Monday, April 02, 2007

I Need To Say Something.

If I could just take a minute of your time...I know everybody is really busy. But I really need to say this. I promise to be quick.

(deep breath)


(another deep breath)


Thank you. I feel better.

I invented a new game this morning. It is great for those times when you've taken the knitting out of your bag to work on for the weekend and forgot to put it back. I highly recommend it as a little time-killer. It goes like this:

Set your watch for one minute. Pick a color. Then count the number of cars that go by in that hue over the course of the minute. My results were as follows: 8 blue, 4 white, 2 red and a bunch that were going too fast for me to register them.

Why am I wasting valuable time that I should be spending teaching, you may ask? Well, there is really little else to do while you are waiting for the tow truck to come rescue you from the side of the Maine Turnpike at 7:00 in the morning. I suppose you could wile away a few minutes pondering whether your death will be instant when one of those big trucks sideswipes you or if you will suffer for an extended period, but that seems a bit morbid. And it is hard to maintain your "rage" level when you are thinking about how you want to present yourself at the Pearly Gates.

Truck broken. Sheep grumpy. It is raining. Sheep is also a bit soggy after her lengthy stroll home this morning. Regular blogging and hummus recipe to follow later tonight.

Stay tuned.



Lilith Parker said...

*pets poor Sheepie*

Mia said...

Awww Sheepie. That sucks.

I'd settle in with a nice cozy cappacino with a dollop of alcohol (think irish coffee) and a spritz of whipped cream, just cuz.

And knitting. Don't forget to knit. A day off is a day off ya know!

Lorraine said...

Automobiles have stress meters, I swear. When the going gets tough, the truck/car/van stops going. Does this mean another date with the handsome mechanic?

SheepsPyjamas said...

I was gonna suggest hot cocoa and a towel, but the cappucino sounds much better... Here, and how 'bout some scheduled, not-to-be-interrupted knitting time, just to make up for the wait?

Sheila said...

Oh Annie, that totally sucks!! $500.00 should not a broken truck make. You know what they say...average out (divide the total by 12) how much you've spent on repairs in the last year, and if it is more than a monthly payment on a new car, it is time for a trade in.

trek said...

That is so not right.
Any chance you could
(a) take a long hot bath
(b) make a nice cup of hot chocolate
(c) have a leisurely lunch
(d) knit
(e) read
(f) knit more
(g) nap
(h) knit a bit
(i) ignore dinner in favor of a milkshake
(j) nap again
(k) knit before bed
(l) go to sleep and forget that this day even happened


Debbie said...

Sch**├če. :/ Hope things get better.

Emma said...

Ugh, sounds like a horrible morning. I do hope it improves!

Anonymous said...

Do you think the hunky mechanic planned this?

Bobbi said...

wow! what an awful morning.

can't wait for the hummus recipe!

Teri S. said...

Poor Sheepie! Ungrateful truck, especially after you had it pampered at the expensive truck spa the other week. I wish it (and you) a speedy, inexpensive recovery!

debsnm said...

Sheepie - I can SO TOTALLY relate! I finally had to buy a new car, because I couldnt' afford to fix mine, then fix the fixed stuff, then fix it again, etc, etc, etc. I totally feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

That just bites! Maybe the hunky mechanic deliberately made it so the truck would malfunction and you'd need to pay him a visit.

Cursing Mama said...

I hope your wool didn't felt!

aija said...

At least we can all commiserate over wet sheep over hummus... yum! :)

B. said...

Ohhhh...poor Sheepie!!!

Stupid truck!!!!

But hey...another chance meeting with dreamy mechanic. Perhaps he owes our dearest Sheepie a dinner date!

kmkat said...

Aww, poor Sheepie. Hope things got better after that.