Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WNBP: What A Difference A Week Makes...

Happy Wednesday, my bloggy buddies!  I just happened to take a gander at last week's post and chuckled at how chilly I was back in those happy, halcyon days.  Suffice it to say, this Wednesday Night Bullet Post will not include commentary on my chilly feet.

*I was promised a cooler day today.  PROMISED.

*Yesterday, my car told me it was 91 degrees when I left the school to drag my soggy self home.

*Today it said that the temperature was 93.

*I've done the math.

*That is not cooler.

*That is hotter.

*I was lied to...

*I got stuck in a meeting after school.

*Then I had to pick up a prescription.

*No knitting this afternoon.

*No workout this afternoon.

*I imagine that Wii Fit will have something to say about that when I eventually wander back for some electronic emotional abuse.

*Am currently working my way through the Dresden Files novels. 

*One down.  Now plowing through  Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, Book 2)

*Very good.

*Would be better if I hadn't read Simon R Green's Nightside Novels first, though.

*Once you read Something from the Nightside (Nightside, Book 1) you'll sort of be stuck in that world and unable to fight your way free of it.

*Poor Harry...he just never gets a break.  Not even from a late-to-the-party reader.

*Still enjoying them, though.

*Oh!  That was a breeze!  Right through my window!!!

*The temperature dropped about ten degrees in an hour and it's much more bearable now.

*But I'm still operating on the Remembered Heat Principle and nothing short of arctic conditions will help at this point.

*Looks like rain.  Maybe even a thunderstorm.

*Great.  The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty hates thunderstorms.

*He's moved into the aggressive phase of our mutual mourning period.

*Thunder should make for an interesting evening...

*Big scratch on my arm.  Another on my elbow.

*Attacked my pajama leg last night and pretty much pants me right there in my own living room.

*I swear I'm getting him a big dog to play with.

*Can't do that.  It would be wrong.

*Big dogs don't deserve that kind of abuse.

*Ahhhh...another breeze!  

*Still not going to knit or talk to Wii Fit.

*Rules are rules.  

*The Cheerful Teaching Assistant left the school today a single woman.

*She's taking Thursday and Friday off.

*Next time I see her, she'll be all married and stuff.

*Hard to believe.  They grow up so fast...

*I'd cry, but I don't want to waste precious fluids and become dehydrated in the heat.

*But I'm so happy for her, I could bust!!!!!

I think I've run out of steam.  Actually, it's still kind of steamy here at the manse what with all the humidity and whatnot, but I don't have any myself.  I hope that everyone had a wonderful Wednesday and that maybe the temperatures were a little more conducive to things like walking, talking and breathing where you are.  I'm going to sign off now.

If you need me, I'll be standing in front of the fan and wrestling my pajama leg away from the resident attack cat.



Gracey is not my name.... said...

Not cool here and we had to take a literacy test after school today. mandatory all K-8 teachers. It was a doozy!

I sat outside and read to my class, as it was student melting temperature in the classroom.

Georgi said...

I am shivering because the AC in my office works toooo well. Maybe you should turn on the AC???

Lauren said...

Hey there Annie,

The things I do to find you for a reference letter. Truly enjoy your blogs...almost as good as listening to your rants in person! Would you shoot me an email at me for my lapse of blogging etiquette...these are desperate times...Thanks...Lauren Reece

Hats. With Ears said...
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Hats. With Ears said...

Oops, wrong tense.

I'm reading the Dresden Files - I'm a few books ahead of you though.

And yeah, Harry can't catch a break at all.

trek said...

Take it from someone who has read all of the Dresden Files: Harry rarely catches a break. But the later volumes show lots of writer growth and stuff!

PS - We are looking at 83° here at the moment as well. Down about ten Fahrenheits from the peak of the day when the poor FiOS dude was playing pole jockey... I gave him half a gallon of iced tea.

Beth said...

The thunderstorm might bring cooler weather with it, right? We had rain today and it's pretty muggy this evening.

Karen said...

I don't think it's fair to go from 60 to 90 in a matter of days without a good stop in the 70s and 80s. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I read the first Dresden Files book and liked it. Don't know why I didn't continue. Must remedy that. I also watched a bunch of episodes on Hulu. Cute show; too bad I am not 100% retired so I could watch stuff like that all day.

The cooler weather is coming. We had that awful 90˚+ on late Sunday through Tuesday, but Wednesday and Thursday were absolutely gorgeous perfect early summer days. Hang on, relief is on the way!

Awww for the CTA! Should we all start knitting baby clothes and stuff for her?

Bob & Phyllis said...

Lovelovelove Harry Dresden!!! He never seems to catch a break, but it gets better in the later books, I think.

Not sure a dog will help. Edward the cat plays with the bassets (white tip on a basset tail is!!), but the bassets get back at him. Last week it was goosing him into the terlet bowl when the cat was perched on the rim.... *sigh*

Cursing Mama said...

We got a big dog,which Benny is vehemently opposed to. So opposed to that every time they cross paths Benny swats the dog on the nose just to remind everyone what a bad idea it was. Jack kinda likes the dog, but that's only because it helps get him more treats.

Knitting Linguist said...

Interesting -- we read Harry Dresden before Simon Green, and had the same feeling, but in reverse. They really must bear a serious relationship to one another for that to happen... Have you read the Green series that starts with The Man With the Golden Torc? Very fun...

mehitabel said...

Temps here in the land of the Usually Hot were in the low 60's all day. I am enjoying it before summer gets here and it's blast furnace time all day, every day. And you know how they say desert heat is dry heat? Well, we must have ruined this desert because now we get the humidity too.
You may need to get the AGK his own kitten. It worked for Hi-Hi. Simon does not know he's supposed to be the big cat's toy and therefore fights back. PS, my verification word is "hobbes" so maybe a little tiger, a la Calvin &?)

Donna Lee said...

Today was better. Not so hot and tomorrow will be a positively frigid 60!

My cat wandered around yelling for days and he was the quiet brother. I couldn't seem to comfort him and he has now decided that under the Ott light is his favorite place to sit. On my lap (he is not a lap cat). I keep hoping he will calm down but the yelling continues.

Good luck to the CTA!

Kath said...

Well hello to global weirding - here in "Sunny SoCal" it was overcast and cloudy and freakin' cold today. I was out driving around all day (in open golf cart) and never took my jacket off. That is just wrong.

Big Geek Knit Blog said...

Do you remember how cold it was on Mother's Day? That was what 3 weeks ago?

It snowed here. Now it's a bajillion degrees.

They said it would rain here too but they lied.

Leslie said...

I loved the Dresden series so I followed your suggestion for the Nightside and read the first book yesterday. I'm hooked! I get the best tips for good books from you. Thanks!

Yarnhog said...

It is entirely too easy for me to spend too much money on Kindle books when you provide Amazon links to them. Case in point: it only took me two seconds to buy the books you mentioned just now.

Julia G said...

The weather is delightfully cool and fresh again after we were parboiled in the high '90's on Wednesday. The holiday weekend forecast looks promising -- enjoy!

Cathy said...

Are you sure about the big dog? How about a sheltie? Mine likes to herd all the cats.

And just think of the lovely undercoat you can spin. Your very own fiber animal. Wait, don't you already have one?