Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Got Your Random Right Here!

It's Wednesday and that can only mean one thing: Wednesday Night Bullet Post!!! Sit back and enjoy the random:

*I finished the first Bripple Sock about an hour ago. The second is on the needles and will hopefully go as quickly as its mate. Seriously...when have I ever knit a sock in less than a month?????

*Have I mentioned how much I love my yogurt maker? OK, I know I've mentioned it. But, I don't think I've mentioned it yet this week.

Homemade, strained yogurt with a store bought, crunchy, earthy sort of cereal and
maple syrup. And those raisins? I made those, too!
*It's like living on a farm around here with all the grape dehydrating and yogurt production. It's only a matter of time before I get me a chicken or two.
*The Smaller, Less Fluffy Kitty is grateful to all of you for suggesting that Mommy break out that laser pointer thing again. She gets a few minutes of entertainment out of chasing the elusive dot and was a bit perplexed when it went away.
*What she forgets is that she lost interest in the dot after a while and gave me pitying looks every time I brought it out and expected to be entertained.
*The Big, Fluffy Kitty has no real interest in the wiggling red dot. She has tapped it a few times, but quickly realized that it is unattainable and inedible. Fat Kitty Aerobics remains in the beta stage. And we're back to the Dangling Mousie On A String method for our daily exercise sessions.
*I no longer growl when using it. We seem to be past the terror that I created the first time we played with it.
*You, my thirty loyal readers have been heard. I most humbly apologize for not including a picture of the new sock in last night's post. It was thoughtless of me to rave about this yarny piece of goodness and not share it with you.

The colors are just a bit off, but you get the idea.

*The only problem with the speed of the Bripple knitting is the equal speed with which the time to make a decision regarding the heel on this sock approaches. It's like Knitting Physics.

* Will I go with the short-row? Will I chicken out and knit the usual flapped and picked up stitches heel? Will I try that afterthought heel which I've also never done and will be just as risky? Can you stand the suspense?????

* I pulled a muscle in my neck today. Which is not good.

*What is worse is that I pulled a muscle in my neck reaching into the refrigerator. How out of shape do you have to be to hurt yourself getting a snack?

*I suspect that this may be yet another message from Karma. Karma hates me. Karma is overly sensitive with regard to the little mistakes I have made in life. However, Karma also seems to have a sense of humor since the whole fridge injury is not without a certain chuckle-factor.

*It hit me today that I will need to go into school next week to get things set up. I'm signed up for a training the following week and there will be no time for such nonsense as scheduling and tacking up posters at that point. This is something of an horrific realization given the things I still need to get done this summer.

*One of those things includes some maintenance on the truck. Like tires... I hear that tires with treads are all the rage right now. I probably should get on that.

*Do bald tires get cold? If I just knit them scarves can I save myself the expense of two new tires? Is that the only issue here?

*That was a joke. (a knitting themed joke so it fit with the whole genre of the blog) There is no need to call my Dad or anything. I'll be taking care of the tires just as soon as possible. Tires are good. Truck rolls on tires.

*I'll be meeting up with the family again tomorrow for another stab at adjusting the Sheep Family Finances. This time, we should have all responsible parties and be able to successfully get all business transactified. Then I get lunch! Yay for lunch!!!

And so ends another Wednesday Night Bullet Post! Happy random thoughts to all and to all a good night. Or morning. Or afternoon...whatever the time may be for you at this reading.

I need to go force some more play time upon the poor kitty.



Anonymous said...

Eeeep, summer is almost gone?! How did that happen?


B. said...

Hi Sheepie,

Your homemade yogurt and dried grapes looks yummy-terrific!

I must say I do like the idea of the knitwear for your tires. You would definitely make a statement! LOL!

trek said...

* Bripple - yay
* Yogurt - yuck
* Laser pointer - fun
* Kitty aerobics - better you than me
* Sock - pretty
* Heel flap - yes
* Muscle pull - poop, avoid the fridge, try the cupboard next time
* Tires - I promise not to call Daddy Sheep until the first frost, then I will have no choice
* Banking - good luck, have a lobster roll for Number Guy afterwards

And so ends WNBPC!

Bobbi said...

but you're ok right? I laughed a little at the back injury and I need to know how much guilt I should feel. yea! socks!

Beth said...

I hope you're feeling better already. Now about that yogurt - are you sweetening it at all? The yogurt I make it pretty tart without something stirred in. Maybe your recipe is better than mine.

Very pretty sock! I think that may be the color of Sockotta I have.

mehitabel said...

Ouch on the neck pull! I managed to fall into a pile of lawn chairs yesterday, resulting in an extremely large magenta-purple area on my (extremely large) upper thigh. Is there anything worse than a humongous multicolor bruise that you can't show anyone?? And that hurts like hell? PS, the cats are not impressed.

catsmum said...

sock pretty

Anonymous said...

Random is so satisfying.
Your homemade yogurt and raisins look delicious.
I love the new sock. What kind of heel will it get?
School time already? Say it isn't so.

Mia said...

oh my gosh sheepie.. that sock IS turning out nice! I bet the other one will go just as quick.. can't wait to see them on the little hooves *grin*

But homemade yougurt AND homemade raisins? Girl... you're too much!

I'm jealous!! (and it looks YUMMY!)

Anonymous said...

I want some of that yogurt with raisins; looks yummy!

Leave the poor kitty alone; she's going to develop an eating disorder if you keep telling her she's fat. You don't want to be cleaning up after a bulemic cat, now do you?

debsnm said...

Since I know Karma personally (she's my kat) I can assure you she's not in the least mad at you. You gotta admit, though, pulling a neck muscle in the fridge is pretty funny. Love, love, LOVE the new sock yarn!!! Looks beautiful!

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

Yes, tires are very good. I know we all fantasize about being injured just enough so that everyone would leave us alone to knit, but I'm pretty sure Karma would throw in a broken finger for giggles.