Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WNBP: The Freedom Edition

It is the first day of summer vacation for Ms. Sheep.  Let's see how she spent her first twenty-four hours of freedom, shall we?  After all, it is Wednesday and Wednesday is for bullet posting.  What could be a better format for listing all the sorts of things one might accomplish in the time given one by the whims of the public education schedule?

*On the first day of summer vacation, it is generally customary for one to sleep in.  Alarm clocks are for the working folks...

*Unless you are me.  And then you schedule a doctor's appointment for 8:15 in the morning. 

*In my defense, 8:15 is a coveted slot at the doctor's office.  It's the one where you will be seen on time as they haven't yet gotten waaaay behind.  My doc is chatty.  So am I.  You can see where there might be a problem with maintaining a smooth flow of patient service.

*When the receptionist asked how I was doing, I said, "Great!  I am on vacation!!!"

*When the nurse was taking my blood pressure and asked how I was doing, I said, "Super!  I am on vacation!!!!"

*When the doctor asked how I was doing, I said...well, you get the general pattern of things.

*8:15 is not exactly a time for me to be having coherent conversations:

Sheepish Annie:  I think I would get Botox.  And that filler stuff for the lines around my mouth.  I think I would do it in a heartbeat if I could find a way to get insurance to cover it.  And a chemical peel...I'd do that, too.  

Dr. Judy:  Um, I asked if you wanted the 90 day supply of your meds...

SA:  But, I would never do that thing where they go in and snip that muscle between your eyeballs so you can't squint or raise your brows in polite inquiry.  That is so over-the-top.  I mean, how vain would you have to be to do something like that?

DJ:  We'll go with the 90 day prescription.  And you should probably just try using sunscreen...

*Then she checked my chart and noticed that I was due for a mammogram, bone density test and needed blood drawn to see if there is even one iota of vitamin D in my system.

*She is maybe a little vindictive...

*Hey, look what I got as a going-away gift from my school:

Book store gift certificate!  Yay!!!

*I think I'm going to get a copy of Knitting Without Tears.  

*After my experience with The Knitter's Almanac, I'm pretty sure it will make me cry.  That is kind of ironic.

*Irony amuses me.

*Last night, I celebrated the end of the school year by going down to York and visiting with all the Chicks With Sticks.  Good times!!!!

*Although I don't think I'm ever going to get used to hearing, "Hey, is that that Sheep Lady?" from people I don't know. (but who are very nice and really quite amusing which is a quality I enjoy in people who are out sheep-spotting)  I sort of want to bleat or something just to be helpful and accommodating.

*Readership is down lately.  I probably shouldn't do that.  

*A big Sheepie Shout-Out to April's Knitting Circle!  It warms my heart to know that, if I ever go missing, there will be one or two people who would notice my absence and alert the proper authorities.  

*Another Sheepie Shout-Out to Mel whose pre-wedding gathering I am missing tonight.  With all the gadding about, I've hit my limit on gas usage for this week.  But I'm thinking of ya and hoping that you are having a rockin' good pre-wedding time!

*I spun some yarn!  I only wish you could give it a little cuddle.  It is so very, very soft and squishy!

Use your's worth it.

*Last summer, Beth sent me this absolutely gorgeous angora blend.  It's taken me forever and forty-six days to finally get it spun up.  I also have apparently lost my world renown ability to "eyeball" equal fiber amounts.  I missed big time on this one and have a rather impressive amount of singles left over.  

*That's OK.  I may never knit with this.  I'll probably just hug it for the rest of my life.  

*More laceweight...I'm beginning to sense a pattern in the spinning these days.

*I also did some blending of silk and shetland lamb on the drum carder.

*But not nearly as much as I thought I would.

*I'm already off to a stellar start on the Index Cards Of Summer Organization.  Day One and I've managed to not finish one whole thing from my to-do list.  

*I'm a role model for procrastinators everywhere.

*Guess what?  I took a nap.  3:00 in the afternoon and I took a nap.

*I kind of love summer vacation.  Especially the first day.  

Happy Wednesday!  All is well here in Sheepie Land and the summer vacation is off to a rousing start!  There was pizza, ice cream, knitting and napping!  If you ignore the part where I got stuck with a big needle and chided for my vanity, then I guess you could call it pretty much perfect!  



Cathy said...

Sounds like a good start to me... Well. Except for the shot. And the vanity lecture.

I expect you'll have all kinds of adventures this summer. Looking forward to reading all about them.

When you get caught up on all the napping.

sophanne said...

I'm thinking no one ever really gets "caught up" on napping. All that ever happens to me is that I guilt myself into "doing stuff."

Beth said...

What a great first day of vacation!

That is some of the prettiest yarn I've ever seen. Great job!

Mel said...

Well, I kind of thought you might be reaching your limit of social activity. We had a really nice time, though it would have been much more fun and instructive to have had you here. Providing needed instruction about the zombie menace, of course.

Ronni said...

Sounds like most of a good day to me. I wish I had thought of having a nap. My Wednesday was full of non-stop detail questions. You know that math thing about how if you take a step half the distance to the door every time you step you'll never get there? Like that only in a 9 year old's questions. The desire to fling oneself forward head first through the door (the engineer's answer to the theoretical mathematician) regardless of the chance of injury was enormous.

Your yarn is beautiful! I wish I was that good. I am taking a class on fine spinning this weekend. I hope it takes. I seem to need a lot of repetition to internalize the right thing instead of what I normally do. Possibly I should practice more.

Donna Lee said...

Pizza, ice cream and naps? Perfect day. Well, except for the whole needle thing. I am going to see my doctor today. Since I have a 3 pm appt (yay! leaving work early!) I know they will be backed up by then. It's ok. I will take something to knit.

Cursing Mama said...

That 90-day supply of meds should keep you out of the Dr.s office all summer, and away from big needles! Good Plan!

Jeanne said...

I think getting the "business" out of the way on the first day was smart. Now you can look forward to the rest of the summer without, I hope, any further unpleasantries hovering over you.

Jeanne said...

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention how absolutely lovely your homespun yarn is. (Only on the first cuppa joe so far.)

Karen said...

It sounds like you've got this vacation thing all mapped out. It was an excellent plan to get the doctor over with right away.
The yarn you spun is fabulous!!

Knitting Linguist said...

That definitely does sound like a perfect first day (barring the whole needle thing). And really, it's in the rulebook that you have to take a couple of weeks to completely veg before you even start approaching your to-do list from a sideways direction.

catsmum said...

Are you sure 'take an afternoon nap' wasn't on the list? It should've been.
... and the new pet yarn is almost as cute as Prometheus and BFK