Saturday, April 28, 2007

It Happens Slowly...

I had something of an epiphany yesterday during my lunch "break." (I put "break" in "quotes" because it was one of those rare days when there were no students in the classroom for twenty minutes) I've been aware of a new behavior in my repertoire for some time now, but was really quite clueless as to how far the whole thing had progressed.

There I was, perched atop a table (like I tell the students they should never, ever do), happily indulging in a little "pastime" while my staff enjoyed their hearty, satisfying lunches. I, on the other hand had already consumed my stupid apple and had some time to kill. (curse you, Dr. Judy and your scale of truth!!!!!) That's when it hit me. I had become one of "them." I never thought it could happen to one such as I: limited skills and an even limiteder attention span. But there it was. A truth that could be denied no longer:

I am a spindler.

That's right. I spin everywhere now. For the record, I accept no blame for this. It is all her fault, really. If that lovely drop spindle hadn't been sitting there in the display when I went to SPA Knit and Spin, I never would have seen it, picked it up, looked at it, put it down, picked it up, put it down, stroked it, picked it back up and, finally, purchased it. And it's not like I ever thought I could spin on the danged thing. I just thought I'd put it somewhere around the house and call it, "fiber art." Who knew? Now I've got a portable means of whirling the wool and there is no end to where this stuff goes.

I keep a little of the fluffy stuff in a plastic baggie so that I can pack it up efficiently if needed. I have carried the spindle to school at least once weekly. It has gone with me to family functions, Chicks With Sticks Night and kept me company while I was performing my duties as the Mistress of Scoring for The Maine Academic Decathlon.

Have Spindle, Will Spin For Cash...or not. I'll spin for free. Or I'll pay for the privilege. Whatever...
My home is now the base for two spinning projects at any given time: that of the wheel and that of the spindle. I have devised a new and disturbingly efficient "plying station" that defies all attempts at description.

It makes even less sense in real life. But, so help me, it works!

Yup. I've got it bad. But getting it bad doesn't mean it's all bad. It kept my mind off the fact that all I had for lunch yesterday was an apple. And you wouldn't believe how quiet a classroom can become once the students are all hypnotized by the spinning thing-a-ma-bobbie. Days that Ms. Sheep decides to bring her spindle are unusually peaceful in the classroom. It is also a deterrent to people who may be coming in to ask me to do something work-related or to blame me for something that has gone horribly awry with one of my charges. Kickin' it old school with a drop spindle can make even the most determined of work-makers forget why they came in to bother me.

Nope. Not so bad, really. And when you're done you have yarn so it all works out for the best.

And now for something completely different...a Relay For Life update! Just a couple of things to keep everyone in the loop and all:

*I am darned close to the half-way mark in meeting my sponsorship goal! Thank you so very, very much for your support!!!!!

*And in a wonderful turn of events, I will have a second prize in the offering for those who enter the drawing by sponsoring my loooong walk. The talented Mouse has generously donated a set of stitch markers to the cause. And if you've ever had a chance to see what Mouse is capable of creating, you will know that this is a prize worth donating for! Thanks, Mouse! You rock!

*I am still beating Baby Brother Sheep in donations. Not that this is why I am participating in the Relay. It is just something I happened to notice is all...

*Let's face it. I run a pretty lighthearted little blog here. I rant about my truck, I sing the praises of a good shoe shopping bargain and gloat over my current status in the sibling rivalry arena. And I like to think I do it with a bit of the humor. But, I was really quite overwhelmed to see how many of you have made your pledges to my Relay site in memory or in honor of someone who has experienced the devastating effects of cancer. It is a pretty powerful statement to see all those names scrolling by and I will do my best to keep each one of them in mind while I walk the laps.

Enjoy the weekend! I will be traveling over to Mommy and Daddy Sheep's house tomorrow for lunch and a visit with Baby Brother Sheep who has been out of town on business for a while. I promise not to gloat too much over donations. He really has been rather busy so it probably wouldn't be fair to tease. Much.

But I can promise with more certainty that I'm bringing my drop spindle.



Anonymous said...

That's quite the plying station you've got there! You certainly are one clever sheep. I still can't get the hang of the spindle; I guess I'm more uncoordinated than I thought.

Mouse said...

my "imaginative plying station" consisted of a standing paper towel holder and singles on toilet paper tubes. I love to drop spindle.. its very relaxing.

kmkat said...

I know less than nothing about drop spindle spinning, but I just hope your spindling station doesn't involve sitting on that contraption.

I wish MY teachers had drop spindled in class... (although it probably hadn't been invented then. I'm older than dirt.)

Vicki in So. Cal. said...

I love to drop spindle too and usually have both wheel projects and spindle projects going. They make a good collectable, too. They are less expensive than wheels and take up less room. I have 3 wheels but around 18 spindles.

Drop spindles have been around since neolithic man. Now we absolutely know that you can't be that old, kmkat. My mother-in-law, maybe.

Mia said...

I'm still busy contemplating that playing picture. It's a mystery. It's even sort of zen like in it's complexity ::laughing::

and how the HELL does it work??????

Cathy said...

See. I am not the only one who is curious how the plying set up works. Tho the yarn looks lovely!!

And I do like Mouse's concept. I have toilet paper tubes filled with singles. I even have a standing paper towel holder. And I have an evening to myself!!!


Beth said...

That plying station is pretty interesting. I think you should create a You Tube video so we can all see it in action. :)

Sheila said...

Your plying station looks a bit like those beer hats from the 70's/80's. Maybe you could rig it up on a hat so that you could ply as you walk? Maybe not.
I always navaho-ply so that I can work off of one ball of yarn when I spindle spin. It has its limitations for sure, but it keeos me from having to create a plying station such as yours...I can be lazy that way.

Anonymous said...

Sheila's comment cracked me up. A plying station hat similar to the beer hats. hahaha.. I can picture it!

Bells said...

i think a study should be done into the use of a drop spindle as a method of crowd control!!!! Good work!

missemilysmom said...

Love the spindle! Way to go on your donations !! And thank you for donating to me!! I know! "tent" hmmmm what am i thinking! But it is all good for what it does!!

Brenda said...

I want to see how that plying station works too!

trek said...

Kokopeli Sock Bag!!!

Welcome back to the wilds of Maine, Mommy and Daddy Sheep.

Anonymous said...

Now that is a new way to wrangle the kids. You're going to have to teach all the teachers so they can amaze their students too.

catsmum said...

a friend asked me today if I could teach her to use a drop spindle and I had to admit I haven't used one since before the 25 yr old DD was born. She has this touching kind of faith that I will manage. Guess I'm going to have to brush up on my spindling.