Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WNBP: The Risky Business Version

Well, hello there!  Welcome to another weekly edition of The Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  'Tis a time to celebrate the random tendencies in all of us.  And for The Sheep to justify her inability to come up with a topic on a regular basis.

*It has come to my attention that, during winters such as this one, children start to think of all snow events as being something which will shorten their school day.  Even if their teacher tries to tell them that this isn't going to happen.  Even if she shows them a weather report which confirms that there will not be enough snow to justify a snow day or even a delayed start, they will be very grumpy when this does not come to pass.

*One or two of the adults in the building also seemed to be under the same impression yesterday.  And with similar emotional results this morning.

*I am still feeling all achy, snuffly and thick-headed.  And I still can't seem to raise a fever.  I managed to crank the internal thermostat up to about 99 degrees this afternoon.  But that's not enough to really start cashing in on the sympathy.  

*This is irritating to me.  I told my Cheerful Teaching Assistant today that I don't care if I get really sick.  I just want a change in status.  Something, anything, different.  This "hovering on the edge of really being sick" is just getting annoying.

*Rest assured that I take Baby Brother Sheep's comments on yesterday's post about his new Grandpa Status in stride and with great sibling-laced humor.  We go way back.  He's a good egg.

*He also is new at this and does not know that Grandpas are kindly gentlemen who always have peppermints in their pockets and wish to share tales from their youth.  Like the time they caught the dickens for chasing the milk cart or when they saw the first dirigible.  He also might not be getting enough fiber.

*His birthday is coming up in a couple of months.  I'm gonna get him one of those snazzy sweaters with the leather patches on the elbows and maybe a nice pair of pants that come up to his armpits.  He'll cheer right up!

*It's sort of nice to know that you can shop for your little brother's birthday gifts right at the drugstore.  That'll be handy...

*I'm dead.  I know this.  Any day now.  He'll come for me and it will be the brother/sister war to end all wars.  And he'll be perfectly justified.  I really should be ashamed.  

*But, God help me, I can't seem to stop.

*'Cuz it's funny when it happens to your brother.

*I know...I just won't tell the one about how you can get the Reader's Digest in the large print now.  If I just stop before I tell that one, then everything will be fine.  And that whole bit about wearing slippers to the grocery store?  Best not to mention it.

*I feel a joke about driving ten miles with the blinker on bubbling just under the surface.  But, I'm not going there.  Not at all.  Instead, I'll offer to help him practice the "Got your nose!" game.  I hear that's a big one with the Grandpa set.

*I sneezed on The Big, Fluffy Kitty last night while I was talking to my sister-in-law about the new baby.  Right in her face.  I tried to stop...but I couldn't.

*I've never seen her look at me like that.  It was sort of chilling.

*She didn't even look at me like that back in December when I had to take off all her matted butt fur and she was bald and silly-looking.  She took that in stride.  

*If my brother doesn't get me, the cat will.  

*My doctor cancelled my appointment last week.  This was sort of inconvenient as it was timed during vacation and would have meant not having to take a sick day.  But, since I'm feeling all sickly without a fever, I suppose it worked out kind of well.  I'm going in tomorrow for the routine once-over and I'm gonna get me a preemptive antibiotic.  Just in case I happen to be really sick and not grossly overreacting.  

*I do that sometimes.

*Happily, I have a nice, plain sock upon which to knit while I wait in the reception area. I'm also going to use the time to try and work up a good cough so that the doctor knows I'm really sick.  I've already got the whining down so she should be properly convinced of my infirmity even if I can't get a fever cranked up by then.

Happy Wednesday to all and I hope that your journey towards the weekend is a smooth one.  If I fail to check in by tomorrow, it is safe to assume that I have been taken out by either feline or sibling.

Or perhaps both if they decide to work together on this.  There's a scary thought...



Mel said...

You know, I so pictured you writing this in white undies and socks with your collar turned up. And Ray-Bans, naturally.

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine the look on BFK's face when you sneezed in it. I'd be sleeping with one eye open if I were you!

trek said...

Number Guy's old cat sneezed on him at least once - to wake him up on a Saturday morning. She's gone and I don't think he's forgiven her yet. I'd be afraid.

But BBSs on the road, isn't he? He won't be able to coordinate with the cat - unless she spontaneously develops opposable thumbs and the ability to dial a cell phone.

Beth said...

I really enjoyed reading the family jab bullet posts tonight. One of my brothers and I tease each other all the time and it's fun. It took me a second to catch on to the fiber joke, though. I first thought "Why does her brother need yarn?" :)

Knitting Linguist said...

Yup, beware of the plotting possibilities when sibling and felines get together. The horror...

Kris said...

I too had the vision of you sliding around the condo in the whitie tighties, and socks with the white button down shirt.

Denise said...

Make sure those high-waisted pants come with belts *and* suspenders. Grandpas usually like that extra insurance.

ds/dad/rad said...

Stop picking on your brother or go to your room! (Oh, forget it -- tht never did work.)

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

oh my! watch out for the kitty!

Cursing Mama said...

My grandfather always had spice drops in his front pocket, and little dishes of pocket change for each grandchild to take when they came for a visit. I was there a lot.

Donna Lee said...

I sit in the doctor's office trying to make myself sound "really" sick, too. I am afraid, even after all these years that they will think I am faking it. I felt so feverish the last couple of days but NO Fever. How can that be? I had the chills and sweats and everything? Even the sinus stuffiness. It's not fair because, you're right. There's no sympathy without a fever.

Future SIL said...

As usual I was on the phone with Papa/Baby Brother Sheep when I started to read this post. After finally catching my breath from laughing so hard, I think I heard from the other end, "Just wait she is one dead sheep." or something to that effect, but I can't be sure.

crzjane said...

I just read your brother's blog. You might want to start sleeping with one eye open. There may be a conspiracy brewing.
Hope you are feeling better.