Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This evening's Wednesday Night Bullet Posting brought to you courtesy of my waterlogged noggin which is producing little save a subtle "swishing" sound. If anyone out there knows anything about brain surgery and would like to open up my cranium, remove the sponge that is my brain and wring it out like an old dishrag, that would be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile, here's your bullets for midweek:

*I could seriously use a bit of the sunshine. I normally don't mind a nice, rainy day for the napping and such. But this is getting ridiculous! Hysterical Mind has been looking up the symptoms of Rickets all day...

*Since prancing around in my bikini was not advisable today (for more reasons than the weather, I'm sad to say) I opted to spend a little more time with the super lamb laps and tussah silk blending.

*Since I am apparently now at an age where even the most sedate of activities like breathing and cranking a drum carder are capable of producing injury, the time spent with the aforementioned fiber was of the spinning variety rather than continued blending. My wrist was just a clickin' and a throbbin'. It's just a matter of time before I need a helper monkey, I'm sure of it.

*It's been a long time since I've done any challenging spinning. I've been working with some nice, well-prepared rovings with cooperatively long staple lengths. This blend is actually rather fun in that I really have to pay attention. The wispy lamb combined with with floaty tussah silk is sort of like spinning air and clouds. I have to really be watching to make sure I even have any left in my drafting hand! But, I have to admit, it is fun!

Lighter than air, I tellya!!!
*I made a little progress on the mate to my latest sock and even managed to match up the stripe pattern...I think. It is packed up for now, though, since it is going on a little field trip tomorrow. I need to run an "errand."
*Things are a bit hectic over at the dealership service center. One mechanic is on vacation and another is stuck in a flooded house. They are running a bit behind. Can you guess how I know what is going on at the dealership service center? C'mon...I'll bet you can! Just think about it for a minute.
Yeah. You got it. And I am not happy. Not happy at all. If you hear any loud bleating from the Saco, Maine area tomorrow morning that sounds suspiciously like a Sheep having a temper tantrum of epic proportions followed by the sound of mechanics making placating noises...well that'll be me.
Frankly, I'd just avoid the whole area if I were you.


Jacqui said...

having just spent over a grand on an own ongoing car saga with my girl Esther who develops 'impossible' symptoms, i suggest that when Dreamy Mechanic dismisses your concerns that the vehicle in question is acting out again almost as if you are the one acting out because 'We test drove if for like 20 miles and didn't have a problem,' offer a cheerful but lips-together smile, open your eyes a titch wider than normal, cock your head to one side and then say in your sweetest of all possible tones:

"So are you refusing to believe me because I am a girl or is that just why you haven't actually fixed the truck yet?'

if at all possible, time this visit to correlate with a busy pick-up time so that the greatest number of other customers is present. it is remarkable how quickly mechanics will stop arguing about what the vehicle 'could possibly' be doing and focus their efforts instead on actually addressing the problem.

added bonus: it may help you avoid compromising DM's virtue... :)

trek said...

Hey, where is your Bully Finder?!

Beth said...

Oh no! This is getting to be ridiculous! You must be totally fed up with them (and your truck) by now. Grr!!!

Lorraine said...

Bummer!!!!! Someone should just get busy and invent a teleportation device. Wouldn't that solve a few problems (i.e oil dependency, middle east wars, air pollution, car repair bills . . .) Not to mention how fast and easy fiber could be delivered.

catsmum said...


Bells said...

well at least amongst all the car crap, you're getting some great work done with fibre!! Nice. Take care of your wrists though. You don't want to lose them.

laurie in maine said...

My sympathies are leaning to Dreamy Mechanic with flooded house issues. 3 sump pumps going full out could hardly keep up with the water coming into the basement.

(May qualify as "Born Again" given the number of prayers sent to the heavens begging please don't let us lose power ':)

Anonymous said...

The truck again? This can't be good...
The singles you are spinning are lovely.

Anne said...

I find it interesting that at our dealership I now get preferential treatment. In fact, the guys refer to me as "Randy's cousin". Randy being the not-so-dreamy mechanic who got to sit through a complete blonde meltdown 2 years ago when I had lost my brakes TWICE - just after they had spent 1800 dollars to "fix" them. Turned out the ABS system had failed and was under recall. Now, status post new truck, I get a lot of free oil changes thanks to my previous...ahem...hijinx. Just FYI.

Mia said...

well the sun's finally shinin' over here.. maybe it's comin' your way!

debsnm said...

There comes a time in every Sheep's life when you must decide if you are throwing good money after bad. I had to make that very tough decision myself, and enter once again upon the land of making car payments. *sigh*
On the bright side, your beginning reminded me of one of my favorite jokes:
What solves water on the brain?

A tap on the head! teehee

Cursing Mama said...

Tell us that RM took over the dealership woes, looked up what AG is in charge of lemon laws in your state and used the word lemonade with the AG's name at the dealership - loudly.

I've found this is the kind of behavior that gets action & customer satisfaction....sweet, sweet, satisfaction ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm worried that I'll hear the sound of the mechanics screaming in pain as they try to extract knitting needles from their eyes!

Hey, at least you got a little bit of sunshine today. And I do mean a LITTLE bit. It's just mean of Mother Nature to give us a few hours of warmth and sunshine only to take it away! Hopefully, it'll be back tomorrow.