Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Didn't Handle It Well

Stupid Internet.

Go all breaky last night.

Force Sheepie to live like a caveman from the eighties.


(more coherent posting later once I have recovered from this highly disconcerting situation)

Stupid Internet...



Mel said...

Yes, but did you go to Chicks w/ Sticks last night and meet David?

Beth said...

That's pretty frustrating! Glad it's back now.

Cathy said...

"caveman from the 80s"

Thank heavens the rest of the post was short.

Anonymous said...


April said...


I sat down last night with my BBQ Beef Hot Pocket and bowl of Sun Chips all ready to read about your day AND YOU WEREN'T THERE.

I had to eat four cookies simply to relieve the depression.

Cursing Mama said...

We had something called Prodigy in the late 80's - I remember my Dad tying up the only family phone line (super long cord going from kitchen phone to back bedroom to accommodate the feat)with his crazy obsession of what the weather was like in Turkmanistan or what ever the hell he was doing.
I, of course, didn't handle that well at all - I had phone talking to do.

Funny how times have changed

Lazuli said...

Yeah, bloglines wasn't working for me last night, and it was a traumatizing experience!

nancy said...

I hate it when my internet isn't working! I feel disconnected from the universe.
I hope you got some knitting or spinning done :)