Saturday, February 09, 2008

Storm Prep

Most days, I wander around for a total of at least three hours trying to remember why it was I started wandering in the first place.  If I give it a minute of concentrated thought, I can successfully manage to make the thing I should be remembering sink even further into my brain and become even less accessible.  The only way to get at it is to think of something else or start another Very Important Task.  Then I will remember that I was leaving for work or in the middle of performing delicate brain surgery and be able to resume functioning.  

It's a system of Sideways Thinking.  I've worked on it for years.  

But I have an uncanny knack for Emergency Preparedness.  The mere mention of an incoming crisis and I am Sheepie On The Spot, ready with any number of useful things such as flashlights and moist towelettes.  Seriously.  People have commented on this.  I find myself oddly comforted by this sort of thing.  Instead of fearing the unknown, I can sit back in relative comfort with my supply of toilet paper and flashlights.  I am ready.  Let the worst happen.  

However, when a winter storm threatens, I still think it's a good idea to head out for extra supplies, just in case.  This need to be prepared can be solidly attributed to Mommy Sheep and her always being at the ready with whatever it is her friends and family might need at any given point in time.  My love all of things gadget-like comes from Daddy Sheep and this is how I ended up at the discount store last weekend buying batteries and a cheaply priced waffle maker while Mother Nature dropped sleet on our heads.  It's good to know my heritage is solid.  I was never one of those kids who thought she might be adopted.  My lineage is clear...

So it should be surprising to no one that I was at the grocery store at 7:30 this morning purchasing a few extra storm supplies just in case we really did get snow today.  I did quite well.  I remembered my list, made sure to get plenty of snack cakes as they require no cooking and are good for consumption during power outages.  I picked up some Mountain Dew because running out of that might require my feeling an overpowering need to go out and drive in bad weather since I can't stand to be without it.  I also snagged some of the organic cat food that the gruff, but lovable vet tech. harangued me into promising I'd buy at the earliest opportunity.

I was the model of organization and planning.  I couldn't even stand myself at that point, if you want the truth.

But, then I got a little off-track and found myself distracted by the Pez display.  I love Pez dispensers.  Not the candy.  I can live without the candy.  But the dispensers are the coolest things ever in the whole wide world even if you consider cable TV and scented markers.  I have lots of Pez dispensers.  Lots and lots.  I used to display them on a shelf, but it collapsed so now I just have them scattered about the house in random places. (One or two may still be living where they fell on the day of The Great Shelf Drop)  I can never call myself a "collector" because I always take them out of the packages.  Always.  If you don't, you can't play with them.  And what's the point if you can't play with them?  

Newest addition to my Pez empire.

In the original mint flavor, thank you very much.  Not that I'm going to eat the Pez unless I find myself trapped in the house during a storm or something.  They keep for years.  Don't ask me how I know that.  It would just upset you.  It's better if you simply trust me on this matter.  In fact, you probably don't want to think about it at all.  Let's just all be satisfied with my having re-established my off-task and mind wandering ways at the Pez display and be grateful for the intervention of the Pez gods right at the point where my own organization was making me just a little bit sick.

And so, with Pez and groceries at the ready, the truck parked at the side of the lot like the Parking Overlords Of The Condo Association have decreed because this is how they can more efficiently not plow our parking areas and some tasteless organic cat food with which to torture my cat, I was prepared for whatever the day might bring.  As of this writing, I am saddened to report that there doesn't seem to be all that much going on weather-wise.  And mine is the only vehicle parked away from the building which is making me feel just a little bit silly if you want the truth.  But, I'm prepared.  If nothing else, I suppose I won't have to go out and move it later when it's all dark and the zombies are lurking.  

In addition, the early morning prep exercises gave me ample opportunity for cartoon watching, napping and working on The Bullet Proof Baby Sweater, Version The Second for the remainder of the day.  The crocheting is done and all that is left to do is the seaming.  I even extended my organizational skills a bit and remembered to write down what I did this time so I won't have to get all flustered and foolish the next time someone asks me how I created such a fine example of 800 lb. baby-wear.  

All in all, a satisfying day even if the neighbors are looking at me like I'm crazy for lugging all those groceries across the lot instead of just parking by the door like a normal person.  When I'm in the organizational zone, I'm fully present, baby!

Maybe tomorrow, I'll re-organized the Pez collection...



Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

Sheepie ever vigilant and prepared. All dressed up and NO SNOW! That is how it goes some days.

Jeanne said...

Pez, talk about bringing back memories. I think my entire childhood was fueled by Pez, Pixie Stix, and Hershey bars. Somewhere around here there is a Goofy Pez dispenser. (In one of the 1000 boxes, I'd imagine.) It spurred my curiosity, so I visited eBay.

Do NOT go there if you want to save money. There is an enormous wealth of Pez dispensers for sale! I'm now desperate to find Goofy because there is a white-headed one listed for $147. Can you imagine?

Stuff to dwell on while awaiting the storm.

Cheryl, the jungian Knitter said...

Yeah, but the storm is coming tomorrow -- they promised!

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

where do you find these pez displays? It seems I haven't seen one in years.

catsmum said...

a prepared sheepie is a happy sheepie :]

Kath said...

If you are actually able to write out something like a pattern for BPBS v2.0 I am impressed. I can scribble notes for myself - but good luck on anyone else being able to interpret them!

Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

I have 3cpo pez dispenser around here somewhere

Future SIL said...

When you get this in the morning you will realize while you slept the snow fairy made a little visit.

It started to snow about 6:30ish and now at midnight it is still snowing.

Good job with being prepared. An unprepared sheep is like a sheep with no wool. Brrrr.

Saw the movie 27 Dresses. Good chick flick.

Mia said...

The first flavor of Pez was mint? Who knew? *grin*

Good Job with the Sideways Thinking ::laughing:: that seems to be a valuable skill!

trek said...

A very prepared Sheepie! Did you remember to invest in a couple of extra B&W cookies in case you can't exit the condo in the morning??? Loss of B&W cookie allotment will negate all of the benefits of preparedness, you know.

Emma said...

Ah, Annie, always full of surprises. Who would have guessed you collect Pez dispensers?!?

Donna Lee said...

I love my pez! I have an R2D2 on my desk at work and play with it at every opportunity. I put them in my kids easter baskets and christmas stockings every year spreading the pez love around.