Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It's Random And We Like It!

Another Wednesday is upon us and it is time for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  There were a few concerns expressed in the comments yesterday regarding the lack of kitty pictures.  As I am one of those Eager To Please types, let me see if I can scatter a few in tonight for your viewing pleasure.  I may have one or two shots of the resident felines...

*It seems that the tourists have arrived.  I was wondering if they were planning on coming this year.

*They were.  They were just delayed what with having to save up the gas money and all.  Today, they landed.

*They landed at the grocery store, if you want me to be really specific about it.  There were also one or two sitting at the traffic light just before you get to the grocery store.  I am assuming, given their not moving when the light turned green,  that they are just overwhelmed with the joy of finally getting here.

*I wanted to tell them that they were wasting gas just sitting there, but I didn't have the nerve to actually do it.

*I started a shawl today.  

*That's a lie.  I started it two days ago.  But today was the day I ripped it and had to start over.

*I did a pretty amazing job on the garter stitch border.  It was perfection!

*It was that first row in the lace pattern that got me.  The first, freakin' row...

*It's for the best.  I really should have done a knitted cast on in the first place.  I'm thinking that this was the Universe's way of pointing that out.

*The reason I went to the grocery store today was so I wouldn't have to go out tomorrow and could just stay home, maybe bake the bread for Friday's Fourth Of July lunch.  I thought that having a day to just stay in and be all house-wifey would be rather nice.

*I forgot.  There's that whole Joys Of Middle Aged Womanhood thing to deal with.

*Mammogram and bone density testing.  I still haven't heard back about the vitamin D test.  

*I'm assuming that no news is good news and that I am chock full of the D.

*I probably shouldn't isn't the first time my doctor's office forgot to tell me something.

*To date, she's forgotten that I was taking blood pressure medicine, to call and let me know that I had pneumonia and she couldn't, for the life of her, understand why I was asking to have another bone density test.

*She forgot that I have Osteopenia.  And early onset menopause.  

*She did not forget that I was due for the stupid mammogram, though.  We are the same age and due for them at the same time...

*They have recently switched over to digital mammography in my area.  Which means that there is a 236% chance I will have to have it redone.  Comparing the digital view to the old stuff always seems to result in them "seeing something."

*The doc remembered to tell me not to be overly concerned when I get that call.

*I am now back to row 2 of the garter stitch border on the stupid shawl.

*I guess I could bring that with me to the Women's Center as a waiting room project.  I can knit garter stitch pretty handily under most circumstances.

*Even while wearing a hospital gown.

*I did not knit on the sock today.  That is a waiting room contender, too...

*Hey, did anyone else see the advertisement for the X-Files movie?  I did not know about this!

*Can I get a SQUEEEEEEEEE?  

*I'm a geek.  I admit it.  I actually purchased my second cell phone because it looked like the one Scully used.  

*When I answered it, I would simply say, "Scully."  You I was really her and answering my phone all FBI-ish, terse and professional-like? 

*Geek.  Very, very big geek.

Happy Wednesday, Folks!  The mid-week is now past us and there is naught but mammograms and weekend television in our futures!  In celebration, I leave you with this last shot:

I Can Haz Hed Skritches?!



crzjane said...

I also came across tourists here in Berkshire County. Saturday, I went to the grocery store. It was a moment of insanity. There were out in force.
I love the kitty pictures! Keep 'em coming!
Have fun tomorrow! Just keep repeating to yourself, "I Can knit shawls". It worked for me!

Julie said...

Okay, that last picture really did me in! Too sweet. AGK loves his head skritches, doesn't he? Is that BFK giving you a SQUEEE? Hmmm, she doesn't really look all that thrilled.

Tourists were out in force here today also; I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make the left hand turn into the parking lot at work after lunch and might have to just keep going straight to the beach. Then I realized that I'd be there WITH the tourists - ICK!

Julie said...

p.s. Are you bringing your fine china to the cook out; you aren't going to serve your bread on it are you?

Leigh said...

Excellent injection of kitty pix. Also, I empathize about the lace. But then, me and lace knitting don't seem to get along too well.

kmkat said...

We don't exactly get tourists, but it seems that everyone in the Twin Cities took this week off from work so they could come to their (or their brother's or parents' or in-laws' or third-cousin-twice-removed's) cabin in Polk County, Wisconsin. Wal-Mart and the Big Supermarket (biggest in the county) were downright nasty today. It reminded me of how much I prefer living here; there is almost never more than one person in a line for anything, anywhere.

The kitty pictures were heart-warming, thanks :-)

Ruth said...

I am completely besotted with AGK. I realize that BFK doesn't share these sentiments, but hope that she'll come around in time ... to bemused tolerance, if nothing else.

He really is the most skritchable cat.

Kath said...

Oh yes - kitty pix make it all better now!

And our tourists starting arriving Memorial Weekend but it is 4th of July when the insanity peaks. I will be doing my grocery shopping at dawn tomorrow and then retreat to the safety of my tiny apartment for the weekend to escape the hordes. Is it so bad that someone referred to the tourists as Visigoths????

Mia said...

Oh yeah - love that last picture AND caption *grin*. Lizabella loves to get her face "smooshed" hehehe. Although if she doesn't leave me alone for 5 minutes this morning, she's gonna get somethin' ELSE smooshed!

trek said...

Oh, yes, the Summer People have also arrived here. We shall not speak of this for fear of engendering more of the stressfulness.

Instead, we shall ask when the Sheepie is mailing us some of the Cheesey Bread and point out that we "started" a sock on 29 June. It has now be re-assigned a start date of 02 July due to operator stupidity. You are allowed to do that.

Oh, and my allergist's office yesterday didn't let me knit in the waiting room: they shuffled me right in and Dr PreciousMetal appeared so quickly that all I could do was cast on a new SJ Gym Crew for Neatnik and stuff it back into the bag.

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

omg! i had a dream I was being chased by zombies last night! I haven't seen any zombie movies lately so I'm thinking it's a sign of things to come. Just wanted to give you a heads up!

Army_Wifey08 said...

well I'm glad your fluffy kitties are relaxing, while my fluffy kitty continues to rampage the house, attacking toes, climbing screen doors, attacking hair. oh the usual.

Donna Lee said...

We don't have tourists in our town but we have the drive-bys. These are the folks who jam up the bridges/roadways on their way to the shore. Traffic is horrendous and I am so glad I don't drive out of the city everyday. I sit on the train and go over the bridge and feel sorry for the cars sitting there and sitting there and sitting there. Have a Happy Fourth!

Yarnhog said...

Around here, it's easy to pick out the tourists. They're the ones in the water...without wetsuits. (We native Southern Californians are a tender lot, and that 60 degree water is COLD. The Midwesterners hop right in, even in midwinter.)

Great kitty picture!