Thursday, April 05, 2007

Snow Day For Sheepie!

I awoke this morning just after 4:00 a.m. This, in and of itself, is unusual. But, I was struck by the unavoidable feeling that something wasn't quite right. Quite wrong, if the truth be told. Given my recent run of bad luck, this probably shouldn't have come as a surprise. In fact, I was mightily tempted to just turn over and let the flaming meteor that was no doubt heading straight for my bed just take me out as I slept and be done with it. But I couldn't seem to resist giving it just a moment of thought. And I quickly realized what was different about this morning. There was no blue glow from the clock radio. There was no gentle hum from the refrigerator. Despite what seemed to be arctic temperatures in my home, the heater was not kicking on.

The power was out. And probably had been for a while given the number of cats that were clamoring for my attention and body heat. As I have a battery operated alarm clock as a back-up, I probably could have just gone back to sleep. But the lack of power combined with the gentle crashing of tree branches just outside my window seemed to indicate a need for further exploration of the situation. Which was rather difficult given that it was dark. And that there is really nothing one can do to restore power, stop furiously falling spring snows or re-attach fallen tree limbs. But I was up at that point and Hysterical Mind (who is the queen of disaster readiness in this household) was rather excited at the prospect of putting some of her emergency preparedness training into action. I just gave in and rolled out of bed.

And thus, The Sheep starts her day by candlelight
I broke out the battery operated television (think what you will of me but I cannot live without the glowing box of entertainment), ascertained that my school was cancelled for the day and mentally prepared myself for an extended period without hot coffee. Once daylight made an appearance, I chanced to peer out of the windows to see just how badly we had been hit by this freak storm. Frankly, I was hoping for a bit less snow. The tiny, toy rental car that I am still driving was not going to be fun to get out of a snowbank. I may have given the impression that I do not care for this vehicle. That would be incorrect. I actually hate it. I hate it with the passion to ignite a thousand suns and still have energy left over to light up a decent sized theatre marquee. But I am stuck with it. It is getting me where I need to be in my time of vehicular trial so I have made the best of it.
It still amused the heck out of me to see that it had been hit by a rather large fallen tree branch during the night. Call me insensitive. Call me bitter. I'm with you all the way on that. It still made me happy in grim sort of way. Take that rental car!!!!!!
Note: I was less amused when I had to go out and move both branch and toy car so the plows could get through, but that is another story and I prefer to dwell on the small glimmer of happy that brightened my morning.
Meanwhile, the power was off, the condo was chilling down and I had a day to kill without internet or cable television. This certainly inspires a Sheep to finish up some warm hoof covers in short order. I doubt that when Noolie drew my name as the winner of this sock yarn, she had any idea the paths these socks would walk with me. I began them during the self-induced stress of having the Mole Of Disturbing Dimensions removed. I knit them through several boring night classes. They have traveled with me on two fifth grade field trips. They kept me from using my hands to strangle my Dreamy Mechanic on two separate occasions. And today they occupied the empty hours then warmed my feet during a power outage that lasted well into the afternoon. These are some versatile socks, people! I took them off long enough to get a picture then they went right back to work.

Sheepie Loves Her Noolie Socks!!!!!
Interestingly enough, I had originally planned to use this yarn for a beret. It just didn't say, "socks" to me when I first looked at it. But, when the time came to begin knitting, I couldn't seem to find the pattern. And, as I'd already wound it into a cake, I decided to go ahead with the socks. Now I can't believe that they were ever destined for anything else! Merino makes for a softy-softy sockie. Even though the heat is back on, they remain on my feet in order that they might eventually return to their normal body temperature. Thanks so much, Noolie! These will be favorites and worn often.
Things are looking good for the return of the truck tomorrow and I also happen to have the day off for a doctor's appointment. I'm looking forward to resuming normal transportation activities as well as a day with heat and lights for the duration. I'm hoping that this is a sign that things will be returning to their normal and mundane status here in Sheepland.
But I'm starting another pair of socks just in case...


Anonymous said...

I wish hospitals had snow days. I would love to stay home a day or two in the winter. And damn, it's snowing here!

Bobbi said...

Is the heat back on? No heat is bad, bad, bad. Not worth a free day to knit in my book!

trek said...

Now that you obviously have power, I hope that you have imbibed copious amounts of coffee!

crzjane said...

Lucky you, no school today. Bad luck not power. Love those socks!
Good Luck with the truck. Hope the snow goes away soon. It looks like we have snow in the forcast for the next 5 days or so. Rats!

Sheila said...

A snow day, and isn't next week your week off? Woohoo if so, for the extra long vacation time!
Your socks are cute...they make me hungry for candy.

Brandie said...

No heat! Holy cow ... I surely would have turned into a popsicle ... although I can see how those socks would have helped a lot.

Hope your truck is back to you soon in working order!

Mel said...

Our power only blinked out a few times for a matter of seconds, which is par for the course in our neighborhood (gotta love CMP). Imagine my surprise to learn this evening that there are quite a lot of folks still without power.

I wonder if they have TV sets that operate by those hand crank thingies like the radios and flashlights. Maybe HM should find one just in case the battery-powered one should fail. 'Cause she doesn't already have enough to stress about, ya know.

Mel said...

Oh, and have you seen this story?

April said...

Ooo, I lubbor those socks!

Bells said...

oh snow days sound so nice. obviously they have their downsides (no hot coffee etc) but that whole 'you must stay home and out of the cold' thing sounds amazing.

As are those socks!!! What a path they've been on and now they're done and they look great!

Anonymous said...

Very lovely socks!!
Are you telling us that you got a 4 day weekend?? I guess it's worth the price of a power outage.

laurie in maine said...

Just catching up (3 entries!) after MUST KNIT WITHOUT LOOKING AT INTERNETS Sock Madness.

Laughed out loud several times as usual...Thank You for that! Loudest of all over your new expertise loading a flintlock... seems like fate to me. ;)

As a parent chaperon through both daughters elementary years and girl scouting...Ah, those were the days!

Remembered fondly now that time has separated me from fact. Plus sure knowledge: I NEVER HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN!

(And why the hell can't I pass new bloggers visual word verification test on first try. Ever.)

Anne said...

Yay! Extra knitting time. Boo! Freezing cold with no heat and stupid rental car. Ahh.... the yin and yang, eh? Stay warm!!

Mia said...

I'm just impressed as all hell that you had BATTERIES for that little TV!

Cursing Mama said...

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The fact that the rental met it's match would've made me laugh that sinister bwah ha ha laugh from the movies.

Anonymous said...

WOW, you get a 4 day weekend! No fair. Although I am pretty happy that I actually get a 2 day weekend because the gym is closed for Easter :)

Love the socks; they match so perfectly!

kmkat said...

Sheepie, you set the bar pretty damned high with this post. You had me ROFL more times than I could count. You are a Wizard with Words!