Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wednesday And Side Dish

Welcome to Wednesday night at Sheepish Annie's!  It's the home of The Wednesday Night Bullet Post and a time when we can just all sit back while we enjoy the random.  Here's what's been going on since last we met:

*I got up bright and early this morning and did the first half of the last workout of the week before the heat 'n humidity hit too hard.

*Aren't I just the diligent little worker bee?  I believe you might even call me virtuous.  

*Then, in an ongoing attempt to pretend that I have really been a healthy sort of person for the first half of my life, I headed out to the local Farmer's Market.

*I'll just give you a minute to recover from that.  I know that it is a little shocking to think of me strolling amongst the vegetable matter...  

*The pickings were slim, if you'll excuse the metaphor.  The midweek version of this affair isn't really all that much of a money-maker for the vendors.  But I'd rather go on a Wednesday and have less from which to choose than go on Saturday when there are fifty million other people there.

*As it was, I had to stand for five minutes waiting to pay for my meager purchases while a rather gaunt looking woman extolled the virtues of her gluten-free, no carb, all-leaves-all-the-time diet.  She said she'd never felt better.

*I had my cell phone out just in case she needed an ambulance.  She did not look well.  Not well at all.

*I didn't get much.  But I found some rather tasty looking 'taters alongside some brand new baby garlic.  There's this one local farm that puts out a mighty fine head 'o garlic.  

*And I'll just bet that they never, ever find themselves infested with vampires.

*The next stop on my Tour Of Virtuous Behavior was the bookstore.  I didn't really need to go to the bookstore.  But they are one of those independent, employee-owned stores and it is always good to support those.

*Did I mention my incredible virtue?  

*Virtue outweighs the fact that we didn't really need anything at the bookstore.  

*Besides, is there really but one definition of 'need?'  The whole concept is really open to interpretation if you ask me.

You do what you have to in order that the local merchants feel the love.

*As it was already fairly toasty in here come dinner time, it didn't seem like it would make a huge difference if I fired up the oven and roasted some garlic, potato and onion for dinner.  Then I sprinkled the whole crusty affair with some fresh herbs.  I finished the it off with a liberal dusting of fresh, grated Parmesan.

*I don't think I will admit to you just how much I wanted to douse the whole thing in ketchup.  That doesn't make me seem like a gourmet or one who is virtuous with the vegetables.

*Although there are some who consider anything made from a vegetable to be a vegetable.  

*The lights just flickered.  We may be having a power issue in the near future.  Thunderstorms can be tricky for the virtuous blogger/vegetable eater.

*I didn't knit much today because of the heat.  But I read a little from the new knitting book and this counts as knitterly behavior.  

*It's the best I can do.  It is still kind of hot up here.

*Obligatory Cute Cat Picture:

*Tomorrow is supposed to be much cooler and maybe I can knit something for you.  Or actually touch wool without sticking to it.

*Photographing the garlic and potatoes was a little tricky.  Kitties can't have garlic.  I needed to distract them.  Fortunately, I also went to The Greenies Store (aka the pet store) today as it's right next to the Farmer's Market.  That took care of the Big, Fluffy Kitty.  But Absurdly Gi-normous Kitties do not like Greenies.  

*This had me stumped for a while.

*But, after seeing my handsome boy's reaction to the freeze dried turkey that the vet gave him, I thought I might be able to come up with something.

*I did.  He really likes these.  The photo shoot was carried out without harm to garlic sniffing kitties as everyone was happily distracted.

*Although there was a minor scuffle over dining territory.  We are still working on the kitty love around here. seems that the rains have decided to come down in a more aggressive manner.  As much as I am enjoying the drop in temperature, I am not sure that this is the best time to be hanging out on a computer.  Hence, I shall wish you a pleasant Wednesday and remind you all to eat your vegetables.

Don't you want to grow up to be strong and virtuous like Auntie Sheepie?



Anonymous said...

Your dinner sounds yummy to me (but I would have added the ketchup).

trek said...

Working out AND eating vegetables on the same day?!

Who are you and what have you done with my friend Sheepie?

Anonymous said...

Cats cannot have garlic? Surely that rule does not apply to Kats. If it does, I demand a recount.

Kath said...

Wow, the dinner sounds deelish!

But yes, distracting the kitties during a photo shoot can be challenging, 'specially when they outnumber you. I've taken a photo, put it up, and not realized one of the critters was in it until someone told me months later!

April said...

Don't say it, April.

Oh c'mon, I gotta.

April, that's rude.

Just this once, k?

Jeebus ...

"Sheepie, so glad you hit The G Spot today!"

Mizzle said...

I'm quite sure I read somewhere that the US government was trying to define ketchup as a serving of vegetables - it would make school lunches seem healthier.

Actually, though, in a way processed tomatoes are actually better for you (than fresh ones) because they deliver more lycopene, which helps prevent cancer. Or so the scientists say. :)

Mia said...

But what I really want to know is.... has the yowling, and crying and meowing stopped? Does having two big huge fluffy kitties help matters?

I'm willing to try anything short of a baby sling cuz that's the only thing that keeps her quiet is if I'm petting her or she's sitting on me.

Oh, and that dinner sounds so healthy I had to cringe. I've been eatin' a lot of M & Ms lately.

Donna Lee said...

Ronald Regan said ketchup was totally a vegetable. And we all know how smart he was. I love farmer's markets but hate the crowds of people they attract. And I overestimate my love of vegetables because they always look so pretty and healthful. I buy them and then feel honor bound to cook and eat them. I wish I liked them more.

Anonymous said...

Is the heat getting to you??? You are vegetables without a pizza underneath! All this after working out. The heat must have gotten to you!

Knitting Linguist said...

Mmm...roasted potatoes and garlic and onions. We may have to try that around here sometime very soon. How's the book? I keep looking at it and putting it down because it's a hardback (not virtuous, I'm just too lazy to hold a hardback while reading).

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

yum! Unfortunately my favorite cookies come from the Farmer's Market and are only there on Saturdays so I have to brave the crowds.

Cursing Mama said...

We have special treats in our house too because Benny refuses to eat any except for some milk & cheese jobs. Jack will eat ANYTHING. Even fuzz.

debsnm said...

I decided a long time ago that since chocolate comes from the cocoa PLANT, it is now a vegetable. So, I eat my veggies whenever I can (could be why I'm pretty much the exact opposite of the gluten-free, all-veggie, all the time lady, but we manage).

Anne said...

Cats can't have garlic? Not that mine have ever expressed an interest -- but there, I guess I have learned my new thing for the day. Now I can stop paying attention.

Beth said...

Lucky you - fresh garlic is the best! We grew some one year and I've been craving it ever since.

Geraldine said...

Wow, did I miss something BIG at the Sheeps! Who is this gorgeous fella? I am so glad that you brought a new kitty into the home. He is gorgeous with a capital G!!! Congrats on the new family member.

Hugs, G