Sunday, February 10, 2008

Time On My Hands

OK.  So maybe today's weather wasn't quite as catastrophic as my storm planning seemed to indicate.  I wasn't really expecting snowdrifts up to the rafters or anything.  This was fortunate since there is really only about three inches of the stuff out there.  But it has alternated between sleet and snow throughout the day and is colder than the inside of a popsicle.  Not having to leave the house today has been something of a treat, actually.  And it seems as though the oft-missing snowplows even made a pass through our parking area sometime during the night, if the swath cut through the slush is any indication.  I guess it was a smart thing to move my truck after all!

Truth be told though, this wasn't as helpful as one might think as the people who park next to my truck opted to not move their vehicles so my spaces aren't really completely cleared.  I'd be grumpy about it save for the fact that the plowing is so inconsistent these days that no one can be blamed for just saying, "Oh, the heck with it."  

With supplies laid in for the week and other such errands complete, I had a day to myself without those pesky sorts of looming tasks that we responsible adult have to run in order to remain alive and presentable.  Since a couple of people seemed entertained by my Pez obsession, I decided that it would be perfectly logical to spend some of my adult-type time making a Pez dispenser arrangement on the kitchen counter.  It took a while to round everyone up and figure out who should stand where.  Arranging one's Pez dispensers is rather similar to coming up with a seating arrangement for a your wedding reception.  Not everyone gets along, but you still want an interesting mix of people at each table.  Given the limited space available, I couldn't invite all the Pez to the party.  I had to cull the herd a bit.  This was hard as I didn't want to offend any Pez.  You never know when you are going to find yourself in need of an organ transplant or extra guests to round out a dinner party after all.  It doesn't do to make enemies within the family.  I did my best to explain to the left out Pez and I think they understood.  Except for the Sylvester Pez dispenser.  He was just a pill about the whole thing and I'm sort of glad I didn't invite him.  Besides, leaving him out made room for my keychain Piggy Pez.

April sent me this one.  He's lives in my purse for much of the day so he's a little worse for wear, I'm afraid.

The Sheepie version of this dispenser that Trek sent me is in much better shape as she lives in the living room with my other Sheepies.   I rounded her up for the big kitchen gathering, though.  She's sitting up in the front there.

I think that everyone had a good time.  

Frankly, this took up more of my morning than I care to admit.  And forced me to realize that I'm a liar.  I said yesterday that I always take the Pez out of the packages so I can play with them, but I did find a number of them still tucked away in their plastic sleeping bags.  I suppose I should take them out at some point, but I was starting to get a nagging feeling that the whole Pez thing was getting a little weird and decided it was time to stop thinking about Pez for a while.

So I finished a baby sweater:

Bullet Proof Baby Sweater 2.0

This one is in cotton and, as such, is a little less "dense."  Don't get me wrong.  It still has some "heft" to it.  But, it might just allow for a little more movement and for mommy to be able to lift her child without severe back strain.  As I worked on it, I dutifully wrote down everything and have most of it typed up since Noolie asked so nicely.  I'm going to double check it and then email it off to ya, Julie!  I'll try to do it as a pdf just in case we run into some cross-platform issues,' kay?  

That done, I spent some quality time working on a nice, mindless sock for myself and hardly thought about babies, Pez or snow for the remainder of the day.  Hardly at all.

Except for that time I started thinking about crafting a little Pez cozy.  Maybe something felted...with a drawstring and a handy side pocket for carrying extra candy.  

I think I'm starting to go a little stir-crazy over here...



Anonymous said...

I think you should definitely knit a Pez cozy! I can't believe you didn't invite all your Pez to the party; I'd be afraid to sleep if I were you. You never know what an offended Pez might do.

I love the Bullet Proof Baby Sweater 2.0; I can't wait to make one myself :-)

Is that truck Pez in honor of Baby Brother Sheep?

crjane said...

That baby sweater is so cute!
What a nice collection of Pez dispensers. Do you know how many you have?
My addiction is Beanie Babies. I'm pretty sure I must have over 200 - easily. I've gotten a little better. I don't buy all the bears anymore.

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

Oh I have a friend who has WAY more Pez than that.

Look at you, just cranking out the baby knits! :)

Army_Wifey08 said...

The bulletproof baby swearter 2.0 matches his homecoming outfit!!

I hate to tell you but it's 68 degrees here and the sun is shining. extremely odd cause the weather report says it's raining....

Leigh said...

I wish I could send you a little of our spring-like weather. Actually, maybe I could trade for some of your winter weather so I could go stir crazy just like you :)

Ronni said...

Cute baby sweater ver2. That is a lot of Pez. My hubby had a Marvin the Martian one that needed batteries because you pushed a button and then Marvin turned to his rocket and got out a pez and turned back to give it to you. Unfortunately it was a victim of a desk-quake. Now Marvin is headless and while I think it still functions (mostly) it's a bit creepy to get a piece of candy from a headless Martian.

Alwen said...

Hey, look! We have the truck Pez dispenser, too!

The child with the elephant memory got it one Christmas Eve, and left it behind. First words out of his mouth the following year: "Do you still have my Pez truck?"

So I have an inkling that these Pez things are serious.

Anonymous said...

Quite the collection you have! My favorites are the Garfield and 3PO and Princess Leia.

Temp was -25° at my house this morning -- without the windchill. Brrr.

mehitabel said...

Okay, you have more Pez than I do--I only have 2. But you're inspiring me to attack some of the "collections" and see if I can't re-home them.
The baby sweaters are adorable. I need to get busy and make some for the new little 'uns in the family. However, I'm going to cheat and give the newest baby a blankie that's been around almost as long as his mommy... as soon as I wash it up! (Oh. I guess I should finish knitting Audrey's first...)

Beth said...

You should definitely create a Pez cozy. You can write an organizational handbook about preparing for storms and include the Pez cozy pattern in it. :)

trek said...

Oh, my. Patrotic Pez. Baby Brother Trucker Pez. C3PO Pez.

"Hi, my name is Sheepie and I am a Pez addict..."

Have you ever thought about how that word sounds, too? Pez.


It's just so, Pez. I mean, it could even be an interjection or a swear word - Oh, Pez! I dropped a stitch!

Sara said...

Nice little collection of Pez dispensers!

I can't believe how cute that little baby sweater is!

BTW, I meant to respond to you via e-mail a while back when you told me about the store where you got the waffle iron...but, it seems that your e-mail went to my bulk email and I accidently deleted it ... along with about 15 others that somehow get sent there...I still have to figure out what's up with that???

Just didn't want you to think I was rude...

Anonymous said...

The sweater is adorable!
I think your Pez dispensers are a lovely hobby. You could be collecting cats and that would be weird.

Cursing Mama said...

That is a darn lot of Pez.

A darn lot.

Fun House proportions.....

Rabbitch said...

I'm really starting to worry about you.

Anne said...

Um, yeah. Fun day it sounds like. Although I am totally groovin' on the baby sweater. How completely adorable is that??