Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Steamed...but with cool stuff

The mercury wandered upward today, stopped off at ninety degrees then said, "You know...I think I can do better than this!"  And continued on its merry way.  The meteorological types assured us that it was not really 90+ degrees.  The whole combination of weathery-type factors actually made it seem more like 100 and something.

Those trapped in my school building today found it to be a bit overwhelming.  The air was thick and hard to breathe.  Clothing became sodden.  Skin became dewy.  The irritation level with workmates rose with the atmospheric pressure.  Unlike yesterday, though, the effort it took to travel from room to room to pick fights with one another seemed like too much.  Thankfully, the electronic age is in full swing and the sniping continued via email.

Don't be fooled by my clever use of prose.  I may be choosing to distance myself word-wise from this behavior, but I was no better.  I was stuck to my chair and couldn't really go anywhere so I figured I might as well jump on board the Internet Grump Wagon with everyone else.

Matters were made worse by my checking my Google Homepage and seeing that the weather widget was reporting much cooler conditions at home.  I could only hope that this was a heinous error on the part of the widget people and that my being stuck in the last full week of school instead of being in a cooler place was not some cruel twist of irony.

I arrived home to find that the widgets spoke true.  By then I suppose I was a little happier about that fact.  I collected the mail and took my steamed self back to my own little condo.  There, I found my neighbor and his friends standing in my parking spot.  Being basically good kids, but teen aged boys at heart, they did not exactly leap out of my way.  I took a moment to roll my eyes and wish for them a similar experience when they reached my level of middle-aged awareness.  I then proceeded to fumble my key fob and set off the panic alarm.  In front of the teen aged boys.  

I shall henceforth be known as The Old Lady From Next Door Who Cannot Operate Her Own Vehicle And Who Should Probably Have People Looking In On Her From Time To Time.  I'm getting new letterhead done up.

In deference to the temperatures predicted for this week, I decided that I would do shorter workouts but with more focus on weights.  I am sore.  Very sore.  But I did it.  Because I have to have great strength if I am going to survive this week.  I must be lean 'n mean.  Hopefully, I will not have to lift my arms to wave down any rescue planes or anything because that is no longer possible.  We can only pray that this will not be necessary.

But I hold my head up high.  I can still do that.  And I can even muster up a smile.  I can also find my way through wrappings.  I know this because I won a prize.  And, in spite of my withered, wilted and non-arm-lifting condition, I was able to remove it from its box.

A while back, I won a caption contest over at kmkat's corner of the inter-webs.  And today, it arrived!  Happiest of days!!!  That Kat is psychic, I tellya!  She knew that I was rummaging through the fiber stash the other day for some silk to blend with the Shetland I want to spin up next.  She knew that I'd just finished a book and needed something to read.  She knew that I have a deep and abiding love for brightly colored sock yarn.  She knew that I have a need to measure things sometimes.  She also knew that I really like chocolate, but I'm not sure that this is a "psychic" kind of thing.  I may have mentioned that one once or twice...  But it is still pretty impressive, don't you think?

The Big, Fluffy Kitty seems to think so, anyway.

What a nice thing to have happen on a day where you are all soggy and have to face the pitying looks of teen aged boys.  Thanks, Kat!  I am just so thrilled with all of this, but especially the amount of thought that went into the choices.  You have outdone yourself and you are a treasure!

Tomorrow looks like it will bring cooler temps and, perhaps, cooler heads.  I may find a way to get along with my colleagues for another few days or even make my vehicle work without the sounding of alarms for all the world to hear.  Even if I don't manage all that...I have cool stuff.  Cool stuff goes a long way towards making things every so much better.




Donna Lee said...

One of my coworkers put a large bucket of water bottles on ice outside of her office with a reminder that everyone should drink lots of water. She had to put a sign on it to remind the staff that it was intended for the clients.....

Knitting Linguist said...

Heat is not a good thing. In fact, it's a very very bad thing. I hope that the cool microclimate surrounding your house moves to your place of work with you tomorrow!

Beth said...

What a great package to help you get through the week! Those socks are going to be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it! I hesitate to mention this, but the weather here is very pleasant -- partly sunny with highs around 70. Maybe I should have sent some of that?

Anonymous said...

BFK looks like she's a part of the wonderful prize package :-)

Just think - it is now less than a week before you will begin another "Summer Of Compensatory Knitting Socialization".

Mia said...

Cooler temps and prezzies.. that should hold you over thru the next few days :)

trek said...

Chocolate can repair much.

Loving Donna Lee's comment...

sophanne said...

Tomorrow is Thursday which means really it's Friday and you are almost there. here's to a quick time travel invention machine or else parents who let their kids stay home on the last day.