Anonymous said...

Your solution to your coffeemaker problem is green and ecologically sound! If a 2-1/2 pound weight and/or a little duct tape solve your problem, you have just saved some finite amount of fossil fuel from being burning and refrained from expanding your carbon footprint accordingly.

There, don't you feel proud?

Karen said...

It's May and I'm still wearing wool socks. Of course my feet are cold most of the time.
Enjoy your Friday off.