Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Prometheus Files

Prometheus, the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty, has been a full time member of The Sheep Household for almost a full weekend now.  We have all spent the time diligently getting to know one another and jockeying for positions of comfort and power.  

In case anyone is wondering, I am currently in third place.  I accept this.  I've been here before...

I have learned a great deal about my handsome boy.  For example, I have learned that he really likes to be called, "my handsome boy."  He'll come a-runnin' when I say that.  But that's not all I've discovered through my days of observation and interaction.  Here is a partial list of things I know know about my new roommate.

1.  I have learned that the Big, Fluffy Kitty is still not really enamoured with him.  We are doing ever so much better, though.  There is hissing, a little growling...but she's lost that wild-eyed look of panic that seemed to be the theme for Friday's schedule of events.

Seriously...I still can't even look at you.  I send you my scorn via the side of my head.  Feel it!!!!  Feel my scorn!!!!!

2.  I have learned that the AGK loves toys on strings.  And if they jingle or rattle, so much the better.  

3.  The battery operated Feather-On-A-String doesn't jingle, but he still really liked it.  


4.  I learned that Absurdly Gi-normous Kitties are sixty-seven percent more powerful than Big Fluffy Kitties.  They are rather like The Incredible Hulk or The Sheep In Search Of Chocolate.

The BFK surveyed the damage and is filling out the insurance forms for me.

5.  Very powerful Hulkish kitties hide behind rather smooshy faces, though.  That is a good thing to know.

Admit it.  You wanna smoosh that face, don't you?

6.  I learned that, night or day, Absurdly Gi-normous Kitties like to sit in the window.  

I think he was spying on the neighbors.  I do that sometimes, too...

7.  Prometheus knows how to open the cupboards.  He also knows how to take everything out of the cupboards.  When you use rubber bands to try and lash them closed, he knows that he can pull on them so they will make a satisfying BANG!  This is not as much fun as taking everything out of the cupboards...but it is still a good time.

That's his '' look.  I'm learning about that little ploy, too.

8.  My handsome boy is not a lap cat, nor does he really love to be picked up and held.  But when I call him, he begins to trill and chatter.  Then he runs to me and stands up like a chipmunk so I can pat his big, fluffy head.  He rubs and mewls like the happiest kitty in the world.  I come completely unhinged.

9.  He does not like to have his tail brushed, even if it has lots of ookies in it.  

10.  He also does not like canned food.  With no one else eating it, the BFK has also decided to give up the stinky stuff.  We are a dry food household now, I guess.

11.  Prometheus doesn't seem all that bothered by his not having any fur on his back at the moment.  He's pretty confident in his overall good looks and more than willing to let his personality be the thing that draws folks in.

Bald is beautiful, baby!

But I've set aside all my other projects just the same.  My handsome boy needs a blankie in case the nights turn cold.  I don't want him to take a chill while we wait for his orange fluffiness to grow back in.  And please don't worry.  The BFK already has one of her own.  We are an equal blankie opportunity household over here.

I'm certain that there will be many, many lessons to come over the course of the summer.  And, in spite of my promising to go back to more fibery sorts of posts after today, I suspect that there will be more photos.  Maybe one or two...hundred.  I like to think of it as documentation.  
But I have been spinning, too.  A little bit, anyway.  Maybe I can break up the kitty pix with some nice Shetland.  Hey....

I'll bet I can get a picture of the kitty with the Shetland!!!



Leslie said...

He's a lovely boy and a good mate for a beautiful girl! Glad he's found such a happy home.

Beth said...

Your AGK looks like he weighs more than my dog. :)

mehitabel said...

He's beautiful!! Congratulations on your new addition!

Now to read back and find out more about how he got added to your household. Love to AGK and BFK and Sheepie, too!

kmkat said...

I am totally enjoying getting to know AGK in your posts. He really knows how to work that "who, me?" look, doesn't he?

diann said...

What a gorgeous boy! AGK and BFK will be best friends before you know it - and they won't want you to notice. We've had great luck adding new cats to our household by simply assuming they'll get along, and they always do...eventually. (We have 12 cats now, down from 16, so I'm writing from experience.)

I want to see lots more pictures of both kitties.

Kath said...

Oh yeah - I know the "who me?" look quite well. That one gets used a lot around here.

Isn't kind of a good thing that he's not a lap cat? You could sprain something trying to get him up off you! And actually, I think when that fur grows back in he's going to look even bigger when he's at his full fluffitude. Just means more to love and smoosh!

April said...

I would like to see a daily picture of the AGK. And DeeDee would like to marry him.

Karen said...

AGK seems to be fitting in quite nicely. BFK will take a liking to him soon. Just wait until he can open the greenies for her:)

Cursing Mama said...

Last time I checked my sofa cushions I came up with hard evidence that cats are fiber animals; so I don't see how continued documentation of the feline goings on in the Sheepie household is against any knit blog rules.

debsnm said...

I can TOTALLY see why you can do nothing but take pics and stare. Other than my sweet little kitty, he's quite possibly the most beautiful cat I've seen! My rule has always been 3 days. At the end of 3 days, they should be best buds. I'm guessing that's right about now?

trek said...

Wow, that was a full week of fun in one blog sitting!!!!

The AGK is a very handsome kitty indeed.

PS - Readership is down all over. Must be the recession or something. People are spending more time on the job web sites, I guess.

Julie said...

AGK is indeed a handsome boy (even with his bald back).

We are a dry kitty food household too; it's so nice to not smell that nasty wet food!

Leigh said...

Wow, is he a handsome dude! I love kitties and kitty pix. Maybe you need a kitty blog too!

Geraldine said...

He is sooooo cute! What a guy!!!!