Saturday, June 07, 2008


Sometimes it is hard to tell if you have been truly gifted.  Like when your Great Aunt Agatha knits you up a nice toilet tissue cozy and presents it to you on Christmas morning with all the fanfare she can muster.  Or when someone bakes you a carrot cake for your birthday and tries to tell you that it isn't really a vegetable at all, but a confection of some sort.  They might even go so far as to put raisins in it and expect you to ignore the fact that there is now fruit in your cake.  These attempts at gifting make you wonder.  You just can't be sure.  

Other times, it is very, very clear that you have been gifted.  It is impossible to miss it.  For example, when you are Gifted By April, the whole matter is settled from the minute the package is removed from the mailbox.  Let me see if I can explain it for you.

When you are Gifted By April,  you get a card.  It is very witty and makes you feel like you are having your birthday all over again:

But not like you have to say you are another year older.  That is a very important distinction...

When you are Gifted By April, the very box in which the gift arrives will declare its giftish intentions:

The Big Fluffy Kitty will be heartily greeted.

The postman will know for certain that the box is to be treated with great care, so well-documented are its contents.

Even in a blurry sort of photo, the kind that one might take when one is rather excited about the arrival of a package, there will be no mistaking the contents of the box.

There will be cheering for the recipient.  Cheering is a very important thing when being gifted and a part of the process often overlooked by less talented gifters.

When you are Gifted By April, the inner spaces will reflect her unique style.  For example, the wrappings might be of a fishy nature, reflecting her Fish Head Status and causing the recipient to chuckle mightily:

Lots and lots of fishies there...

When you are Gifted By April, you will receive a bounty of goodness.  There will be any number of things which speak to your inner nature and special loves.  There will be chocolate.  There will be sock yarn.  There will be handknit socks.  There will be Pez:

There will also be a Big, Fluffy Kitty head in the shot because she knows that this comes from Auntie April and that she must nuzzle it.  That's OK.  I understand.  I wanted to nuzzle it just a bit myself, but that seemed a little weird...

Yes, my friends.  There are those out there with the Gift For Gifting.  They just know their way around a box and how best to fill it.  I have never before had anyone knit socks for me, if you can believe that.  I've had one or two pairs of crocheted slippers come my way and I'm sure that someone must have knit me a bootie or two in my infantile days.  But never socks.  And those of you who haven't had the pleasure of heating up a brownie in the microwave then melting a dark chocolate, mint-filled candy bar on top of it are excused from this blog to go remedy that situation immediately.  Trust me.  You won't be sorry.

For those that remain, I am certain that you are now rather impressed with the quality of Gifting that has gone on around here over the past 24 hours.  Being Gifted By April is a very, very good thing.  She is a master.  And I'm lucky to have someone so good at it in possession of my address, I do believe.  

Thanks so much, April!  You are too good to me!  And I firmly believe that good things happen to good people, so brace yourself, girlfriend.  Any minute now, loads of good Karma are going to come plummeting down on your head.  But not in the "Ow, what the heck is that falling on my head and giving me a concussion" kind of way.  The good kind of way that makes for dancing in the streets.  This is how the universe works.  

Now I'm going to go reorganize my Pez dispenser display and have myself a little chocolate.  It is also entirely possible that I am going to nuzzle some Alpaca Sox yarn.  

But I won't admit to it if you ask me about it later...



Kath said...

Ooohh...that April really knows how to Gift! Lucky Sheepie!

Oh and nuzzling Red Heart? Now that would be weird. But nuzzling alpaca? Completely acceptable.

Ronni said...

April really is a genius isn't she? And such a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

April is indeed a master gifter! What a great package.

Jeanne said...

You sock nuzzler, you! And it's NOT your birthday? Wow. You rate!:-)

Knitting Linguist said...

It is clear that, while April may have the Gift for Gifting, you have the Gift for Documenting Gifting. How fun!

trek said...

April does know her gifting stuff!