Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday Worked Out!

Sheepie does love mid-week posting.  Who knew that my needing to do shorter, less coherent blogging when I was taking that stupid class a while back would lead to a whole new way of looking at Wednesdays?  There is nothing quite like being able to just write anything and everything and not worry about whether a line of thought is being followed!  

Let's take a look at this week's Wednesday Night Bullet Post:

*It's odd.  When you complain about your schedule and being forced into meetings and other unfun things that get in the way of your doing stuff you like, suddenly you get a break.  

*The hours for teachers at my school are, at the minimum, 7:15-3:00.  

*Unless you have a morning duty, then you have to be there at 7:00

*I made it out the door at 3:00 on the dot this afternoon.  I even waved to the assistant principal as I passed through those glass doors to freedom!

*Here's the current progress on the hat I've been knitting:

I put the Very Scary Fuzzy Squeaky Duckie on there just for snorts and giggles.  One needs to lighten up hat-frogging whenever possible.

*Just wave to the nice duckie and let it go.  We need not speak of this.  Ever.  I cannot count.  I cannot come up with a number divisible by seven when needed.  I am shamed beyond all belief.

*I cast on again, though.  I did this while I was riding the little exercise bike this afternoon.  

*I had the time to do a very nice, long workout today.  

*Also had plenty of time to decimate a hat.  

*Obligatory Cute Kitty Pictures Because I Know You Love 'Em:

*The Collapsible Cat Cave is beginning to shred.  The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty has played with it until it can take no more.  

*They do not have any left at the Dollar Store.  I checked.

*I guess I'll have to buy one at the "real" store and pay more than a dollar.  ::sigh::

*Has anyone else out there tried BYKI?  It's a neat little language program and the express version is free.

*You won't get much in the way of grammar instruction, but it is a great way to practice short phrases and vocabulary when you are studying a new language.

*I am the worst at learning new languages.  I'm pretty good with English.  Everything else is shaky.

*I need all the help I can get.  Free help is a very good thing.

*BYKI stands for "Before You Know It."

*Just so you know...

*Today at school we had an Evacuation Drill.  That's where we gather up 500 kids, exit the building and go to another location.  We do this by walking them down the road about a quarter of a mile.

*I'll just let you sit with that for a minute.  Let it sink in.  

*500 middle school kids...

*Before I left school today, I noticed that two ceiling tiles had come down.  They are the ones that cover up that hatch leading to the roof.  

*There's a ladder that is mostly covered up and locked so kids can't climb out, but now the top part of said ladder is exposed and easily accessed by those willing to stand on a desk.

*I pointed this out to the custodian.  I then pointed it out to the assistant principal.  There was a certain amount of lukewarm concern expressed.  Everyone agreed that this sort of thing should probably be taken care of.  I didn't get much in the way of a timeline, though...

*Then I observed how this might make a handy escape route for a certain teacher who agreed to take The Bad Job At The Middle School That No One Else Wants Because They Screwed It Up So Badly Last Year And Which Also Requires Taking Kids Who Don't Listen Very Well Out For Evacuation Drills. 

* In fact, I opined that maybe they could just leave that hatch nice and open for a while.  You know...just for fun.

*They are currently working on fixing the problem.

*It's really all in how you phrase things, I guess...

Hope your Wednesday was a pleasant one.  May you find the escape routes you need to get to where you'd rather be and not have to herd 500 middle schoolers in the process!  



knitseashore said...

It sounds like you had a much better day today (if having time to exercize and having to frog the hat is better?). It sounds like the administrators are finally beginning to learn *your* language, LOL.

Keep the cute kitty pictures coming. We love 'em!!

Knitting Linguist said...

My goodness. My mind is boggling. Evacuation drills sound like one of the Dantean circles of hell.

Thanks for the language learning link! Being a linguist and all, I suppose I really should know more languages than English, French, and a smattering of Pomo, right? Besides, I should try to keep up with my ten-year-old's spanish, just to be sure she's not learning all the swear words first.

Kath said...

Damn, that could be a very long and messy quarter mile. Guess you couldn't have them walk in pairs holding onto a rope like they do with the preschoolers here, hunh? Oh I know - duct tape!

Julie said...

500 middle schoolers - EWWWW YUCK! I'd rather escort 500 zombies!

trek said...

Escape hatch. Cute.

Karen said...

I hope those missing ceiling tiles exposing the hatch isn't some sort of premonition for you to escape as soon as possible.
Sorry about the hat...

Donna Lee said...

Hey, I have a hat that looks almost just like that (different color)! We still have evacuation drills in my building. Adults leave a potentially dangerous building with a decided laziness. And then we all congregate across the strees, less than 50 feet away. It the building is going to explode, I want more than 50 feet between me and the flying bricks!

scienceprincess said...

Dear Lord. I can't even imagine . . . That's a lot of middle school kids.

I am also frogging a hat. I knitted it and it turns out that the pattern is for people with VERY small heads. ALso short heads.

I suppose I could have measured it, or done a swatch or something, but that's logical and annoying.

Hope today requires fewer escape hatches.

Cursing Mama said...

Wait a saying you are in charge of middle school kids that don't listen very well you are implying that there ARE middle school kids that listen! I would please like one that comes with ears that not only work but also work in conjunction with the brain! :)

I bet you could knit a cat cave.....

Lorraine said...

Oooo - knit a cat cave. Perhaps that's the answer to the whole knitting basket as toy issue.

Or not. Harley found out that Barbie clothes make wonderful cat toys. Doh!

catsmum said...

a few years ago I downloaded BYKI's guide to Gaelic and that is as far as it got