Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Your speech returns me clearly home."*

I'm sure that many of you may recall the dark days of December last.  Except that no one really knew they were dark because I couldn't bring myself to tell anyone that my Smaller, Less Fluffy Kitty had been diagnosed with a very aggressive fibrosarcoma in late November.  Or that my whole stupid life was revolving around writing checks to the vet and coming up with ever more creative bargaining offers to present to The Fates.  But the days were, in fact, quite dark and they got darker still.  And then, the day after Christmas, there was no more Smaller, Less Fluffy Kitty.

Well...there sort of is.  She's still here.  Except that she is in a jar and that is nowhere near the same as having her here in fluffy form.

I did what I suppose most people do at that point.  I began frantically searching for a new cat.  The Big, Fluffy Kitty was rather lost without her nemesis and had no one with whom to share her daily reflections on life.  She was sharing them with me non-stop.  And I was paralyzed by the thought that she might also fall ill and then who would be the Fluffy One around here?  I was ready to take home the first thing that crossed my path with vaguely cat-like features.  It is only by the grace of some higher power that I didn't just bring home a squirrel or something.

Finally, I came to the realization that I was really just trying to make everything go back to the way it was.  I wanted it fixed.  And that seemed like an awful lot of responsibility for someone small and fluffy.  I needed to wait a bit.  The time wasn't right.  So I sat down and waited.  

The BFK continued to chatter non-stop.  She never used to talk this much.  And when I say 'talk' I mean howl, yowl and yodel.  Still, I waited.  

People asked me weekly if I'd considered getting another cat.  I'd just smile and tell them, "not yet."  I continued to wait.

Finally...the time was right.  I woke up knowing that the day had come.  It might have had something to do with the fact that a certain Fluffy One was babbling merrily away in my face in the very wee hours of the morning.  But I like to think that I just knew the time was right in something of a more mystical sense.

I am a sucker for a sob story.  I'm not the girl who goes out looking for a furry friend who has a pedigree or who knows what the salad fork looks like.  I gravitate towards the ones who seem to need a little of the good stuff to finally come their way.  

I am an Animal Shelter's dream come true.

Meet Prometheus:

Yes.  It is a very blurry picture.  And yes.  That is a ceiling fixture.

Cut me some slack.  Quality photography is tricky when you are frantically tossing Greenies treats to a madly hissing BFK  below while simultaneously dodging your collection of vintage/vintage-looking tins as they are flung at you from above. 

Let's take a look at the stats, why don't we?

History:  Poor, sad stray kitty who has maintained a gentle demeanor in spite of it all.

Age:  Approx. 1 year.

Color:  Orange and White.  And pink.  Because most of his fur had to be shaved off due to horrific matting.  (are we starting to see how I might be unable to resist this kitty?)

Weight:  Somewhere between seven and eight thousand pounds.  This is an absurdly gi- normous kitty.  Heaven help me if he turns out to be a lap cat.  I'll need some sort of pulley system to remove him if I need to go get a brownie.  

And yet, he is remarkably good at hiding.  I have spent many hours today trying to locate this large mass of feline.  We are in the "adjustment" stage of the process.

And the BFK?  To say that she is unimpressed by this turn of events would be an understatement.  She sounds like she's sprung a leak.  This is very much unlike her usual, placid self, but not really all that unusual when kitties start negotiating territory.  I dealt with far worse from The Smaller, Less Fluffy Kitty when I brought her a new sister.  They will work it out.  For now, everyone has decided to take turns in the open and that seems to work.

But I still had to go out and buy her a new scratchy box before she would speak to me again.  Which is ironic since the whole idea behind getting a new kitty was to give her someone else to whom she could blather on about Greenies and the joys of organic catnip.

She is considering the offer.  Her lawyers will be getting back to me sometime before the weekend.

She'll come around.  Her new brother is a beautiful boy and sweet beyond what one could ever hope to see in someone who has wandered for so long without a family to call his own.  The time was right and the right cat came home today.  I think Prometheus will bring a much needed spark to the place.  

For anyone in the Portland area of Maine who is also thinking about bringing some fluff and excitement to their lair, please consider The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.  Due to over-crowding, they currently have most of their cats on clearance.  Cats aged one and over are a mere twenty-five dollars while older animals and those with special needs are eligible for a waived fee.  It is the perfect time to bring a new friend into your life, microchipped, fully vaccinated and with a free vet exam if you so desire.  There were so many beautiful animals there who narrowly escaped being crammed into my car so I could just have them all as my own.  They have also streamlined the adoption process so that you can take home your new friend today with a minimum of papery fuss.  Heck, they'll even provide the carrier if you happened to fling yours into the dumpster after you got it back from the vet that last time because you maybe couldn't stand to look at it for even another second.  Or if you just can't find yours...

But you can't have this one.  He is mine.  And, to answer the question that is on everyone's mind right now, let me assure you that it is a rousing no.  He has not once touched the yarn.  

It was meant to be.

SA    *Tonight's post title is from "Prometheus Bound"


Donna Lee said...

The decision to adopt again is a tough one. All of my animals were shelter animals. It seems unconscionable to buy a kitten at a store when there are so many waiting for love. I would probably have more cats if our town didn't have a 2 cat/dog per family policy. Prometheus looks so zen like in the photos.

Lorraine said...

Welcome, Prometheus! Hope the adjustment period goes well. It IS hard to decide when it's TIME! At least you'll have something interesting to write about in your, "What I did over Summer Vacation" essay in the fall.

errs said...

I hope Prometheus adds more joy to your life. Just keep BFK stuffed with catnip and greenies, eventually she'll come around.

Bridget said...

Hooray for you! And for Prometheus, now that he has a great family!

We had an orange kitty, who was also a big cat, but one of the sweetest ever.

Thanks for the story and the pictures!

Knitting Linguist said...

He's wonderful! My husband asks, given his size, whether the BFK has now become the SMK?

It's tough to know when the right time is; we're struggling with that now. I'm glad it was the right time right as he was around to come home with you!

Beth said...

I'm so happy for you! Prometheus (cool name!) is one lucky cat to be living with a benevolent sheep and the BFK.

Kath said...

Oh excellent news! I'm sure BFK will accept her new sibling soon, it's just a matter of territory issues - they'll work it out. And I've seen other multiple cat homes that function on a "time share" arrangement!

I'm sure you already know how pleased I am that you took an adult cat home from the shelter. Prometheus looks like a big love, and he is blessed to have found you!

April said...


Give him to ME!

How come you get all the cool kitties and I get stuck with Miss Gas Ass and Mr. Duh?

Act Three said...

May Bast herself shower you with blessings. Male "Marmalade" cats are simply the best...and it should not take BFK too long to recognize your wisdom. Infinite patience is rewarded with eternal delight. Welcome Promethus (and, just to be sure, hide the matches).

catsmum said...

Sophie and Oakley were wondering if you'd like to give MissC refugee status and maybe take the grandkittens as well.
Oakley is also of the opinion that all large orange boys need to be owned by either a sheep or a catsmum
Prometheus is a gorgeous boy

btw it's $150 for a kitten or $80 for a cat from our local RSPCA shelter. Probably just as well or I'd already be the Crazy Cat Lady instead of just CCL Presumptive

Jacqui said...

the combination of your honesty, humor and grief is making me teary (and i do this for a living).

i am so happy for Prometheus, you and BFK! enjoy the roller coaster.

Jeanne said...

Every one of my five kittehs was adopted from a friend's litter or rescued. They seem to know how lucky they are, and return the favor with love in abundance.

Prometheus—fantastic name, very pretty kitty. Congrats and welcome!

Cursing Mama said...

He is quite the looker! This is surely going to be a stellar summer for the BFK once she realizes just how hot he is.....

debsnm said...

Congrats on the new addition, I couldn't be happier if I'd added him to my family! By the end of the weekend, they'll be chasing each other around the house in a good way, and you'll be wondering WHY you thought this was a good idea! He'll find the yarn, just wait!

Anonymous said...

I just want to hug that big ball of fluff. He's so cute!

Teri S. said...

Congratulations! Prometheus is a beautiful cat. I learned the hard way that just tossing two cats together and allowing them to introduce themselves is not necessarily the best way to proceed. But it's certainly the most entertaining!

I picked up our new little kitten yesterday, too. We can trade integration stories!

lobstah said...

Ooh, crazy coincidence! I thought I recognized that kitty--I volunteer at ARL and cleaned his kennel last weekend! He is such a total sweetie; I'm so happy he found a home! Hope he and BFK become buddies real soon!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you, Sheepie! And for Prometeus and BFK, too, of course, but mostly for you. You can blather on all you like about now being the mystical right moment and how you are so scatterbrained and hysterical-minded, but you showed excellent logic and common sense by adopting... immediately after summer vacation started!

Congratulations to everyone concerned. May you all have many snuggly and furry and purr-y days together.

Mouse said...

Congrats on the new kitty! He's definitely going to be very handsome once all of his fur grows back in..

Cathy said...

Yea!! When the time is right, you know it.


mehitabel said...

Congratulations and welcome to Prometheus! I love big fluffy orange cats (my BFF has one named Sunshine) and they are the best! Psst--don't tell Simon, Hi-Hi, or Padua that I said that, ok??

Mia said...

Awwww! So adorable! I can see how you couldn't resist. I laughed out loud when you talked about the how, yowl and yodeling. I've um.. had a similar problem since I came home... miss spoiled kitty was NOT amused to have been left with the vet. hehehe. But SHE isn't getting a new buddy :)

knitseashore said...

I am behind on my blog reading, so I hope that you find this comment so late, but I can't resist telling Prometheus welcome! He is SO handsome, and you know I have a think for big orange boys.

Tim wishes him a hearty hello and says that some sisters aren't so bad once you get to know them! Greenies are a great truce tool!!

Ronni said...

I haven't caught up yet so I hope all is going well now between the kitties. Congrats to both of you.