Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Frozen WNBP, With Extra Ice And Zombies

Things are humming along nicely in our little corner of Armageddon.  While Mother Nature sees fit to pummel us one more time with some of her home brewed cloud beverages, let's enjoy a Wednesday Night Bullet Post, shall we?  I like to make merry while the skies fall down upon us.  I'm funny that way.

*I couldn't have been more wrong about today's weather potential if I tried.  Yesterday, after reviewing the weather reports, I knew that my own area would be receiving a goodly amount of snow.  But I thought that my school district, located further south, would be in the less impacted range.  I predicted a delayed start to the school day with a distinct possibility of a snow day.  (but not one that should be counted upon.)

*I was wrong.  So very wrong.  The heavens have opened up a variety pack of weather and dumped it right on our heads.  It's the kind of weather that has pretty much caused the state to just shut down and go take a nap.

*I had a snow day today.  For anyone keeping track, this is number 4.  One more and we have reached our limit before extending the school year.  

*I'm not complaining.  I'm just making an observation, is all.  

*I rented a movie on iTunes just to kill some time.   It pains me to admit this, but I had not yet seen 28 Weeks Later.  

*I know, I know...this was a serious lapse in my ongoing mission to stay current on all Zombie-Related Training Films.  I have corrected this oversight and am now fully prepared to battle virally-challenged zombies who are wicked, wicked fast.  Seriously.  These beasties are fleet of foot!  Your best bet is to just keep your distance.  

*I knit some serious sockage while I was watching it.  But, I was jumping a lot and the stitches are a bit uneven.  When I say these zombies are fast, I mean they are fast.  They are pretty much jumping out all over the place and running down hapless citizens.  I am pleased to report that my "startle reflex" is working nicely.

There are a bunch jumping around on the screen.  But, you can't see them.  Too fast...

*I also rode the little exercise bike while I was watching training films and knitting a sock.  I usually give myself a day off when it's a snow day.  But when you have snow days or early release days due to inclement weather every other day, it sort of adds up.  So I multi-tasked.  

*I felt guilty.

*My legs were really tired and I couldn't figure out why.  I'd ridden for an hour and a half.  And was slightly over my usual kilometers per hour average.

*Apparently, I was trying to outrun the super-fast zombies.  

*My legs hurt.

*Every once in a while, I remember that I am a spinner.  A pretty good one, actually.  Today was a "remembering" kind of day.  

*I spun quite a bit.  But that was before I started watching the zombies.  I'm glad I didn't spin while I watched.  I would have overspun.  I just know it.

*Which makes no sense since you can ride a bike away from zombies, but not a spinning wheel.

*Actually, neither makes sense.  You can't outrun a zombie on a stationary bike either.  

*You could probably make them die laughing if you tried to do it, though.  I don't wish to test that theory myself.  But if anyone else out there has any data on this, I'd be interested in hearing how it worked out for you.

*I'm pretty sure that I will have school tomorrow.  

*I had a nice Cinderella waffle for breakfast today since I was going to be home and had the time for waffle makin'.  I love my five dollar princess waffle maker.  It adds just the right amount of silly to Armageddon.  

*I suppose this means that yesterday's post about trying to be more grown-up is pretty much null and void.  Just ignore it.  It's a failed experiment.  

*Kind of like spinning away from zombies.

Happy Wednesday to all and I hope that, wherever you may be, you are warm, dry and out of the elements.  For those of you in my corner of the world who have to be out and about over the next few hours (and then some), please drive safely and watch out for those who don't think they need to do the same.  We want everyone safe and sound so that we can all enjoy waffles and movies.

Oh, and the zombies.  Watch out for them, too.  They don't care about the bad weather nor the quality of their driving.  



trek said...

I've never seen a zombie behind the wheel myself. I haven't ever seen a UFO either. I don't think I've ever observed a ghost, come to think on it. But I did see a picture of the White Stag on Yahoo! News today.

None of this makes up for the fact that I spent all *&^#@&^%$@ day waiting for the $#@(*& dishwasher repair guy who never showed up.

Perhaps he was eaten by zombies.

Why am I posting all this great blog fodder in your comments instead of on my blog??

Mel said...

I don't think zombies laugh, generally, unless they contract kuru from eating brains.

Anyway, I think we all knew that whole grown up thing wouldn't last long.

Ronni said...

Hee hee hee hee. I have to be careful what I read or watch while on the stationary bike too. Only sometimes with me it's because I get so caught up in it that I forget to keep peddling. Funny how I more easily do that than speed up.

Beth said...

We had storms come through last night and today it's very cold. I had hoped we were done with that. But at least we didn't get snow like you did!

Army_Wifey08 said...

The zombies have attacked me and I have become one of them today if you read my current post about satan worshiping alarm clocks.

not to mention that my security word is bwmbnrbr...which sounds like zombie talk to me....

mehitabel said...

Funny, I was just reading a book with zombies in it--Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett. I highly recommend the whole Discworld series to you as "zombie training material" since there are zombies in most of the books. One is a lawyer, one's a Watchman...
For Trek, I have definitely observed a ghost. I should post about it on my blog. Pretty entertaining story, actually. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Knitting, spinning, a snowday and princess waffles-the perfect day!!!
But you're getting a little close to extending the school year towards July. That isn't good.

Anne said...

I think I need a Cinderella waffle this morning. More snow last night and there are kids stranded somewhere in a school bus in the damn stuff. :P

Cursing Mama said...

If you're telling me that zombies are bad drivers I may have narrowly averted some danger this morning during my commute because they were EVERYWHERE!

I assume the waffle was divine.

Anonymous said...

At least the movie zombies are still in England. And Paris. A long way from North America. Plus, Maine is closer to them than Wisconsin (bwa-ha)

Good job on the exercising. You are a Sheepie to be admired.

Lorraine said...

ROFLOL! Can you hear the silent film style running music in your head as you attempt to ride away from the zombies on the stationary bike?

debsnm said...

Glad you got to see 28 Days Later - but don't bother with 28 Weeks Later - like most sequels, beyond boring! Glad you got some quality time with the spinning wheel and socks! Sounds like a great day, all around.

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

If this chemo stuff doesn't work out, I promise to come back as a zombie and laugh at you trying to escape via spinning wheel. That may give you time to throw a few skeins at me and escape.